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I'm originally from San Francisco and after a six year stay in Hawaii came to Japan over 30 years ago. I teach English in Osaka and have been taking photographs regularly for the last couple of years. Osaka and the Kansai region are fertile ground for picture taking.

Country: JP


Past Favorites (monochrome)

October Finally

November - The Expatriot

December - |Out with the old

January 2011 - An odd looking year

February Amusements

A Day in Nara



Temporary Folder

Some pictures from 2011 (color)

Some pictures from 2011 (B&W)

May - Return to Fantasy Island

San Francisco Drive-Through Shooting, June 2, 2011

June/July - Signs and Wonders

August - Out of the Frying Pan

September - Treading Lightly

October - I Sleep Better When It's Cool

November - OK, Here We Go Again

Sideshow - The Ekimae Pictures from November 12th

December - Before Completion

January 2012 - Difficulty at the Beginning

February - Gradual Progress

March - To the Beat of a Different Drummer

April - Return of a man called Fool

May - Contemporary Fairytales

August - Better Late Than Never

September Songs

October - Does Anybody Speak the Language?

November - Return to the Homeland

December - Urban Archeology

Four Pictures From the Floor of a Parking Garage and a Pair of Pigeons

January 2013 - The Journey of 10,000 Miles Begins With a Walk Around the Block

8 Pictures While Waiting Out a Rainstorm Underneath an Overpass Near My Apartment

February - Scenes From a Solitary Journey

Experiments with TV Boxing

March 2013 - Card Tricks in the Parking Lot

Some Recent Work

Some Pictures from 2012

Bad Juju

Acts of Imagination

Once Upon a Time

Odd Moments

Hang It on the Wall and Call It Art

May - Back to work

America Mura Wall Series

June - Moving On

July - Unexplored Territory

August - Untidy Pictures

September - As I Was Saying...

Back to the Salt Mines

Things Look Different at Night

November - Further Adventures

December - Reality Is Just a Description

Tenma - Portrait of a Blue Collar Osaka Shopping Street

January 2014 - Success through smallness. Perseverence brings good fortune to the wanderer

One Day Last July

Recent Work

A Snowy Valentine's Day

A House Falls in Nakazakicho

April - Here We Go Again

May - Open Water

June - Celebation Impromptu

July - Off the Wall Pictures

Manikin World

August 2014- The Dog Days

September 2014 - Transition

October - Hurtling Along

November - Time to Breathe

December - Cold Cuts

January 2015 - Promises, Promises...

41 Pictures Taken Between 8:02 a.m. and 8:47 a.m. New Year's Morning

February 2015 - Groundhog Days

March - Signs of Life

April Is the Cruelest Month

May- By the Seat of My Pants

June - Subterranean Homesick Blues

An Afternoon in Tenma

July- Sunday in the Park with Yours Truly

How My Mind Works or Pictures That Are Indubitedly Mine

The Prodigal Returns

Welcome to Dreamland

November - Odds and Ends

Looking Back

2016 - New Year, New Work

February 2016 - Leaps of Imagination

Drive By Snaps - A Quick Tour of San Francisco, 2011

March Madness 2016

Truly an April Fool

May - On the Road to Somewhere Else

June - Just Warming Up

July - Signs and Wonders

August - Bring 'em Back alive

September - You Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone

The Big Book of Trash Cans

A Leaf in the Stream

November 2016 - Pictures from a Time of Uncertainty

December 2016 - Transition


The Salesman (2005)

Bigoudi Hair Salon And School Of Illusion (2005)

Cue The Spooky Music (2005)


My Balcony At Night

Bowing Practice (2007)

The Bench

A Candid Photo Of A Man With Eggs

Creative Disonance

Forever Faithful (2007)

Overwhelmed (2004)

Brothers (2004)

Westward Ho!

Cell Phone Games

Softball Player (2004)

All Creatures Great And Small

On The Train (2005)

Shadow Self Portrait In Low Light

The Mime And The Taxi (2007)

The Id


Scratched Rectangle

They Walk Among Us

Mother Nature (2008)

Lonely Are The Brave

Signal-Noise Ratio

Push Button To Activate Universe


Mute Witnesses

My Brother And His Wife Preparing Dinner

Front Of A Chinese Restaurant

Next Oasis 800km

The World Below

Please Do Not Put Hands, Feet Or Other Bodily Parts In Hole

Paradise Lost

Rest Stop

The Pimp With Two Of His Ladies

A Stitch In Time

Kitten On The Kanji

The Watchers

Invocation of My Demon Brother

Then the corner gave a sudden lurch and whirled away over the trees.

A Gentleman of the Neighborhood

A Long Day in the Ticket Booth

There Amongst the Trash

The Dark Goddess of Power


Life's Little Ironies (2004)

Discarded Umbrella (2004)


Dreams Of Happier Days

Top O' The Mornin'

Chaos Ascendant

Traffic Cop Bowing To Pedestrians (2008)

They Have Come

A Rare Sighting

Your Message Here

Seeing Things

Being Jack McRitchie

Back Alley Symphony

Trash Receptacle, Area 51

Impressions of the Mona Lisa in Fallen Leaves

God Gets Ready To Create The World


The Wall Tells A Story

Noh Mask on My TV Screen - A More Terrifying View

Reviving the Dead

The Heads of My Enemies Watch Over My Field


Genesis of a Fairytale

A Presentation of Light


Wise Guy

The Hero's Journey

The Original Version


The Poet Passes Unnoticed

It Speaks For Itself

Dreams For Sale

T is for Traffic Safety


Mating Rituals Among the Inanimate

Trail's End

That's What Mom's Are For (see larger please)

Tasteful Anarchy Is Never Out of Style

The Czarina

The Corner Witchdoctor

Dobutsuen-Mae Station

The King Is In His Counting House, Counting Out His Money

Down Escalator (2005)

Tic Tac Toe (2006)

Babies for Sale (2006)

Excuse me, ladies, do you know where I might catch the train to Osaka?

Doesn't It Just Break Your Heart?

What Looks Like Freedom Is Just Another Painted Wall

The Crack On Mr. Klee's Wall

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

A Devil Escapes from the Caldrons of Hell

Still Life with Garbage Can

A Sprig of Green in the Buttonhole of Chaos

Corporate Secrets

Dreams of Georgia

A Japanese Wedding

The Heroic Is a Matter of Scale

The Connection Is Only in My Mind

Preliminary Study for a Portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson

A Corner of the Field

In the Field

Movie Theater Lobby, Umeda (2006)

deYoung Museum #5


You Never Know What's Around the Next Corner

The Visitor

A Cocky Little Bastard

Separation Anxiety

A Prophet Without Honor in His Own Country

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

An Old Mailbox


Salaryman on His Way to Work

And You Don't Even Need The Glasses

All Power to the Colonel. Viva La Revolucion

Bottom of the Bucket

The Queen of Pomona with Two French Sailors

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

Arrangement with Boards (best viewed large)

The Imaginary Forest

A Lure

Contemporary Museum of Natural History

Don't Follow Leaders, Watch Your Parking Meters

The Nanny



The Gods Flee; The Neighbors Move In

The Wedding Planner Arrives with the Bride and Groom

Empty Boxes

Up the Street

Hunting Trophy

Don't Mess with Mr. In-Between

Tuesday on the Train

Cone Indoor Relays


Tuna Attack


On the Train to Kobe

Newtonian Prototype

The Spirit of Edgar Allan Poe Lifted Off This Mortal Coil

Waiting For Instructions

The Passing Moment

The Guardian Cone

Young Darth Vader

A Warning

The Illusionist (please view larger)

Flattened Can

Desert Evening

May the Force Be With You

Fore and Aft

A Square Deal

Jesus Appears Spontaneously on a Wall in Osala

Suspended Animation

The Watcher

Umeda Looking Up

Four Squared

A House in Dohyama

Halfway Across the Universe

Discarded Fan Assembly


Industrial Composition

It's Much Too Early for Snow

Cast From Paradise


Shotgun Marriage

Yappy Dogs at Home

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

The Anonymous Gardener

Memory of a Time I Never Knew

Reality Intrudes

Oh, Life Could Be a Dream, Sh-boom, Sh-boom

Living Rough

Kobe Restaurant Worker on a Break

Four Girls

Split Still Life With Bricks

Smoker's Paradise

On the way back, it started to rain - II

The Little Man (2005)

