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cabin in the snow

sunrise at the old homestead

meeting of the minds

feed me!

is it safe yet?

you called?

sunset on the lake

inside Lily

closed lotus


mining for crocus gold


nose that knows

lightness of being

watchout, rats!

Crites Mt sunset

Fleeting Beauty

we try harder




Apple blossom pink

wv orchid-pink lady slipper

Lady slipper II

the "eyes" have it

shaggy dog

wv honeysuckle

Bluekid, with 30 min old trips

I see you!

unexpected visitor

Rural delivery

personal fireworks

waiting for the "works"

firey bloom


old fashioned rose

glory in the morning

how're you feeling today?

turkey vulture + morning warmup

morning glory

yellow butterfly on ironweed

swallowtail on echinacea

royal glow

vulture aerobics

cleome spectacle

touch me not

late bloomer

girl of the garden

cranberry glades in fall




new meets old

going up?

lake in fall

fall reflections


farm in the hills

faraway glow




steeple lines

red oak



golden glow

bark and light

you're so vein

green veins



capitol gold

clear moon out, this morning

a walk in the woods

3 trees in the pond

steamy sunrise

age spots

wired--Fayetteville, WV

crystal clear

as the fog lifted in the valley

New River Bridge, Fayetteville, WV

don't fall in



bedtime snack

last light

blowin' in the wind



"easy livin"


pretty as a rose

ET? or Mountain Laurel buds

rose pillows

orange rose

The belly dancer and the onlooker

enthralled at the magic show


yellow lily


the back of the cosmos

lighter cosmos

backended cosmos

cosmos together

cosmos closeup

lily by day

mariglow 2

garden fireworks- actually, dill Thanks

fireworks dill style

echinaca up close

cone flower


wet dahlia


crystal parsely

encapsulated dill flower

dill weed wet

orange zinnia

deep purple


rose of sharon

white sharon

a day is the life - purple lily

purple lily -inside scoop

purple lily - backend thanks


red zinnia

zinnia glow

zinnia - afterglow

glad lip

"y" ?

blue bloom of deer tongue grass

Deer tongue 2

square stemmed monkey flower--really

frilly glad

the grand escape

High tailing it

deep pink dahlia

all ears

morning glowry

morning glory 2

glory 3

pink glad


fully glad- in the pink

glory glow

cardinal flower

cardinal flower 2

cardinal flower 3

golden rod

unknown purple wildflower

unknow wildflower 2

wildflower 3

purple wildflower 4

queen annes lace

Queen Ann's lace

quen ann's lace 3

pokeberry unripe

pokeberry 2


ironweed 2

yellow glad

yellow glad 2

yellow glad 3

gas well workers


late sunflower

fall sunflower

butterfly bush

blue fall

naked lady

naked lady 2

last sun

How do you make your living?

fall blues

fall stars

little suns

fall sunset on the old homestead

crystal gold

ray of light

life at the top of a fence post

woodshed-foundation and content

rose and sucker

leaf well attached to fence post

frosty morn

early morn - black and white

frosted marigold duo

water colored

filtered light



fern in fall

beech light

blue and gold

scarlet oak

not even Christmas yet!

wild, wonderful, WV creek

shiny tree

paper birch

paper birch -detail

paper birch thicket

fall oaks

blue, brown, green

red cloud in a dark woods

yellow, gray, brown = fall

fall, before the fall


wet tip

one of the last bits of color


hunters and hunted

fall sky between green and gold

dried flowers

butterfly bush, afterlife

ironweed - dried




perpetually windswept



to the point

spikey globe



milkweed - seed

petal support

milkweed - seed II

greenbrier with berries


reaching out

greenbriar with berries II

greenbriar with berries 3

milkweed morass

brown petals

winter bloom

Christmas cactus

poplar flower "lantern"

thistle bell

fuzz on a stick

thistle composition

poplar lantern bouquet


multi-flora rose berries

lemon tree flower

handle with care





berry berry




ready to pop



hairy bud

red impatience

impatience bud



pink geranium

pink geranium 2



geranium swirl

open wide

almost unreal, but only tricks of light

all tied up


head on

dive in!



