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I've been into photography including black and white darkroom work since 1948 while in the military assigned to an air base in Germany. My real job both military (20 years) and Weather Bureau, (17 plus years) has been that of a weather observer or meteorological technician. In later years, I have worked as an "archaeological technician," doing photography, mapping and illustrating books and reports with pen and ink drawings. Having a wife who is a professional archaeologist helps me get the work. Except for an occasional bit of B&W historic documentation with medium format for one company or another, I now just photograph for fun. I enjoy, writing poetry (poorly), playing the ukelele (really badly) and throwing spears as a target sport (also poorly). I also pass a good deal of time on - some think too much!


Single Photos

Misc. shots


Water Ballet

Bicycles! Now gone, this repairmans lot had at least three fields like the above full of bikes. Also a 9 foot high pile and rows of already repaired bikes for sale. The town of Cortez, Colorado made him clean up his mess by the time I decided to get some more shots here.


FOXIE! More interested in a dog on the other side of a fence, this fox let me come within 15 feet to shoot photos.


Two heads and but one foot. A slightly manipulated hawk on my patio.

Blue Motor Bike - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mountain road through a volcanic dike - Colorado

Bollenger Mill and Covered Bridge in Southeastern Missouri

Western Colorado Autumn Pan

Darth Vader Building Lit by Rising Sun



Old Town Albuquerque

Gold (silver)smith, Larry Riggs made these bracelets for my wife. "Denim Lapis, Turquoise, and Fosil Ivory. (Pot crafted by Wayne Brian.)

By Any Other Name...

Shiprock, New Mexico

Sky over Elk Mountain, Wyoming

Prairie Winds

Blue Tree

Excelsior Lutheran Church in Central Kansas

Geometry in Action -- A study in White and Blue

Anasazi Wall - Colorado

City Art

Smoky City

Canyon Stock Shelter - Colorado

Stock Shelter No. 2

Colorado's Blue Sky

Scarlet Oak

Dolores Canyon Hanging Flume. Used only three years, this 4X5 foot wooden flume carried water from the San Miguel River to the Dolores Canyon Gold Fields and ran for 13 miles, the last 3 miles along this shear cliff face. Constructed 1888 to 1891. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Prairie Church Monday Morning

Shadow Play


Prairie Dawn

Mount Evans Summit

Pueblo Window

Window Rock


Bursting Point

Canyon Tapestry

High Plains Area Stone Maul (Eastern Colorado)

Summer Storm in the Tetons

Yucca Bouquet

Wyomiong High Plains

"SHOVEL BUMS" An archaeological dig site along Senac Creek, Aurora, Colorado

Complex Stratigraphy

Adobe Ruins

Funnel Clouds Overhead

Wyoming Grasslands -- Good Year

Adobe Photoshopped

Shadow Play (improved version)

Summer Storm in the Tetons (minus extra tree discussed by critics)


Mammoth Ivory and Marshaltown Trowels


Old Mine Near Creede, Colorado

Tower in Hovenweep National Monument along the Colorade--Utah border.


First Light

Storm's a commin'

Moonlight Fantasy Three (This is my third rendition of this rather complicated piece of photographic art. I think it's finished now.)

Oak Leaves (Faux Silk Screen)

Cedar Waxwings - Water Stop

Colorado High Country -- Late Afternoon


On The Edge

Old Richville Store

Red Mill

Down By the Old Mill Stream


Missouri Spring

City Reflections

Paper Moon


Shiprock, New Mexico

Reaching for the Sky

Autumn Dawn - Shiprock

Old Barn - Dove Creek, CO

True Love

Meteor Shower

The Friends -- Fremont style rock art in NW Colorado




Dark Moon Rising

Kansas Vespers


Weather Map

Alley Oop and the Rockettes

"Lillith" sculpture by Rosalind Cook.

Bicycle Shop 2

Lillith's Dance . . . Sculpture by Rosalind Cook

Dark Moon Rising (Reworked)

Meteor Shower (Reworked)

Steeple and Dome

Colorado Powder

Altered States

A 1909 Power Plant HDR Image

Speed was a normal shot taken at a car show, and motion blurred to add a bit of "zing" to the...

A City Caged. A happy HDR accident.

Coke Ovens. A bit of Colorado History. Cokedale, Colorado.

Blue Crystal Mountain