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Just call me Steve. I'm a longtime amateur photographer with wide-ranging interests. I retired several years ago and concentrate on working with health care support groups and photography. PN is a great tool for sharing photographic knowledge with all of us who are lifetime learners. BTW I'm from the far northwest Chicago suburbs think almost Wisconsin, currently using both digital and film, and back using some 120mm TLR bodies I've fixed up.

Country: US


Single Photos

Shots in the Fog & Mist


Lakewood Trail 1

Moraine Hills 1

Machinery 1

Kokoros Bridge

Athens Fishmonger

Autumn Afternoon

Plateau trail to Urubamba River

RR Lines

Before the Snowstorm


Two Worlds

Maltese Pride





Forest Floor

Rainy Afternoon

Fungus with Ant

Caution Barn Falling Down


Fishing on the Fox River in the Fog

Uptown L Station

Hedgerow on Gracy

Hawthorns in fog

Downtown McH

Mc H Train Station

1 Down the Street

2 Next Street Over

3 From the New Bridge

4 From the New Bridge

5 From the New Bridge

6 From the New Bridge

7 From the New Bridge

8 From the New Bridge

9 The Old Bridge west

10 The Old Bridge east

11 On the New Bridge

12 On the New Bridge

13 Downtown

Predawn Machu Picchu