Fire bush buds

spider plant

spider plant bloom

spider plant

spider plant 3

spider plant

tangerine 2

on guard!


diamond pendant

snow pecker

hold 'em up

gold finch


snow on old wall

American Goldfinch

tangerine 2


female cardinal


first crocus

double your pleasure...

crocus- worm's eye view

mourning dove

gold and blue


reach to the sky


crocus gold

blue crocus behind

cardinal girl

spread out crocus

gold crocus back

cardinal's shawl

black capped chickadee

waiting for pollination


downy fellow


nuthatch- alert

backended white crocus


brown creeper

purple not haze

together again



2 of a kind


naturalized tulip

under tungsten white balance.

rear view tulip

replete daffodil

upclose replete

pink daff

pink daff 2

side replete, a daffodil

daffy daff

daff another view

different daff

wild peach

striped crocus

wild peach blossom


tulip - abstract

"naturalized" tulip

"naturalized" tulip 2

naturalized tulip 3

red tulip

heart of tulip

wild peach 3

wild peach

wild peach - back


l'il red tulip

cactus bloom





wild geranium

lowly violet

wild geranium



wv honeysuckle

wv honeysuckle

eye of the poppy


wv honeysuckle

wild iris


wild iris

little blue flower

wild iris - tongue

"moonlit" daisy

political statement?



ground ivy

last "flight" of the moth

the moth's cloth

yellow weed



hairy skullcap

purple weed

hairy vetch

new rose (for us)

hairy vetch

rainbow sorbet

rainbow sorbet kiss

hidden treasure


pure joy - Festivall, WV

daylily in evening light

captivated by the clown at Festivall, Charleston, WV



lily misterioso


glass dolphin at Festivall, Charleston WV

red nasturtium

purple lily

lily in a different light

neon nasturtium

bursting in air!

orange nasturtium

July 4th

range of colors

astilbe - quite close

morning glow

sunrise reflected on beetle's back

full lily

strange poppy

sweet pea

florid poppy

sweet pea

sweet pea

gladly glad


glad colors

gladly glad

frilly pink glad

pink glad

rising sun

two toned cosmos

purple cosmos


deep purple

cosmos back

pompom dahlia


cardinal flower



malva 2


burning sun

bi-color cosmos

rose of sharon

stars in a cosmos


dancing sweetpea

still rose

more rose



rose bud


cleome and kids

red red



house of paper

hornet - guarding the gateway

deep purple

future river pilot - study in concentration

black swallow tail

butterfly and zinnia

sucking it up

Susan Werner - happiness in song

black swallowtail 2

flower from lantern plant (?)

lantern plant flower 2

tender morning glory


ball zinnia


fresh fig

lilac morning glory

pale violet morning glory in subdued light

light blue in the morning


marigold 2




fresh fig 2

sweet pea

sweet pea

rose - hangin' in there

monarch on dahlia

common mallow - cheeses . That's what the flower book says.


Rock formations

under the bridge

folded rock -Summersville Lake, WV

stubborn tree

caution! falling rock

Summersville Lake WV. cliff.

what lies behind?

late bloomin dahlia

late bloomin dahlia

Late blooming dahlia 3

purple late bloomer

purple late bloomer 2

goat's work space

purple late bloomer 3

purple late bloomer 3

October rose

october rose 2

purple late bloomer back.

purple late bloomer 5

ahhh, fall

October rose 3

october rose 5

maple splendor

last of the black wlnuts

maple green and yellow

primary maple

you're so vein!

pear star

flaming maple

mystical forest

water + fall

oak colors

in the spotlight

oak rainbow

oak leaf, blushing

oak spectrum

red oaks

forest lights

forest lights 2


brown is beautiful

brown hills

fall bloom

dahlia after life

stinging nettle - frozen

dahlia 2


ice abstract

ironweed - fall version

backlit blackberry leaves

late fall

red, greenbrier leaf

greenbrier leaf - red mode

greenbrier glow

ironweed - winter

dahlia - alt version

oak tree before the fall

at the mall - er, North Pole


ground cherry lantern

golden rod - winter fashion

goldenrod - winter 2

echinacea 2

3 in a row

leaf in yellow haze

sycamore seeds

bad hair day - sycamore

sycamore -just hangin"

