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Third generation photographer-critic. Full arsenal of digital, 35mm, medium and large format gear. Partial to film and larger format work. Detest spoliation of content by prevalence of contemporary automatic-robotic digital incompetence and low res. Pithy subject matters handled by snap-shot auto-focus-zoom capitalizing, depth of field and art of composition impervious are not my cup of tea. I may, perchance, post custom cropped to an art or otherwise enhanced composures of careless snapshots of the fortunately ‘button-pressing’ photographically remiss others. Third party work shall always be acknowledged. Although the entire domain of aesthetic capture is my soul's native dwell, and while I savor of delicate patterns of elaborate eastern architecture no less than of treasure troves of skilled time-lapse astrophotography, most of all I delight in the genre of portraiture. Besides photography per se, am partial to vast worlds of history, philosophy, film and imagination, as well as to genuine (nontrivial and rhyming) poetry (Russian, English, Arabic...). Body sculpture (as attenuated from steroidal exaggerations), martial and strength training are thematically and avocationally resonant. I have not been ‘shooting’ in ages, therefore may post conservatively, erratically and existentially, utilizing the membership domain primarily as a critical and perusing niche for myself and friends worldwide. In context of that, and with fragrant tints of heart’s intimacy and irony, come to mind two dialectically aligned quotes imparting uniqueness of a ubiquitous sensibility – one from nigh satanic JL Brisseau, the other from nihilistic John Lyly, respectively: “I am the death of all and the birth of all. Word and memory, fortitude and mercy, And the silence of secret things.” “All is fair in love and war.” Almost invariably prefer natural beauty to its analogs with the urbanely and technologically contrived. Do not care for thoughtless comments. However, should you know or delight in any of my subjects, please avail of a functional responsive e-mail, thus vouchsafing content free of careless quipping and stimulating a cogent and genial dialog. Do not comment or rate on work I deem to be below 'Good'. If you actually read this, I thank you. P.S. Having gone through tens of thousands of images and 'forced' myself into mostly complimentary and sometimes unavoidably critical discussions on aesthetics, cultures, poetry and techniques... would like to focus upon photographically pertinent Eastern observations: '...What is work but Love made visible' -- Khalil Gibran, The Prophet, and '...I 've reticence spurned for the culling of joy' -- Al-Hariri, Of Damascus


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