Fire Drill


A Crosswalk in Chayamachi

A Trip to the Zoo

A Trip to the Zoo #2



Delighted, I'm Sure

Somebody's Garage

City Beat

Early Morning Rider

Clams at an Izakaya

Eating on the Run

Georgia O'Keefe #2

Yukihiro in the Doorway

Urban Caligraphy

It's a Thin Line Between Genius and Madness


Street Kabuki

Ashcan Dreams

The Tale of the Curious Cat

It's All of This and More

The Importance of Order

Thanksgiving With Friends

Fontaine Couture

Boys on a Train

Taiko Dreamer

Late Afternoon on Rt. 9

Parking Lot

Everything in Its Place

Echo Chamber

I Can See the Floor

The Shadow of Drying Clothes

Ironman 28



A Coffee Shop in My Neighborhood, Early Morning, November 27th

The Usual Suspects

New Construction

The Light of It Lingers


Adventures in Anthropology

The Invisible Man

Car Land


The Sink

Nara #1

Nara #2

Nara #3

Nara #4

Nara #5

Nara #6

Nara #7

Nara #8 Heading Home

Nara #9 Farm at Sunset

Nara #10

Nara #11

Nara #12 Yukihiro at Home

Nara #13 Oji Station

Nara #14 Oji Station

Now and Then, Here and Now

The Relativity of Passing Time

The Sea of Bicycles

Little Red Riding Hood Lost Again

The Pressures of Position

A Rational Approach to the Infinite

A Dignified Derelict

The Master of Illusion

Welder's Shop Exterior (Better Larger)

Not Unless You're Bugs Bunny


Early Morning at the Arcade

A Small Factory Under the Overpass

Body Lauguage

The Smoker's Sanctuary

A Swirl of Leaves on New Year's Day

Words of Advice to Future Generations

Abandoned at the Very Gates of Heaven

Understandable Confusion

The Old Gentleman Takes a Picture on New Year's Morning

A Disgraced Prophet Returns to the Wilderness


To the Bitter End

Shadow Self Portrait with Bicycles

The Varsity Cone

Gods amd Monsters

Parking Garage

An Attempt at Order

Fear of Radiation

Yodogawa Overpass

Endangerd Species

A Sense of Order

The Hell-Bent Streetcar


Nara #2

Nara #3

Landscape With Abandoned Bath Tub

Through the Underbrush

Local Monster

Primitive Stereopticon

Rider in Silhouete

Waiting for a Good Idea

It Doesn't Snow Here Very Often

Kick Up Your Heels

Tanuki Bound

Artist in Residence

Going Too Fast

Bicycle Parking

Men at Work

Men at Work #2

11-0421-029 File Nakazakicho

Snapshot of a Modern Family, Osaka, 2011

Morning Arrival

Lobby Abstract

Morning Calisthentics

Street Performer

Young Boy at the Playground

Playing Alone

An Octopus's Garden

Convenience Store Off Rt 6 on the Road to Hell


Warehouse on Sunday

Waiting for a Chinese Acrobat

The Nightmare Training Academy

Those Who Would Be Dandelions (with thanks to Gordon)

A Rather Accurate Description of the Current State of Affairs

The Land of the Blind

In Solitary Splendor


This Year's Crop of Salarymen

Opening Weekend at the New JR Station (see larger)

Overlapping Realities

JR Osaka Station

JR Osaka Station Complex, Opening Weekend

In Good Hands

Why I Don't Drive in Osaka

It's Not My World Anymore, I Just Observe It Now

Head of the Class

Boy With a Paper Airplane

The Passing Moment


Ogimachi Park Pool


Portrait of a Pigeon in Passing

Wet Dreams

West Meets East

Getting the Whole Picture

Union Square

Twin Peaks

Mission St.

The Tenderloin

Downtown Bus

No Need to Mince Words - Fillmore St.

Signs and Wonders

And This Means You!

At the Movies

Walking the Dog

The Seductive Allure of the Forbidden

The Can Collector

The Gift of Garbage


On the Avenue


On the Way to View the Summer Fireworks

A Postcard From My Jail Cell

Sailor Take Warning

The Soba Shop at Hankyu Station

Only a Nut Would Attempt a Trek Like This in the Middle of Summer

Lighter Than the Wind

Dancers in theTenjin Festival Parade

Sisters at the Tenjin Festival in Tenma

Riding in Style at the Tenjin Matsuri

Work in Progress

They Wrapped Him in Swaddling Clothes and Laid Him in a Banner


Torn Curtain

Ice Spirit

Workmen on a Break Near My Apartment

Dining Alone

Street Theater

Street Theater #2

Interior Acrobatics

Elementary, My Dear Watson

The Theory of Relative Speed

Dream (When You're Feeling Blue)

City Traffic

The Man Who Disappeared

Creatures I Have Known

A Page from the Journals of Nostradamus

End of the Trail

Selling Balloons on the Moon

Girder Under an Overpass

Hanging Out With the Homeboys - Japanese Style

By the Waters of Babylon

Light and Dark

Looking for a Hot Dish?

"Will Direct Traffic for Food"

A Hidden Shrine

The Silent Scream


Shibatacho Intersection

Breaking Out

The Passing Eye

Preview of Our Coming Attractions

The Beginnings of Architecture

Umeda, Osaka



Separate Quarters



The Showoff

A Family Excursion

11-1112-029 Ekimae Plaza

11-1112-041file Ekimae

11-1112-031file Ekimae (Black Ships)

11-1112-043file Ekimae

11-1112-048file Ekimae

11-1112-054 Ekimae (Tales of the Middle Kingdom)

11-1112-101file Ekimae

11-1112-090file Ekimae

11-1112-092file Ekimae

11-1112-070file Ekimae

11-1112-082file Ekimae

11-1112-052file Ekimae


Say Hello to the Boogyman

Door to the Game Arcade

Modern Heraldry

Shape Shifter

Tsurunocho Street Scene

The High Wire Act

At Work


Short Attention Span Theater


The Kingdom of the Ice (please see larger)

Looney Toons


Adrift in a Sea of Bottles

The Collector

A Procession of Benches

Everything's Ducky

Gods and Monsters


Yukihiro in Front of 1U-P15

Down in Nakatsu

They Might As Well Have Been on the Moon

Try Fun and Flavor of Delicious Sushi

Among My Souveniers

The Art of the Ephemeral

A Blind Eye on the World

A Day in the Life

Baseball Practice


As Through a Glass Darkly

Night Falls in the City

The Further Adventures of Porco Rosso

Yesterday's News

Man at Work

A Sunday Outing

Yukihiro Photographing in Shinsekai

In Silent Adoration

The Conversation

Alone on an Island with You

Trash in Space

Fallen Flowers Outside a Florist's Shop.

Young Boy, Midosuji Parade

Balloon Ascent #1, Midosuji Parade

Balloon Ascent #2, Midosuji Parade

Boy with Mask, Midosuji Parade

Sidewalk Panorama, Midosuji Parade

Boy with Mask at the Midosuji Parade #2

Silent as a Shadow (with thanks to Niels)



Torso with Cherry Underpants

A Bit of a Contrast

Chayamachi at Dusk

Sidewalk Light

I Dreamed I Was in Japan on an Escalator at the Train Station

Wall Detail, America Mura, Osaka

The Unwitting Star

Work in Progress

Harvesting Rice

Parking Obelisk

Ritual Ceremonies in a Time of Drought


The Melody Lingers On


Take It with a Grain of Salt

The Artist and His Work

In Attendance

Go right in, he's expecting you.