winter blossom

winter blooms

winter wildflower

winter wildflowers

winter wildflowers

winter wildflowers

rose hip

rose hips 2


snow capped


rose hips

snow capped 2

all tied up

the tie that binds

New Year's cactus

Christmas cactus

New Year's Cactus 3

rosemary before the bloom

spiked snow

New Years Cactus - abstract

Christmas Cactus

Christnas cactus

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus 7

pink geranium

pink glow

pink geranium


pink geranium

first crocus

first crocus 08

first snow drop 08

first crocus 08

First snow drop 08

first crocos 08 - close up back

first crocus 08

first snowdrop 08

first snowdrop o8 last view

1st crocus 08

yellow crocus 08

crocus gold 08

crocus gold - more

golden crocus

crocus gold

crocus gold - last one of the series

maple tree blossom

maple tree blossom 2

maple tree blosom 3

simply forsythia 08


forsythia 3





purple giant crocus

giant purple crocus 2

purple giant crocus

giant purple crocus


giant purple crocus

tiny cactus bloom

cactur bloom

purple crocus - before waking up

more purple crocus

purple giant crocus - am

purple giant crocus


mellow yellow


red centered

daffy daff

nother view

sunny side up daff

common yellow daff

common daff



replete 2

replete daff


replete detail

replete detail

replete detail



weird daff


pretty daff

daff again

yellow red daff detail

daff detail

American bittern

red tulip

red tulip 2

red tulip 3

red tulip

apple blossom

apple blossom 2

red tulip

apple blossom


dogwood detail



wild geranium

wild geranium

wild geranium detail

wild geraniu, - back



wild geranium


narcissus - upclose

cactus cascade

tri- cactus

wv forest azalea

wild poppy

cactus 3


wild poppy 2

wv forest azalea 2

wv forest azalea 3

little wild flower


wild poppy

wild poppy - back and lit

rose burst

wild poppy

pair of bleedin' hearts

water lily

white water lily

pink lily


wild forest azalea WV



wv forest azalea

nother rose

more rose

deep purple dahlia


gaillardia 2

gaillardia - up close




multi-hued rose


rose kiss

last rose

Pooh dahlia

deep purple

pooh closeup

close closeup dahlia

bee balm - start

back of pooh dahlia

new cosmos


trying to open

new cosmos



rhododendron 2

spotlight on the cosmos

purple snap

red dahlia

pom pom

pom pom 2





bad hair day sunny

purple glad



vased glads

back of the ball

back of the ball 2




deep purple


red zin


double cos


larkspur 3

glad to be pink


glad abstract

gladful glad

out of the darkness

pink frills



lavender glad


back rays


glad spike

still glad

last lavender glad

getting to the end

jewel of a weed

jewel weed 2

jewel weed

sweet pea

dark dahlia

sweet pea


marigold 2

sweet p

petals of marigold

more marigold

cosmic trio

castor flower

cosmos in greenery

mums the word


white hole



nasturtium 2

the depths

mum 3

to the point

happy dahlia


red mutant


still blooming

flower in a flower


blue bloom of the woods

blue woods flower


blue woods flower

last dahlia

blue bloom

last dahlia

last dahlia 3

big red

california poppy

california poppy 2

cal. poppy 3

cal. poppy 4

cal. poppy 5

cal. poppy

cal. poppy

red/yellow revisited


spikey browns

blowin in the wind

last straw flower

dried wild flower

walk in the woods


fall fluff

fall weeds

fuzz balls

framed reds

fall yellows

magic woods

reflection in our pond

fall 08

pure leaf

fall oak

fall fluff

fall oaks

bright fall sunset

pear leaf

pear leaf 2

map of life - pear leaf

on a winter's day

winter's burden

snow bud

bright winter day

scenes from first snow


raspberry and snow

lipizzaner reaction

butterfly bush

snow fluff


Lipizzaner rider

early winter weeds

morning glory pod

Lipizzaner in flight

echinacea snow cones

morning glory pods

Lipizzaner stance

Lipizzaner high kick

morning light on snowy barn

morning light on snowy branches

light and snow

weighed down


snow bear out on a limb

curves and crystals


brown in a sea of white

snow cups

snow cone

did it snow or what??

still hangin' on

snow weeds

snow weeds

wood, stone and snow - old root celler

walk in the woods - hillside

soaking up winter sun

cat yoga position # 27

blooming moss


seed on a rock


dahlia - undone

echinacea revealed

snow grass

I've got what on my face?

bright woods

-6 degrees


all lit up - frost

frost before melting

frost drop

morning sun through frost

morning frost



frost - fooled around with

looking at you

blue flower

memories of last summer

American goldfinch

purple finch






winter weeds

female cardinal

wrapped up tight -forsythia

un known weed

hazel nut

hibiscus upclose

greenhouse hibiscus

lemon blossom

lemon bloom

hibiscus 3

full moon arisin'