Another Day on the Street

Cosmic Creation

The Man Who Wasn't There

Playground #2

Playground #1

Bad Juju #2

Bad Juju #1

Urban Flora

Get Used to the New Reality

Hearts of Palm

Boy Throwing a Paper Airplane

When Hari Met Sari

Between Frames

The Nosy Neighbor Who Lives Next Door

In the End, Like the Cheshire Cat, All That Was Left Was the Smile

Memories of Better Days

Roadside Pyramid

Junkyard Art

You Can Find Anything You Want

Old Building, Petaluma, California

Rutting Season

The Next Room

Nature at Play

The Professor and the Pirate

Plant at Warp Speed

House, Novato, California

November Morning, Novato

Early Morning, No Traffic

But I Have Promises to Keep

Ingleside Terrace, SF #1

Ingleside Terrace, SF #2

Ingleside Terrace, SF #3

Ingleside Terrace #4

Ingleside Terrace #5

Ingleside Terrace #6

Ingleside Terrace #7

Ingleside Terrace #8

Ingleside Terrace #9

Ingleside Terrace #10

Ingleside Terrace #11

Ingleside Terrace #13

Ingleside Terrace #12


Child with Mother in Tow

Caught in a Hailstorm

Who Minds a Little Dirt When You're Happy

The Al Fresco Office

Treasure in Profusion

Yukihiro on a Wet Day

The Archeology of Squares


Fugu - Japanese Fish Restaurant #2

Fugu - Japanese Fish Restaurant #1

Lunch at the Common Cafe #1

Lunch at the Common Cafe #2

Lunch at the Common Cafe #3

Jackson Pollock's Backyard


The Sugar Man

The Old Lady in Her Shop

A Young Father and His Daughter

Double Tracking

Baseball Practice

Sky Bridge

In Fairytales

Two in the Bush

From Out of Nowhere

In Pieces

Geometric Acrobatics

Sunday in the Car with Sheila

Altar of a Lesser God

We All Have Our Dreams, We All Have Our Demons

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness



Nightmare Playground

Nightmare Playground #2

Hello Kitty

A Battle-Hardened Samural Warrior

Schoolyard Skirmish

In Blue

Off the Wall

The Coming of Night

Memories of an Imagined Vacation

Wide Screen

The Very Ground Under Our Feet

The Gods Have Fled

Yukihiro Shooting in Nakazakicho

Merge Left

An Organic Smile

Last Dance

Honey, I'm Home

Back Alley Bipeds



Made in Kobe

Uncle Soy Wanders Away Again

Ezekiel Prophesizing the End of the World

A Screen of Trees

The Aloha Trio

The Dogged Persistence of the Past

The Amazing Adventures of P


An Idea Pops Up

A Glimpse of the Future

The Final Madness of King Lear

Why Would Anyone Throw Away Such Lovely Colors

Not in Your Wildest Dreams

The Pride of Ownership

Cold Fashion

Suma Beach #1

Suma Beach #2

Gauguin Dreams of Tahiti

Suma Beach #3

They Came From Beyond the Skylight

Captain of Industry


Corridors of Power

Lady in Cement

On the Move

Riding Shotgun

A Deceptive Moment of Ordinary Reality

A Stirring of Fallen Leaves

Anonymous Encounter with a Busy Man

Picture of a Beauty Parlor

Street Repair

Work Boots

The Conductor Practices at Home

A Couple of Blockheads

Fantasy in Fallen Leaves

Slaughter on 5th Avenue

The Shadow Knows

Trash Under an Overpass

The Throne Room

A Game Between Friends

Side Walkway, Nakatsu

Sign of the Times

Family Portrait

Bounding Along


Feeding Time at the Chicken Coop

Local Adventure

You Were Saying...?

Sidewalk Satori

Take a Little Piece of My Heart

Amanto No.1

That Certain Smile

Bridge Over the Yodogawa

Cherry Blossom Viewing

Picnicking Among the Cherry Blossoms

In Precarious Balance (best viewed large)

Two Businessmen

Don't Look Back


Detail of a Faded Poster on a Rusted Guardrail

The Absent-minded Chef


Just Like the Old Days

Woman Crossing the Street

Lunch at the Comfort Cafe

Blowfish Fins Drying in the Sun


Power Pole in Bondage

The Gang's All Here

A Boy of the Neighborhood

The Devil You Don't.

The Wheel of Fortune

Rear Window

Right Where He Wants to Be


Asleep on the Job


Girl with Leaf Mask

Father and Daughter at Itohen Cafe/Gallery

A Perfect Little Model

The Persistence of Imagination

How We Become Who We Are

And Another One Bites the Dust

The Turtle's World


The High Priest Appears




Practicing Base Running by the Yodogawa

Baserunning Practice #2

Backstreet, Nishinakajima Minamigata

Happy Halloween


All the Little Beasties Come Out To Play on Halloween

Impromptu Shadow Box

On the Way to School


The More You Look, the More You See

A Vain Attempt at Photographing a Partial Eclipse Reflected in My Window on a Cloudy Day

In the Catacombs of Nakatsu


Urban Archeology

In the Labrynth

The Last Moments of Flight 1133

The Modern Samurai Dressed for Battle

That's Life



Strange Doings in Area 51



Gulags of the Mind

Fashion Choices

Call Me Crazy

Air Conditioning Unit, Toyosakicho

Out of the Mine or Yours

Sorting Beans

Solitary Rider

The Urban Jungle

Yukihiro Buying Mikans at the Fruit Store

The Parking Lot on the Edge of Madness

As Time Goes By

Student on the Way to School

Signs of the Times

Bathing Beauties, Osaka, 1929

New Horizons

A Riot of Bicycles

Empirical Evidence of My Own Existence

The Salesman

Rush Hour, Hankyu Umeda Station

He Sits in Lordly Splendor


The Cat's World

Waiting for a Handout

Two-Car Garage


A Little Omikoshi Carrier Takes a Break

Parking Garage #1

Parking Garage #4

Parking Garage #3

Parking Garage #2

A Pair of Pigeons

Monsters on Every Corner #2

Monsters on Every Corner #1

Carl Jung

The Theater of the Street

Little Green Men

Trailing Behind

Obon Spirit

In Repose

At Osaka Jo

The Grounds at Osaka Jo

The Pieces of the Puzzle

Passing Train

Back Street

The End of a Long Day


Still Life in the Old Clunker Yet

Traffic Signal

Night Blooming Flower

Tunnel Visiion


Corner Fragment

A Mind of His Own

Streetside Bar in Toyosakicho

Training Flight

Roadside Attraction

Father and Son Hiking at a Mountainside Temple

Papa Takes Control

Just Like Clockwork

Rainstorm #8 - The Rain Brings Early Darkness

Rainstorm #7 - A View Down Route 10

Rainstorm #6 - Unprepared

Rainstorm #5 - Drenched

Rainstorm #3 - Channelling Isadora Duncan

Rainstorm #4 - A Pedestrian Approaches

Rainstorm #2 - Flow Dynamics

Rainstorm #1 - The Rain Begins

When Mermaids Dream

Beyond the Barrier You're on Your Own

Lying in Wait

Morning Light on a Rug in My Room

I Always Wonder Why

Off the Beaten Path

Hawaii Still Lingers in My Mind

Woman with a Purse

Media Mona Lisa

The Melody Lingers On

Interior, Amanto Coffee House

Spool Guard

Starship Troopers Invade Osaka


Geometric Wildlife

The Phallic Mannequin

A Smoke on the Run

Of Course I Like You for Your Mind

An Odd Pair

Imaginary Landscapes in a Broken Sheet of Plywood

Things Go Bad in a Hurry

Home Is Where the Refrigerator Is.

What Falls Through the Cracks

Street Corner at Dusk

The Glare of Evening

Absolutely Sonic


Aspirations of Glory

Details From a Painted Fence in My Neighborhood

TV Boxing #1

TV Boxing #5

TV Boxing #4

TV Boxing #2


TV Boxing #3

Future Perfect

Playing to the Cheap Seats

The end of History

On the Way to the Ball

The Things That Hide in Corners

Tales of the Unexpected

The Devil Is in the Details

Reality Is a Bitch

The Observer

Woman at an Intersection

Page Turner

Parking Lot

The Music of the Street

Sometimes It's Hard to Remember Just Which Way Is Up

The Last Customer

Wall Fragment

Fallen Blossoms

Stacked Pallets

Even the Gods Need Their Privacy


Wounded Creature

Yukihiro Making Coffee Latte in my Apartment

December 23, 2012, Umeda

Why I Don't Like Clowns

Souvenier of an Imaginary Trip to New York City

Uninteded Art Nouveau

An Old Tire

Yuka and Her Daughter at the Christmas Party

The Artist

A Neighborhood Takoyaki Stand

Visitor From a Small Planet

Woman Smoking Outside Club Noon

Leaning Lamp, New Year's Morning, 2013

Coming Attractions

The Trials of a One-Armed Juggler

Portrait of an Unfortunate

The Penitent


The Dream

Modern Heraldry

Hi There, Glad You Could Come.


Drive In

Looney Toons

America Mura #1 : The Blind Muse

America Mura #3

America Mura #5

America Mura #4

America Mura #6

America Mura #2

America Mura #7

A Tourist From the Provinces Having His Picture Taken in Namba

He Just Popped Up Out of Nowhere

The March of Progress

Ashes to Ashes, Rocks to Rocks

The Circus Parade

Where Have You Gone, Carmen Miranda?

Workers #2

Workers #1

Thumbnail Calculations for an Emergency Landing

Herd Mentality

The Door That Wasn't There

Portrait of My Right Foot

Life Amidst the Underwear

Stone Age Television: The Technology Had Been Perfected But the Programs Were Primitive

Ruins Yet to Come

It Laid Its Kill at My Feet As If to Say "Here's a Little Token of My Appreciation."

Synchronized Sitting

Schematic for a Trojan Horse

Yukihiro Shooting at the Yoda River

Yukihiro Shooting at the Yodo River #2

I Saw a Ship A-Sailing


Bisected Bicyclist

The Rorschach Family Out for a Stroll

Stealing Credit

The Presence of Emptiness

Emma di Servi in Chicago


A Sign

Cartoons Take Over the Neighborbood


There Goes the Neighborhood


Reflections in the Window of an Empty Store

In Passing

The Concerned Citizen's League Against Graffiti

Pigeon Hopscotch

Street Scene, Nakatsu

Moving Into Shadow

A Young Impresario

Man Clutching an Overcoat

Double Portrait in a Store Window, Kobe

The Passing Scene Reflected Off a Scratched Surface

An Imaginary Day at the Beach

Blue Bucket

This Is Not A Metaphor. This Is Just a Door

Entrance to a Sushi Restaurant, Kobe

Ramen Stand, Kobe

Moving Through Brilliance

Lunchtime on the Road to Perdition

The Dog-Doo Patrol

The Universal Search for Meaning Comes to an Abrupt Halt

Hara Donuts

The Shadow of a Shadow

I am a Camera

Count Dracula's Favorite Restaurant


Shadowgraph #2

Pomegranate Planet

In a Pig's Eye

The Attendant's Chair

The Jury


The Revolutionary

A Cold and Windy Day in March

Brief Encounter

The Chef at Work in His Kitchen, Mistral Restaurant

Stage Set for the Everyday Theater

Other People's Trash

Wall Repair, Shinsaibashi Station, Osaka

Zara: The Unveiling

Somewhere in the Universe

Sensible Shoes

Two Ladies on a Train

My Foot Re-enacts the Sermon on the Mount

Morning Sunlight in My Room

The Best Seats in the House

Sidewalk Geometry

Two Ladies on Their Way to Church


The Man with a Wasp Nest in His Mouth

Shopping Street, Toyosakicho

Utility Pole

Anywhere But Now

Organized Chaos

We Tripped the Light Fantastic

Construction Workers in Front of MBS TV

Further Adventures of a Plaid Skirt

Woman witha Bag

Reality Intrudes


Cross Street #1

Cross Street #2

Woman with a Flock of Painted Birds

The Loafer

Flotsam and Jetsam

Curtain at a Demolition Site, 8a.m.

We'll Always Have Paris.

A Bag of Frogs

The Sticking Board (large is best)

Strollers on the Levee of the Yodo River

Architect's Model for a Proposed World Heritage Site

Hold Still

The Ancient One

The Walls of Tenjinbashi

Street Composition c

Street Composition b

Street Composition a


Incident in a Side Yard

Morning Light, Morning Shadows

Diving With Gordon

Street Dada



Descent and Exit

Composition with Random Lightbulb

You Meet the Strangest People in the Most Unexpected Places

Life Form

Boy in a Kaiten Sushi Restaurant


The Triumph of Fashion

Woman in a Wheelchair

Is That All There Is?

Picasso Discovers His Muse

A Visit From The Far Side

Plants on My Balcony

The End of the Middle Kingdom

A fast food stand in Shinsekai

A Small Cafe

The Guy at the Parking Lot

The Wonder of It All

In the Reptile Building at the Osaka Zoo

Conversation on a Train


The Empty Lot Behind My Apartment

The Fruit Store

Things Look Different at Night

The Greengrocer


Cigarettes in a Vending Machine

Man in Front of a Makeshift Bar

Parking Spacey

The Dead Tree in the Cemetary


A Cramped Office

No One Could Be That Cute

The Corner Market

A Skateboarder in Front of My Entranceway at Dusk

Box World

Route 10

Elevator, Osaka Grand Front


Woman With a Yellow Shirt

Desktop Publishing

Fallen Cone, Kobe

Watching a Video on the Artist John Baldessari in My Apartment

You Come and Go...You Come and Go

Small Courtyard, Tamade

The Persistence of Dreams in the Cold Light of Day

Shopping in Babylon

Observation Tower


Solitary Entertainment

Street Hologram

The Minimal Playground

Wall Composition in Blue

Propping Up the World


Door No.2

The Tiger Cornered

The Long Migration of the Arctic Tern


Kindly Follow Instructions

Perception Shift

Attention Getter

Power Pole and Building Being Demolished

Variety Store, Kobe

Backstage Guard

Passing Lives

The Monster That Ate a Convenience Store

Woman of Mystery

You Walked Out of a Dream

I Ran Into Myself on the Street the Other Day

Two Bicycles


Baseball Diamonds on the Banks of the Yodo River

Geting Ready for Practice

Yukihiro Discovers the World's Biggest Cone

Plastic Tablecloth, Osaka Taqueria

Couples Dining at an Osaka Taqueria

Order and Upheaval

We'll Meet Again - Don't Know Where, Don't Know When...

The Rites of Summer

Ballet Electrique

Customers Waiting to Be Seated at a Sushi Restaurant

Customers Waiting to Be Seated at a Sushi Restaurant (detail)

Our Wonderful Machines #19. Kids! Collect All 24!

Off on a Tangent

Surprise Yourself

The Moving Finger Writes and Having Writ, Moves On

Welcome to the Funhouse


Outside the Toy Store

A Stroll Through the Neighborhood

Electric Cord, Abandoned House

the End of Usefulness


Aerial View

Things Fall Apart

We Are Shaped by Our Surroundings

Three Crows

Orderly Anarchy

Meaning Not Included

And the Cat Came Back

Old Bones

Forgotten Corners

Modern Jazz

Seasons Greeting from the Three of Me

Summer, Ogimachi Park

I Can Still Remember...

Tenma #1

Tenma #2

Tenma #3

Tenma #4

Tenma #5

Tenma #6

Tenma #7

Tenma #8

Tenma #9

Tenma #10

Exit Stage Left

The New Prometheus

Plastic Bag on New Year's Morning #2

Plastic Bag on New Year's Morning #1

A Corner of the Parking Lot

New Years Flower Delivery

Queen of the Alley

Nowhere to Go But Up

Waiting for the Light - Umeda, 2014

The Thin Man Goes for a Walk

The Dynamics of Work

The Welcoming Tree

July 16 #9

July 16 #8

July 16 #7

July 18 #6

July 16 #5

July 16 #3

July 16 #2

July 16 #1

July 16 #10

Neighborhood Festival #4

Neighborhood Festival #5

Neighborhood Festival #1

Neighborhood Festival #2

Neighborhood Festival #3

Neighborhood Festival #6

The Express to Wonderland

Portrait of a Smoker, 2013

Empire of the Imagination

False Idols

The Gates of Winter

Zombie in the Trash

The Unfortunates

Illusionary Division

The Virgin of Nakazakicho

Melodic Improvisation

Heading Home

A Winter's Day, Chayamachi, 2014

A Family Outing in Tenma

Woman Under an Overpass

The Passing Moment

Aphrodite in Exile

14-0210-018a Miyakojima

The Passing Crowd #1

The Passing Crowd #3

The Passing Crowd #2

The Backstreets of Tenma

This Morning in Osaka

The Noodle Factory

Text Message: It's Snowing!