sharp-shinned hawk

pink geranium


up the creek

winter weeds

winter weed





just getting up

peeking out

crocus gold


more crocus

white crocus

more crocus

reaching for gold

blushing crocus

heart of the matter

ivory crocus

wrapped crocus


crocus glow

white gold

mellow yellow

waves of gold

edgy daff


daff central

daffy duo

replete daff

yellow and white


trumpet 2


complicated daff

daff again

more daff

finally, a red bellied



side daff

red centered


one of the last ones - daff

flowering quince


firebush 2


daff innards


wild tulip

double narcissus

blown away

violet 2

violet 3

wild tulip 2

wild tulip

red naturalized tulip

wild tulip

red naturalized tulip 2

hummer "craning" to look at me

curious daff

wild tulip 4

the long sip

wild tulip 5

red wild tulip 6

wild tulip again

yellow wild flower

wv forest azalea

lady slipper

lady slipper - business end


lady slipper 2

wild geraniums

pink wv forest azalea

wild geranium

wild geranium trio


wild geranium

wild gerqanium


rosa rugosa

pale yellow columbine



soloman's seal

wild azalea


pin striped

tulip poplar

in the shadows


tulip poplar 2

rainbow 2

rainbow 3

Bonny pink


tulip poplar


peeking out

tulip poplar

tulip poplar

tulip poplar 5

tulip poplar leaves


columbine 2

red lily

red lily 2

red lilly 3

purple fringes

common day lily


purple lily

flaming dahlia

red lily +

red lily - last one

common day lily

flaming dahlia


begonia 2

begonia 3


white lily

white lily 2



white lily 3

always one in a crowd


rose of sharon


out of the abyss

like the joke - why is (was) Bush like a turtle on the top of a fencepost? This guy jumped off when...

sunny side up


amazing dahlia

cosmos backlit

cream soda dahlia


marigold 2


yellow and white dahlia


fishing the falls

leaning to the left


fishing the falls 2

lost in a sea of waves

three fingers


redness -zinnia

red and yellow dahlia



yellow to pink

The elusive single lobed swallowtail

dark sun

the other side of the story


dahlia flow


red zinnia


dahlia petals

purpled red zinnia

a prickly subject - thistle 09

family reunion - bats 09

sweet nectar - butterfly and bush 09

fire dahlia - 09

batty -09

thistle 2 - 09

thistle bloom -09

hangin' - spider 09

swallowtail -09

take a bow - dahlia 09

swallowtail and zinnia - 09

tight knit - web 09

behind the scenes - zinnia 09

dahlia petals - 09

morning glory

red/dahlia -09

morning glory 2 -09

morning glory veins -09

deep red pom pom -09

red/yellow dahl 2 -09


deep purple - dahlia 09

red pom pom -09

fall rose -09

morning glory 3 -09

red-yellow dahlia rear view 09

flower in flower dahlia -09

wild wild dahlia -09

fall rose -09

dahlia -09

centered dahlia

deep red dahlia -09

tight rose -09

burning rose -09

little dahlia -09

oh so pink -dahlia 09

white tipped dahlia -09

blue blooms and friend -09

dahlia swirls -09

nest of gold -dahlia 09

morning glory -09

persistence - mushroom through gravel road -09

primrose -09

white and burgundy -09

drops and red pom pom - 09

petals - rose 09

jewel weed -09

zinnia -09

pointed petals- rose 09

pink dahlia -09

reach out -dahlia 09

red as a rose -09

sittin' pretty dahlia 09

watch before you smell- dahlia 09

Carlos and his charges

end of fall

fall reds

age lines and spots

age spots and lines 2

life after bloom

echinacea skeleton

well protected

mid-Feb hibiscus





come to the point



sun and water


farmstead at rest

brown brier

barbed wire tree

ya gonna pet me or what?



crocus gold




crocus family

Hi again!



crocus, white


side by side

yellow daff

daffy duo

dandy lion

beauty and the spikes

daff up close

hanging daff

side daff

group daffs

mixed daffs

last full one before spring

detail daff

different daff

yellow and red tulip , in the morning, just getting up

group shot

red centered daff anybody the real name?

frilly daff

fancy daff

yellow tulip, full open

white daff

orange and yellow - one of the last ones of this type


maple blossom

early butterfly

peach - deflowered

grape hyacinths

tu lips

nestled tulip

tulip-from above

pink trillium

swallowtail convention

tulip on a stick

comin round the bend.

buzzing in

trillium trio


spring water flow

double duty. This blooms only for 24 hrs. Thanks


dogwood galore

day is done. the end of the bloom. Thanks

almost over-this bloom's 24 hrs almost up. Thanks



f22 10s 4-30

double fiddle

spicebush bloom

protecting the next generation

p.o.'d phoebe

long necked poppy

poppy backside


aster place

the opening scenes

from white to black-berry

orange buddies

forest blossom

pink honeysuckle

pink honeysuckle II

orange to the hilt

white rugosa


inner glow

comfrey, the healing plant. Thanks

"easy going" the kiss

"easy going"

poplar in their natural habitat

sweet as a..