A High Degree of Difficulty

The Ice Cream Freezer

Sagawa Transport

The Garden Party

Cocktail Party


Looking Out on Nakazakicho from My Balcony

Snow or No Snow, Work Continues

Light on His Feet

The Hallowed Halls of Commerce

The End of the Corridor

Life on the Midosuji

Divergent Paths

In the Playground


The Aerialist: Ascent

The Aerialist: Ovation

I Love to Watch Them Scramble As I Ride By

A Heart of Gold

Comings and Goings at Umeda Station

Momma's Little Demon

The Observer

There Was A Crooked Man

And So On

How to be a Sneaky Photographer

Words Escape Me



Capturing Angels

Modern Dress

While Passing a Playground

Workmen on a Break, Taken From My Bicycle As I Passed By

Partners in Progress

Act III, Scene 1

A Tale Told by an Idiot

The Ground at My Feet


Disturbed Ground

In the Lair of the Beast

That Certain Smile



A Frame from the Filmstrip

Boy on a Bicycle


Shadow Encounters with Myself


It Lies Where It Fell

Incidental Images


As Permanent as Today; As Solid as the Ground Under My Feet

Strike the Tents

Life Goes On.

Sail Away

Knights of the Road

The Boss and the Beast

Construction Curtain #2

Unmistakably Me


Late Afternoon Jaywalker

Color Incursion at the Parking Garage

The Noodlemaker Takes a Break


Unmistakable Evidence of Civilization

Ancient Sumerian Film Strip

There Is Order Even in Destruction

Late for Dinner

Buildings, Nakazakicho

The Wrecking Crew on a Break


Lost in His Own World

Day Dream

Welcome to My World

The Entranceway to My Apartment House

How Green Was My Valley

Construction Worker

Bad Mojo #2


Sidewalk Cosmos

Man with Red Shoes

That From Which All Power Flows

Father and Son

It All Looked Innocent Enough

On the Wings of Imagination

My Littlle Friend in the Next Car

Yukihiro on the Train

Till Death Do Us Part

Islands in the Stream

A Sack of Banannaz

The Outskirts

Performance Piece

Mirrored Wall, Itohen Gallery

Cartoon Heraldry

Self Portrait in a Mirrored Wall

Of Chains and Nightmares

Riding By

Playground Equipment Awaiting the Unwary Child

He Seemed Almost as if He Had Been Assembled from Spare Parts

They Also Serve

Mute Observation

A Time of Abundance

A Momentary Disturbance in the State of Things


The Revolution Will Continue After a Word from Our Sponsor

Ruins of a Civilization Yet to Be Built

Machinery as Imagined by Paul Klee

Three Bicycles

Kabuki Ghost Story

Nature admiring itself.

Apartment Windows

An Ordinary Corner on an Ordinary Day

Children's Art - Winter

Children's Art - Summer

A Nowhere Man Going Somewhere

The Connoisseur of Cool

Self Portrait with Fish as Yukihiro Looks on Amused

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

The Outskirts of Eden

A Play of Shadows

Dancing in the Dark

Students at a Jr. High School Sports Festival

At Play

The Crusades: Holy Hell


Natural Collage-v2 (please see larger)

Ramen Restaurant, Umeda

The Great Man


UV Chic

Two More Pictures of the Lady With the Parasol

Amanto Coffee House, 10-03-2013

Celebation Impromptu

School Storage Room

Department Store, Ikedacho, Osaka

Roadside Composition

I Can Almost See It

Sudden Death

Tectonic Shift

Director's Cut

At Home in the Rubble

A Kid's World

Cool Appraisal

A Contrast in Style

From the Overpass

A Meaningless Moment on an Empty Street

This Morning in My Neighborhood

Wall #4

Wall #3


Wall #1

Subway Exit, Umeda

Lunch Options

Prep Work at an Izakaya

Fish Deliveries for the Restaurant on the First Floor

Modern Times

A Street in Bentencho

Osaka Waterfront


Boy on a Corner

A view of Bentencho

Dragon in the Eastern Sky

Osaka Intersection in the Rain


The Standoff

Tree Torso

Ah yes, I Remember How It Was

Utilitarian Wall abstract

A Quiet Moment in the Old Lady's Shop


What's Ahead


The Big Yellow Zucchini


Modern Realities

The Parking Lot at Night



Phone Booth

Alternate Take



Storage Shed

Self Portrait with Yawning Cat

A Moment Dances By

We Do What We Can


The Prodigy

Junkyard Bodhisattva

Elephant Slide

Bay #3

A Tired Salaryman Trudges Home, Cheered by the Light of the Soda Machines

Then Something Went Dreadfully Wrong

My Brother's Shirt Hanging on the Back of a Chair

San Francisco International Airport

Arrival in Osaka

Construction Set

Polar Crossing

Inner Turmoil

A couple in the Park

...Or Swinging on Vines for That Matter

A Star Fell on Alabama

Fog Rolling in Across the Golden Gate

It's a Tiring Business


Those Autumn Leaves

A Darwinian Drawing of My Vanishing View

Paradise in a Parking Lot

Street Scene, Osaka

Burdell Pastoral

The Crowd

Natural Feature Found on a Hiking Trail, Mt. Burdell, Novato, California

Why Did the Shadow Cross the Road?


Used Clothing and More

On the Street in Nakazakicho

Grandma Does the Work


Two Women Riding By

Dueling Watering Cans

Nakazakicho Before Dawn


Girl with a Colorful Purse

Unfinished Business

Anger Management

A Yearning for the Straight and Narrow

Roadside Grafitti

My Friend Ryosuke of the Rock Band Hul Over at Osaka Jo Koen

A Postcard from the Edge

A Message From Quork


The Child-Proof Playground

The Surprise Party

An 8 O'Clock Scholar

They Avoid Each Other Like Two Negatively Charged Particles

A Competition for Attention

Towels Drying

The Mystical Resonance of the Everyday.

Egg Carton

Where Dreams Come to an End

The Art of the Infinite Mind

Exciting Opportunities for Career Advancement

Those Autumn Leaves

Servant's Entrace, Palace of Ming the Merciless

Umeda, December 2013

It stood there motionless as if waiting for me to approach

An Interpolation of Reality

The Final Tragic Days of Aubrey Beardsley

What a Tangled Web We Weave

Worlds in Confusion



Enter at Your Own Risk

The Pleasure of Your Company

Cone in Late Afternoon Light

Auto Focus

Other Times and Other Places

It All Seemed Terribly Meaningful at the Time...and Perhaps It Was

A Man I Met That Day

The Geometry of a Parking Space

Urban Paleontology


Cartoons Rule the World

At the End of the Day, You're Back Where You Started

Ghost House

Splendor in the Splatter


Traditional Japanese Leaf Trap

The Earliest Known Picture of Marilyn Monroe

A Metaphor for Our Times

The Bare Essentials of Line and Dimension

Francis Bacon's Nightmare

Night Diner, Amagasaki

Two Women on a Bicycle, Amagasaki

Predacious Architecture

We Drove by a Group of People Waiting for the Light to Change

Stay Together, Men. We Don't Know Whether the Beings on This Planet Are Friendly or Not.

Winter Street Scene at Dusk, Coming Out of Tenma Station.

From the Pages of the Police Gazette

I Think She Fell in from Some Disney Movie

Many Beings Were Encased in Their Own Mobile Capsules

Spirit Guide

Who the Hell Knows What's Going On Anymore.


It Hovered Above the Dumpsters for a Few Seconds and Then Disappeared

Form Follows Function

Live From the Front Lines

A Brief Moment of Triumph

Fragments of the Samurai Mind

Modern Mysteries

Pillar of an Overpass

The Cone Alone


Live and Let Live

Classical Trash

A Different Point of View

The Museum of the Street #2

Gollum Returns

A Mummified Umbrella

Pin Stripes For the Well Dressed Pin Head

Back Door Dreams

A Creature of the Urban Wild


Empty Edifice

Mirrored Maze

Grin and Bear It

The Forgotten Commandment

Two Views of Yukihiro

As I Was Travelling to St. Ives, I Met a Man With Seven Wives...

The Fence

Wish You Were Here

The Collector

Architectural Archetypes

Do What We Are Doing

Center Stage

The Shopping Cart World

The Photographer Disappears

An Overview of Two Imaginary Planes

The Fortress of Conventional Wisdom

Perceptual Reality


But Fear Itself

We Take Our Miracles for Granted


Lunch Counter

Accidental Intention

Don't Ask, Just Get Me a Carrot.

A World of Limited Choices

Interior Intersections

Bad Boys

Freaks and Geeks

Man on a Train Station Platform, Kobe

The Master Builder

Street Tapestry

A Row of Dumpsters

Born To Be Wild

Water Fountain at an Abandoned Elementary School

Never Say Die

Planetary Birth

The Other Side of the Window

A Window Pauses to Reflect

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Mysteries II


Spin Cycle

Construction Worker

Men at Work

Cave Drawings of Osaka

Gypsy Gnome with a Camera

Kitchen Window

The Monster Fighter

A Snowy Day in the Neighborhood

A Snowy Day III

A Snowy Day II

Dream Girl


The Boy Who Thought He Was a Cartoon Character

A Snowy Day, Nakazakicho

Snowy Corner Geometrics #2 (best viewed larger)

Game Center, Umeda

Game Center, Umeda #2

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

Everybody Needs a Hobby

The Difference Between Cool and Cold

Construction Crew on a Break in the Snow







The Young Gun

A Snowy Corner in Chayamachi

Centerfold Samurai

The Magical Mystery Tour Is coming to Take You Away

Right Down to Bedrock


Constellation 20

Street Scene, Nakazakicho

Heading Home


Is It Any Wonder We're So Crazy


Ebi Sushi Graffiti on a Wall

Truck on a Kobe Side Street

Send in the Clowns


Kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant

Kobe Mangafied


Sannomiya, Kobe

Kobe Corner, February 2014

On the Train

Off the Top of My Head

A Poker Game at Dave's Place

The End of Mrs. Ueda's House

Seduced and Abandoned

The Stuff of Nightmares

Yukihiro on the 6th Floor

Marking His Passage

Companion Piece

The Comings and the Goings

Three Abandoned Bikes

Riding on a Narrow Road at the End of the World

Sans Explication

Street Repair on My Block

Umeda Crosswalk

The Modern Salaryman in the Modern Urban Environment

The Daily Grind

Heroes of the Street #1

Heroes of the Street #2

There Is Glory Even in the Gutter

Domains of Difference

Boots on a Train

The Bonsai Photographer

Between Pillar and Post

Undeniable Evidence

Children of the Night

A Former Vacant Lot

In the Eye of a Meteor Shower

Spin cycle

Supermarket Bingo

Noir Garage

Dismal Days

Self Portrait in a Bubble

Details of the Narrative

The Land of the Mind's eye

6th Floor Landing

The Singular Quartet

Little Bag Lost

Hanging Together

Young Monolith

Wall, Tenma


Intrusion in the Queen's Bed Chamber

Curtain at a Public Bath

Last Stop Before the Apocolypse.

Drifting Away

The Long and Winding Road

Empty Parking Lot

Shadow Self Portrait, Morning

Shadow Self Portrait, Morning #2

Salarymen in Nakazakicho

Calling All Cones

The Eye of a Tuna

The Queen of Tonga Under House Arrest

It Hissed at Me As I Went By

Street Performer

Narrow Passage

Caught in the Act

Kobe Intersection

Japanese Election Posters


Down by the Yodogawa


14-0323-011-2a Shinmidosuji


The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Chairs in Retiremant



The Final Days of the JR Railway Yards

Concrete Abstract



Discarded Hologram

An Eyesore Takes Its Place in the Sun

Red Door


Ninja on the Roof

Nature Creates, Man Observes


Natural Gas Tank

Mausoleum Grillwork

The Night Bar

Modern Motherhood

Filter Screens Set Out for Cleaning

Good Times

Red Bicycle

Drying Towels

Even Cheaper Than Coney Island

Relative Antiquity

Survival Games

Lost Toy

Function Reduced to Form


Young Shopper

The Toy Museum

Practical Symbology

You Stay in Your World and I'll Stay in Mine

Asahiku Backyard #2

Asahiku Backyard #1

Endangered Species

Back Alley Machine Shop

Two Towels

Elvis Has Left the Building


Man in a Doorway

Pink Bicycle

Staircae, Sannomiya Station, Kobe

The Watering Can That Thought It Was a Frog That Thought It Was a Prince

Welcome to the Monkey House

Dark Blanco

Two Old Chairs

Composition in Pink


The Endless Search for Meaning

Garage Menagerie

The Corner of My Eye

Come In, We've Been Expecting You

Chinese Restaurant

Empire of the Senses

Image Overload


Local Shopping Street at Dusk

Forgotten Rituals

Modern Archeology

In Forgotten Alleys, Traces Yet Remain

Shop Window, Umeda


The Wall

Eye Extention

Fish Tank

The Museum of the Street

Parking Art

Lights, Camera, Action!

Woman in a Coffee Shop

Time and Tide

Traditional Carp Streamers for the Boy's Day Holiday

A Gentleman of the Neighborhood


JR Station, Osaka

Public Works

A Free Floating Dimension

The Evolution of Design

Through the Window of the Train at the Station

Windows on an Ancient Sky

Archeological Construction

Unsolved Mysteries

Farmer in His Field, Nara

Urban Planning

Keep Walking and Don't Look Down

Family Outing

Another View of the Intersection

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore

Shadow and Reality

Shadow and Reality #2

Wall, Early 21st Century

Fallen Branch


A Very Contemporary Young Man

Umeda, May 2014

Fate Takes a Breather

Out of Nothing

The Twain Meet

Ground Control to Major Tom


Downtown #2

Bigger Than Life

Boy with a Cold Drink, Umeda

Another View, This Time With His Eyes Open

Silent Witnesses

What the Cone Saw

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Hansel and Gretel and the Three Motorcycles

Surprise Package

And Just at That Moment a Sage Drifted By

Hopper's Dream


Shooting in the Catacombs

Forgotten and Abandoned

Yellow Stairs

A Doorway in the Shadows

Aerial View, Silicon Valley


The Arcane Adventurer

Corner Composition

Up Above the Catacombs

On Sail

For My Next Trick

The Carnival of the Streets

The Exciting World of Tomorrow

The Fish Sellers

The Last, Desperate Bulwark Against Total Chaos

Window and Gate

Two Men

Pinning Down My shadow

A Private Conversation

Parking Lot With a View


A Little Joke for My Friend Markku

Another Day Just Like Yesterday

The Family Car

Within the Shadows

Detail From a Chipped and Faded Blue Door

Larger Than Life

In the Road

Masters of Disguise, They Assumed the Shape of Harmless Handlebars

Boys on Bikes

Christ Searching for Disciples in the City

Restocking the Shelves

The Last Pay Phone

Boy with a Broken Umbrella

Street Crossing

Taking a Break

Ogimachi Park

JR Tenma Station

The Two Guys From the Previous Picture

The Weight

Bento Box

Composition With Pink Dumpster

The Individual Unruffled Amidst the Chaos of Life

By the Side of the Road

Gas Meter

Setting Up for Dinner

A Garage

Big on Graphics

The Explorer

The Bottom of the Slide

An Appetite for Adventure

The Fun We Had

The Big Yellow Slide

The Kid

Comings and Goings

The Sunday Comics

Emperor All Dub Mix

Made in Downtown LA - Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Too Late to Repent

America Mura

Day Dreaming in America Mura

America Mura II

Light Behind Bars

Light at Play

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Weddings


The New World

Party Boy

A Peculiar Meditation on a Passing Reality

A Long Look Down My Street

The Corner

Utilitarian Sculpture

A Nap in the Playground

Around These Parts

I Don't Know, Maybe It's a Really Small Circus

Space Junk

Cable and Vine

Sometimes I'm Simply Amazed


After Images

Osakako Panorama

Running Girl, Osakako

Room to Roam

Room to Roam - Take 2

Game Pieces

Words of Wisdom to Gameplayers Everywhere


Stuck in City Traffic

The Solidity of Objects

Theater Lobby Standing Display

Young Salarymen

Sorry, No Hamburgers Here

Table and Chairs

Yeah, I Konw, Technically a Mess, But Still a Moment of Pure Joy

Rainy Day

Two Feet

Tentative Proof of My Existence

Broken Pottery

"Out With the Old!"... Oh Wait, I'm Old

Street Portrait


Boy on a Parking Lot Wall

Boys in Parking Lot #2

You're Sure You Know the Way Out of Here?