wet rose

plain daisy

complementary. Thanks

cleome seeds

after the frost

semi-dried zinnia

a little crumpled, but still lovely - dahlia 09

almost dried pom pom -dahlia 09

in the balance -cleome 09

taking flight - cleome 09

semi-dried zinnia -09

almost dried dahlia -09

breaking the calm -Sutton Lake 09

tree of heaven -a pest -09

last throes-dahlia09

dried red dahlia -09

curvy pear leaf -09

late bloomer

the old begets the new - dahlia 09

peeled back -cleome 09

dahlia - winter version -09

winter bloom -09

zinnia -after life 2 -09

bromesedge fuzz -09

flirting zinnia -09

zinnia after life 3 -09

ridges and valleys - raspberry leaf -09

gnarled -oak leaf 09

late bloomer - japonica 09

red oak -09

groovy - red raspberry leaf -fall 09

fuzzy weed -09

floating gold- lilac leaves -09

one that made it

zinnia looking back -09

zinnia twist -09

September rose -09

red raspberry leaf dried-09

raspberry -09

winter rose leaves -09

dahlia -09

queen anne's lace -09

complicated -dahlia 09

rose leaflet -09

rose leaf -09

globe of life -weed 09

weed seeds -09

wonder of weeds bw -09

former golden rod -09

goldenrod -09

"hairy" sage leaf -09

rugosa leaves

rugosa leaves Dec -09

sun trying to break through -09

red raspberry leaf Dec-09

dried sage -09

up tp their bellies -09

found some unprocessed shots from the summer-rose-09

black columbine -09

zinnia back -09

summer revisited- columbine -09

summer revisited-rose -09

little blue -summer 09

pinstriped -calla 09

tulip poplar -09

tulip poplar revisited 2-09

day lily revisited -09

daff from summer -09

daff from summer 09

crocus revisited 09

street dancer

nuthatch -10

titmouse 10

contact- festivall 09

snow bird - junco -10

winter blooms -10

brush - winter 10

lookin' at ya- titmouse 10

the look -festivall 09

flying dog - festivall 09

flying dog 2 - festivall 09

calla- wide open 09

poplar in winter -10

yum - 10

found weeds-10

nuthatch -10

briers and berries- 10

cactus security - 10


found weed 2 -10

contact (almost) briars-10

contact 2 - 10

tufted titmouse -10

bloom amongst the spikes -10

natural loop -10

titmouse -10

hard at work- IMG_0428aaw

house wren IMG_0432aw

chickadee IMG_0447aabw

found weed 3 -10 IMG_0315aw

chickadee up close IMG_0448abw

chickadee -IMG_0448aw

found weed 4 IMG_0319aw

hidden seed IMG_0323aaw

winter peace -10 IMG_0585abw

chickadee look back IMG_0696aw

found weed 6 IMG_0331aw

wooly wonder IMG_0745abw

shy red bellied IMG_0454aw

wooley -10 IMG_0743aw

wooley -10 IMG_0687aw

nuthatch IMG_1186abpn

red bellied -10 IMG_1041aw

american goldfinch 10 IMG_1143aw

nuthatch 10 IMG_0885aw

nuthatch 10a IMG_1122aw

American Goldfinch 10-IMG_1016aw

American Goldfinch IMG_1007aw

American Goldfinch IMG_1025aw

red bellied portrait -10 IMG_1069aw

red bellied tongue 10IMG_1061apn

titmouse -10 IMG_1193aw

hope that's not the sky falling?IMG_1001aw

I'm a chickadee and proud of it! IMG_1244abw

red bellied IMG_1081aw

nuthatch IMG_1161aw

tuff nut to crack IMG_1176aw

framed tufted IMG_1215aw

shapes in icicle IMG_1644aw

ice finger IMG_1635aw

blue icicle IMG_1652abw

field of crocuses IMG_1926aw

bee hug 10 IMG_1930aw

tri-crocus IMG_1936aw

golden triangle - crocusesIMG_1984Aw

bunches of gold - crocuses IMG_1996aw

golden crocus IMG_1993aw

pinstriped crocus IMG_2229abw

captured gold IMG_2250aw

cupped gold IMG_2256aw

peeking out IMG_2260aw

gold throne IMG_2283aw

au naturel IMG_1977aw

deep yellow IMG_2372ababw

all together now! IMG_2425aabw

yellow trumpet IMG_2373aba_1w

duo tone daff IMG_2379aabw

crinkly daff IMG_2381abcw

sunny sides IMG_2304aw

cup of gold- daffIMG_2394aw

hidden treasure IMG_2269aw

pure white IMG_2544aaw

narcissus IMG_2565aw

daff again IMG_2561aaw

cradled daff IMG_2405aw

narcissus side IMG_2573aw

complicated daf IMG_2583aw

pink and white daff IMG_2584aw

daff glow IMG_2732abcw

more daff IMG_2813aw

American Red bud IMG_2824aw

heart of the daff IMG_2814aw

maple seeds IMG_2838aw

bananas and cream daff IMG_2741abacw

monster daff IMG_2736aw

redbud IMG_2825aw

maple seed IMG_2842aw

red bud IMG_2830aw

so soft daff IMG_2749aw

lady slipper IMG_2938acrw

wren with mouthful IMG_2999abw

maple seed cascade IMG_2845aw

japonica IMG_2780aw

double the pleasure IMG_3064aw

lady slipper bud IMG_2904aw

paw paw blossoms IMG_3066aw

lady slipper bow IMG_2948aaw

paw paw blossom IMG_3069aw

crabapple blossoms IMG_3013aw

lady slipper IMG_3044aw

wild geranium IMG_3285aw

lady slipper 2 IMG_3294aw

lady slipper seed pod IMG_3090aw

red centered daff IMG_2568aw

delicate pink IMG_2587aw

lady slipper IMG_3314aw

red columbine IMG_3369aw

red yellow combo columbine IMG_3384aw

eye of the hairy beast -lady slipper IMG_3319aw

crinkly wild poppie IMG_3394aw

well packed and hairy poppy IMG_3405aw

bud in tow - columbine IMG_3373aw

white daff IMG_2549aw

narcissus IMG_2770aw

mellow yellow IMG_3418aw

columbine IMG_3379aw

wild geranium IMG_3353aw

mountain laurel IMG_3476aw

columbine IMG_3386aw

yellow columbine IMG_3421aw

mountain laurel IMG_3493aw

white/yellow coIumbine MG_3560aw

columbine rocket-stemlessIMG_3577abw

columbine rocket-stem IMG_3577aw

poppie IMG_3398aw

poppie petal IMG_3400aabw

poppie IMG_3400aaw

red/white coumbine IMG_3661abcw

rugosa rose sweet folds IMG_3587abw

dancing columbine IMG_3663aw

rosa rugosa filled frameIMG_3598aw

calla swirl IMG_3854aw

calla unfurled IMG_3872aabw

dancing columbine 2 IMG_3693aw

peruvian daff IMG_3944aw

red/white back IMG_3700aw

white/ yellow columbine IMG_3710aw

nascent columbine IMG_3580aw

simply calla IMG_3864aw

nascent columbine IMG_3724aw

peruvian daff IMG_3948aw

day lily IMG_3993aw

peruvian daff 3 IMG_3950aw

annual cactus IMG_3675aw

frilly lily IMG_4073aw

day lily 2 IMG_3997aw

dancing columbine IMG_3670aw

cactus mouth IMG_3681aw

dancing columbine IMG_3702aw

arum (?) calla IMG_3874aw

cosmos IMG_4089aw

peruvian daffodil IMG_3960aw

day lily IMG_4006aw

lily petal IMG_4008aw

dancing columbine - tango IMG_3718aw

frilly lily IMG_4075abw

cosmi IMG_4100aw

gimme! IMG_6485aw

peruvian daff - detail IMG_3967aw

flaming lily IMG_5083aw

shellplant corkscrew IMG_5112abw

datura detail IMG_5143abw

datura IMG_5143aw

snapdragon IMG_5131aw

sparkly prickly IMG_5443aw

rhododendron bud IMG_5382aw

black swallowtail glow IMG_5299aw

glad IMG_5190aw

begonia IMG_5232aw

pure black swallowtail IMG_5285abw

triple glad IMG_5238aw

glad IMG_5246aw

teasel 2 IMG_5454aw

more glads IMG_5249abbbw

glads IMG_5249abbw

balancing act IMG_5435aw

lily glow IMG_5087aw

lily glitter IMG_5091aw

layered lily IMG_5165aw

side glad IMG_5204aw

garlic bulblets IMG_5222aw

swallowtail on butterfly bush IMG_5558aw

swallowtail "v's"IMG_5525aw

shell plant IMG_5684aw

black swallowtail IMG_5597aw

very red glad IMG_5810aw

morning glory IMG_5965aw

red menace IMG_5816aw

the unfolding -Cal. Poppie IMG_5841aw

blue reflections IMG_6025aw

orange on orange IMG_6065aw

2 oranges IMG_6086aw

california poppy IMG_6101aw

lightness of blue IMG_6121aw

morning glory trumpet IMG_5972aw

california poppy back IMG_6112aw

multi-hues cosmos IMG_6161aw

white zinnia in shadow IMG_6045aw

california poppy IMG_6172abw

california poppy 4 IMG_6172aw

dahlia flashy IMG_6216aw

sunflower sitting on leaf IMG_6132aw

one of the last red roses IMG_6454aw

white love in a mist IMG_6499aw

california poppy IMG_6181aw

deep red dahlia IMG_6526aw

flaming dahlia IMG_6549abw

zinnia crown IMG_6556aw

glad spike IMG_6572aw

yellow to pink dahlia IMG_6654aw

red red rose IMG_6468aw

rosebud IMG_6473aw

protected IMG_6489aw

yellow to pink dahlia IMG_6658aw

intricacy IMG_6505aw

flower blues IMG_6511aw

pink beauty IMG_6675aw

california poppy IMG_6706aw

rose drops IMG_6688aw

california poppy IMG_6731aw

cal poppy out of the darkness IMG_6732aw

california poppy frills IMG_6739aw

dahlia IMG_6539aw

pink rose IMG_6692aw

white california poppy IMG_6695aw

red zinnia IMG_6562aw

cal. poppy more IMG_6747aw

nigella - love in a mist IMG_6519aw

dahlia IMG_6532aw

the fire within IMG_6553ab4w

cardinal flower IMG_6252aw

cardinal flower IMG_6255aw

curly cue IMG_6243abw

delicate double cosmos IMG_6168aw

cosmos bud IMG_5860aw

'nother curly cue IMG_6235aw

cosmi IMG_5858aw

marigold IMG_7176aw

from the same stem -click for large IMG_7180aw

california poppy -look large IMG_7161aw

sugar maple IMG_7224abw

sugar maple 2 IMG_7224abww

knock out - hangin' in there IMG_7133aw

california poppy - amazing colors IMG_7149aw

knock out 2

california poppy back

marigold - coral like

rose heart

into the vortex

pink veins

almost the final ones

almost over

towards the end

nigella - after life

velevet leaf?