Woman in a Doorway


On the Train

Think Pink

Astigmatic Goal


Street Scene, Tenjinbashi

Bicyclists Crossing the Yodogawa

Osaka: A Scenic View

Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here

Armies of the Night

Unfinished Underpass

Spiral Fire Escape

Urban Oasis

The Far Side of the Hill

Performance Artist Jun

A Very Small Parking Lot



No Car Garage


The Vision of St. Potato

Mysteries of the Urban Wild

Young couple, Nakazakicho

Route 10, A Main Thoroughfare in My Neighborhood


Couple, Tenma Shotengai

Shopkeeper With a Straw Hat

Two Men in a Loading Bay

Corner Composition

Man with a Chair

Parked Bicycle

From Dreamland - End of the Dream

Welcome to Dreamland

Entrance to Main Street

Only the Lonely

Up the Street

Monday Morning Television

Confessions of an Urban Spy

The Observation of Evolutionary Art

Father and Son Waiting in a Sushi Restaurant

Street Heraldry

Siddhartha Encounters a Distraction on the Path to Nirvana

Second Chance

The Lost Comb

Honmachi Station

Transitional Form

Drying Towels

A Yearning For Days Goneby

The Poor Man's Space Program


Happy Halloween!

The World at My Feet

Protecting Our Precious Natural Heritage.

With Banners Flying and Lance Aloft

The Medium and Nothing More

Zipping Along


A Trooper Reports to the Dark Lord

An Old woman Cleans Up Around Her House.

A Man Without a Car Looks Down on the Passing Traffic

It's All Happening at the Zoo

The Street in Front of My Apartment

Kobe, Christmas 2007

A Way With Trash, 2007

Family Tree

Embroidered Jackets in a Shop Window, Kobe, 2007

Forever Faithful, Too - May, 2007

An Early Morning Scholar

f.62 and Be There

The World Belongs to Us, 2004

Sofa Life, 2004

A Momentary and Precarious Balance, 2004

A Little More Off the Top, 2004

Welcome to Tiny Town, 2004

Girl with a Pokkadot Shirt, 2004

Young Man with a Water Bottle, 2004

Reach, 2005

Summer Shower, 2005

Technical Sonata. 2005

Worker on a Scaffold, 2005

Hat Rack Geisha. 2006

I Smell a Rodent, 2006

The Hitler Youth Searches for Wisdom, 2006

On the Beach at Isei, 2006

Bang for Your Buck, 2006

Trampled, 2006

A Tangled Web, 2006

Back Then I Was Much Younger, December 2006

Homage to Eggleston

The View from the Throne Room

Fried Chicken in a Deli Window

Bicycle Addendum

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Early Morning, Nakatsu

At Home Amidst the Chaos

A Couple Walked By Just as I Was Leaving

Shooting on the Midosuji, Early New Year's Morning

The Writing's on the Wall

Be Alert, the Aliens Are Masters of Disguise

Scaffold Work, 2007

Odd Bedfellows, 2007

Neighborhood Hole-in-the-Wall Used Clothing Shop

Shadow Warrior, 2007

Untitled, 2007

News of the Lost Continent, 2008

Jumping Flea, 2008

Theater of the Ambiguous

Safe Passage

A Crosswalk Near Umeda, 2008

Impromptu Street Arrangement, 2008

The House of the Monsters

A Home of Its Own

Takoyaki Stand, 2008

Living Rough, 2008

Order Overturned

Homeless, 2009

At the Aquarium in San Francisco, 2009

The World of Earthly Delights, 2009

Meeting Point, 2009

You Light Up My Life, 2009

The Dog and I, 2009

Gone to Seed

Bringing Out the Dread

Fallen Bicycle

Boy With a Red Cap

Diabolique, 2010

Painted Depiction of the Egyptian Sun God Ra Found on a Wall in Kawanishi, Japan

Finger in the Pie

Gasoline Station, Kawanishi

Mother and Child, 2010

The Coin of the Realm, 2010

Climbing Plant, 2010

Bulldogs, 2010

Panache, 2010

Nara Countryside, 2010

Birds of a Feather, New Year's Day 2011

Dances with Pigeons, 2011

The Face of Fear, 2011

O'Farrell St., San Francisco, 2011

A Fruit Stand on Uranus

Posing for Pictures on Twin Peaks

Doorway, Haight St. SF

Mission St.

12th and Mission

The House of Illusions

Is It Any Wonder We're Confused?, 2011

A Short Story in Two Chapters, 2011

Ants in Procession, 2011

The Rodney Dangerfield of Condom Machines

Primitive Astronauts, 2011

Tropical Leaves, 2011

The Infamous O'Farrell Theater

The Tenderloin

I Think It Was More Surprised Than Anything That I Wanted To Take Its Picture

Graffiti Composition #9

Window on the Void

Torn Fragment, 2012

The Barber in His Shop, 2012

Spinning Top

The Miracle of the Gutter

The Transparent Man, 2012

ToonTown, 2012

Baseball Player Doing Footwork Drills by the Yodo River. 2012

Two Gaijin on the Streets of Osaka

An Alley in Kobe

Voyage of Discovery, 2012

That Come Hither Look

Out With Dad, 2012

Road Crossing Instructions for Snails, 2012

A Shopping Street in the Neighborhood

Just the Usual Everyday Miracle

Curious Dogs

The World Passes By

The Guys at the Parking Garage

Hooked on Barney, 2012

Street Runner

The Modern Museum of the Street

Saturday Afternoon in Shirokita Park

On the Streets of Umeda

On the Streets of Umeda #2

On the Streets of Umeda #3

Josephine Baker Takes the World by Storm

Things on the Road

Discarded Orange Barrier

Child's Drawing on a Playground Slide

Corner Composition

You Are Me Now

At the Osaka Zoo, 2013

The Wall Spins a Tale



A Man with Unruly Bags

Viagra - A Case Study

Curiousity Shop Window

The Company Garage

Post Modern Antiquities

What Is a Piece of Art Like Me Doing in a Shithole Like This?

Sunday Afternoon

In My Room

Discount Ticket Kiosk

The Old Guard

Under Observation

End of the Line

Yukihiro on One of Our Photo Safaris

Symbolic Sacrifice

Pilgrim's Progress

Debris in a Canal

from the series Creatures of the Void

Trees and Wall, Nara

Trapped in the Undertow


Two Young Men on the Hankyu Train

Defined By Its Absence

The Gods Watch From the Roof Tops

Self Portrait With a Pile of Rocks

Contemporary Japan Viewed Through a Prism of the Past

Cherry Blossoms Floating in a Canal

A Bag in the Water

The Bottom of the Canal

Greenhouses, Nara

Heroes of the Cultural Revolution

On the Road to Nara

It's Friendlier When No One's Around

As Dumb as a Box of Plastic Carrots

The Artist Holds Forth

Rites of the Rice Harvest


Artifacts of Functional Modernism


The Detritus of History

A Gaijin in Kobe

Shooting Lions

A conversation Among Friends

Spectral curtain

Don't Encourage Him, He's Shameless

Composition with Perplexed Workman

Rip Off the Mask

Shopping in Tenma

My Balcony

Double Focus

Easy Rider

Nocturnal Documentary

Child's Painting on the Fence of a Pre-School

Parked Car

Edge of a Sign and Shadow


Interior of a Burned Building

Deatail from a Fire-Scorched Wall

Charred Wood

Interior of a Car Destroyed in the Fire

The Objective Reporter

Detail of an Old Movie Poster

Old Movie Poster #2

The Picnic

Beware of Dogs Bearing Flowers

The Death of Socrates

Mothers and Their Children

Three Young Salarymen

Schoolboys Passing a Construction Fence

Old Tires

Fleeting Apparition

All Things Must Pass

A Cold Walk Home

Back Alley Abstract

Useless Trash

The Bridge Over the Yodo River

Cut from the Herd

The Gods Must Be Hungry

The Rift Valley in the Space-Time Continuum

Through a Glass Darkly

The Ox Disappears

Stylish Relics

Still Kickin', Still Clickin'