nigella- love in a mist


velvet leaf

velvet leaf


last gasps

frost on a the bud

frosted bud



nigella - different version

velvet leaf vertical

gentle petal

still rosy

last rose

dahlia gold

dahlia gold 2

dahlia gold 3

nigella again

more last rose

dalia gold - back

dahlia gold - back 1


milkweed-spewing out

dahlia back- complicated

heart of the matter

summer pops IMG_7194aw

summer memories IMG_7198aw

bunch o' gold IMG_7191aw

milkweed flow IMG_7620aw

milkweed duo IMG_7634aw

milkweed IMG_7628aw

burdock IMG_7751aw

fantasy burdock IMG_7755ew

burdock- hooked up IMG_7751abw

winter grass IMG_7773aw

winter weed IMG_7793aw

burdock IMG_7757aw

summer revisited penstamon ironmaiden iMG_3975aw

pennywort IMG_0336aw

winter grass 2 IMG_7787aw

winter grass 3 IMG_7788aw

rushing the season - last spring IMG_2092aw

spring revisited IMG_2291aw


butterfly weed-cold version

making a rare appearance

zinnia redux

remnants 2 IMG_8070abw

remnants 1 IMG_8070aw

pennywort IMG_8111aw

still standing IMG_8101abw

still standing 2 IMG_8101abww

iron weed winterized IMG_8129aw

lil flowers IMG_3605aw

rose leaf remnant IMG_8223aw

iron weed bloom IMG_8270abw

in and out of focus IMG_8270aw

seedy 1 IMG_7807acrw

seedy 2 IMG_7807apsw

flowering quice fruit IMG_8231abcrw

flowering quince 2 IMG_8231aw

snow bloom IMG_8255aw

blown over 2 IMG_8256aw

pennywort full sun IMG_8115aw

seed power IMG_7810a4w

weed bouquet IMG_7800a4w

fresh snow IMG_8311a5w

shed door IMG_8332abc5w

lines in the snow 1 IMG_8313abcw

lines in snow 3 IMG_8313abw

lines in snow 2 IMG_8313acrw

lines in snow 4 IMG_8314craw

ice forms IMG_8425awcr

ice forms IMG_8436abw

ice formations IMG_8436aw

frozen flow 1 IMG_8425awcr

frozen flow 2 IMG_8431aw

best buds IMG_8395a5w

ice fan 2 IMG_8457abw

ice fan IMG_8457aw

frozen and fluid bubbles IMG_8488abw

detail shed door IMG_8341abcw

detail of shed door IMG_8341abw

detail homemade door MG_8357abw

amaryllis 2 IMG_8691acrw

amaryllis IMG_8691aw


grape vine squiggle 1 IMG_8715aw

grape vine squiggle 2 IMG_8719aw

1st snow drops IMG_8806aw

snow drop 2 IMG_8813abcw

amarylis bud 2 IMG_8694abw

amarylis bud IMG_8694aw

milkweed seed 2IMG_9205aw

milkweed seed IMG_9215aw

snow drop IMG_9251aw

snow drop more IMG_9259aw

ice flowers 1 IMG_9170abw

ice flowers 2 IMG_9170aw

snow drop IMG_9230aw

amaryllis- business end IMG_8697abw

grape shape IMG_8724aw

snowdrop IMG_8833abw

poking through IMG_8847aw

amaryllis petals IMG_8702aw

amaryllis full frontalIMG_8710aw

golden crocus 2 IMG_9385aw