Bathing Beauty

A Wet and Discarded Newspapaer

Street Scene, Kobe

After the Sun Came Out

Platform Melodrama

True Crime Stories

Solitary Diner

Flower Power

My Room, Morning

Toilet Decor

The Wizard of Nakazakicho

Look Up

A Team of Hiragana Tragically Swept Away by a Sudden Avalanche

Morning Constitutional

Two Bicycles

The Neighborhood

The Astronaut


The Work Day Begins

And It's All Over Now, Baby Blue


It's a Jungle Out There

The Latest Installation of the Museum of the Street

Back Street, Morning, My Neighborhood

Underpass Near My Apartment

It's a Man's World

A Cushion on My Chair

Saturday Matinee


Notice on a Wall, Kobe

This Way

Smoking's Not for Sissies Anymore.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Patched House


Alcove With Washing Machine and Pillows

Arctic Monkeys

Coincidence in Red


A Happy Life

A Rare Bird

Lost in Thought



A View of My Desk in the Morning Light

Morning Muster

High Tension


Corridor in Light and Shadow



Economy of Scale

Downtown Shop Window

Anonymous Hieronymus

Restaurant Kitchen, Kobe

A Chance Encounter with a Friendly Guy

Man in a Corridor

The End of Empire

The Ghost of Summer Past

Gutter Kabuki

An Alley in the City

Self Portrait as Cyborg

Let's Go Crazy!

Cornered But Still Dangerous

Sweet Nothings

The Meat Machine

When Bunnies Go Bad

Abstract #2, Kobe

Abstract #1, Kobe

Attached Ladder

Hidden Obsession

The Advance Guard

Convenience Store

A Children's' Story

Man Carrying a Case of Beer

Egg Cartons

Pokemon Go Mania, Ogimachi Park

Pokemon Go Player, Ogimachi Park

Portrait of a Rip

Low Bridge

Fire Paints a Picture

And Yet We Never Touch

Covered Car

Parked Trucks

Pokemon Go Fever Ten Days After the Outbreak


Modern Camera

At the Reunion

Maximum Security

Another Anonymous Self Portrait

Flying Down to Rio

Flying Down to Rio - Colorful Chaos

Best Seller

Are You Sure the Tinman Was Looking For a Heart?

The Intersection of Reality and Illusion

Stacked Boxes

Corner with Passing Car

Urban Tribal Cult

A Chance Assemblage of Objects in Space and Time.

Mondrian Discovers Nature

Late Afternoon Shadows

Late Afternoon Shadows #2

Guardians of the Past

Reclamation Project

Left Behind


No More Riders

The Last Desk

A Pile of Tatami Mats Viewed Edgewise

All That Remains

Empty Classroom

The Photographer at Work

Overgrown Jungle Gym

Broken Windows

A Final View of the School

Osaka Parking Garage

Bridge Over the Creek, Nara

The Passing Scene

Lunch at a Katsu Restaurant

Disgruntled Muttering

It's All About the Brand

Have a Nice Day

Enclosed Fern

The Cross of St. Crabgrass

The Theater of Happy Accidents

The Tin Man Gets a Job

Secret Codes of the Illiminati

A Minor Amusement

Young Trash Containers Waiting for the School Bus

Moses Parts the Bicycles

The Surreal Party Candidate

Spectator sport

Here We Go Again

The Dune Keeper

Shifty Rides Again

Cleaning Gear

King of the Hill

Self Portrait with Passing Traffic

My Little Corner of the World

Impromptu composition

Random Grouping, Museum of the Street

Mr. Yoshida's Office

Little Noted Nor Long Remembered

The Argument on the Bulletin Board Turns Physical

The Stalker and Its Prey

The Mailbox as Quaint Cultural Artifact.

Freedom Rider

Satori in Five Easy Steps

An Only Child

A Leaf in the Stream

Hidden Creatures of the Nether World

The Last Shot of Jack McRitchie Before He Disappeared Into the Void

The Door

A Toxic Relationship

A Winter Jog

Wasteland With Soft Drink Machine

After the Harvest

The Passage of Time

Creative Street Repair

I Put a Spell on You

Alter Ego

The Pink Door

Courtyard Elegy

Gutter Composition

Junior Wizards Practicing Their Spells


Further Travels in the Universe

The Serendipity of Light

Bicycle Parking Lot

A Town Without Pity

Somewhere Between Three and Four

Granite Block, Ogimachi Koen

Playground Idyll

The Reluctant Follower

Kids Being Kids

Hanging Out


Plastic Bag by the Side of the Road (Best seen larger)


"Ready for Surgery, Doctor"

Bicycles in an Alcove

Woman With a Plaid Coat

Let It Bleed

Seperate Quarters

A Storeroom in the Subconscious


Street Scene, Kobe


Detached Geometry

She's Got Style

Intimations of Other Things

Incident at the Zoo

Not Your Everyday Snapshot


A Tragedy in One Act

Penguin, Kobe Oji Zoo

The Ostrich Pen

The Saucy New T5752001

Bad Robot

Stroller in the Corner

Fun at the Zoo

Nowhere to Hide


We Don't Even Talk Anymore

The Party's Over

Orange Bicycle, Morning Light

Urban Monolith

Tribal Fetish Figure

Morning Traffic, Nakazakicho

Order and Anarchy

There's No Place Like Home

The Passing Moment

Turquoise Band


Down by the Yodogawa


Broken Barrier

Man in Motion

Star Wars audition

A Fashionable Apparition

Food Shop, Sonezaki Mall

Worldly Possessions

Yukihiro, Nara

Composition, Late Afternoon

The Future Contemplating the Infinite

Even the Bunny?

Moving Day for the Olmecs

Out of the Past

The Remains of Miss America 1925

The Spectral Table

Zebra Transformed


Hotel Advertisement, Kobe

Passing for Paradise

City Skies

A Street in Osaka

But where are the Monkeys?

Yellow Sign

The Things in the Window

Mat at Entrance of a Temple in Nara, Japan

The Bather

Covered Automobile

Sinking Ship

Across the Street


Corner Ramen Shop

Food Display in Umeda

Against the Wall

Merciless Warriors

Pink Dish in a Blue Bowl

Shadow of a Weight

Rainy Day Geometry

A Conversation Between Friends

Japanese Youth

Pizza Cyborg

In 3 Languages No Less

Ukiyo-e With a Camera

The Wading Pool

Bicycle Kabuki

A sudden Downpour

Interior Shadow

My Next Door Neighbor

Woman in Red

Facing the Future

We Are Not Amused

Bicycle and Grass

A Naughty Motorscooter

Down By the Yodogawa

Magical Mystery Tour, Chapter 1

Magical Mystery Tour, Chapter 2


Construction Fence

Decal Graffiti on Glass

Parked Bicycle


Construction Site

No Parking

As I See It

Another Place


The Watcher


Waiting at the Crosswalk

Terra Incognita

A Pair of Riders

Red Mail Box

Street Art

Emergent Form

Local Eatery

The Devil as a Plastic Bag


The Dreamer

Osaka Financial district

Chinese Restaurant

When Good Students Go Bad

Street Scene, Toyosakicho, Osaka

A Cluster of Color on a Rainy Day

Saturday Afternoon

Street Scene, Osaka

Locked and Loaded

The Circus in My Back Room

Last Plane to Lisbon

Chair and Woven Dishes

Gandalf the Grey

Street Shot, Osaka


Visiting Day

Subway Exit, Osaka

Fractal Forest on a Wet Fence

Conspiracy Paranoia

Shadowed Underpass



Outdoor Light

Bag's End

Think Pink

A Shy Plant


Same Park, Separate Worlds.

Souvenir of Japan

Self Portrait on My Bike


Lost Tourists

A Puddle in the Road