golden crocus IMG_9387aw

yellow crocus detail IMG_9427aw

yellow crocus detail 2 IMG_9426aw

crocus vitals IMG_9569aw

golden crocus red center IMG_9487aw

lil blue crocus front IMG_9585aw

blue crocus back IMG_9592aw

yellow crocus red center IMG_9498aw

white crocus IMG_9773aw

crocus pistil edge IMG_9846abw

crocus pistil edge IMG_9846aw

purple crocus IMG_9790aw

striped crocus IMG_9806aw

white crocus IMG_9866aw

hillside barn IMG_9911aw

apple tree loaded with snow IMG_9915aw

driveway home IMG_9926aw

snow and sun on branch IMG_9927aw

striped crocus side IMG_9825aw

striped crocus IMG_9851aw

white crocus IMG_9879aw

many petaled yellow crocus IMG_9575aw

crocus close 2 IMG_9593aw

crocus close IMG_9606aw

non-conformist tulip IMG_0111aw

tulip petal IMG_0019aww

yellow daff IMG_0059aw

naturalizing tulip IMG_9982aw

outdoor daff IMG_0189aw

yellow tulip IMG_0143aw

tulip triple IMG_0093aw

tulip back IMG_9988aw

white tulip IMG_0236aw

more tulip IMG_0114aw

tulip details IMG_0125aw

more tulip detail IMG_9988abcw

daff IMG_9991aw

daff bell IMG_9995aw

daff 3 IMG_9998aw

white tulip IMG_0280aw

complex daff IMG_0301aw

daff of many colors IMG_0311aw

nascent daff IMG_0319aw

simple orange centered daff IMG_0323aw

yellow frilled daff IMG_0345aw


blue rocket IMG_0357abw

bluebells IMG_0357abww

japonica bud hairs IMG_0372aw

dandelion revealed IMG_0440aw

fluffy daff IMG_0471abw

swirly daff IMG_0476aw

pear blossom 1 IMG_0490aw

pear 2 IMG_0496aw

delicate IMG_0525aw

lavender tulip 2 IMG_0530aw

double daff IMG_0546aw

apple and buds IMG_0576aw

fiddlehead IMG_0661aw

trillium 2 IMG_0735abw

trillium IMG_0823aw

phlox 2 IMG_0839abw

phlox IMG_0839aw

crown imperial IMG_0452aw

daff tongue IMG_0483aw

crown imperial 2 IMG_0450aw

white daff IMG_0465aw

delicate IMG_1076aw

garden primrose IMG_0885aw

tightly wrapped IMG_0892aw

star chickweed IMG_0913aw

forest white violet IMG_0926aw

dogbane in the field IMG_0936aw

dogbane 2 IMG_0938aw

lavender tulip 3 IMG_0535aw

iris IMG_1110aw

wild flame azalea IMG_1527aw

wild azalea 2 IMG_1606aw

iris 2 IMG_1112aw

pink wild azalea IMG_1549aw

josephine IMG_1599aw

wild azalea 2 IMG_1567aw

mayapple IMG_1126aw

mayapple other side IMG_1128aw

wild azalea - star burst IMG_1137aw

rugosa IMG_1173aw

wild geranium IMG_1225aw

black locust tree IMG_1226aw

rainbow rose IMG_1620aw

pink knockout IMG_1644aw

rainbow rose 2 IMG_1624aw

knockout pink IMG_1635aw

foxglove IMG_1585aw

pink knockout close IMG_1640aw

rainbow knockout IMG_1650aw

iris 2 IMG_1672aaw

iris 1 IMG_1672aw

peruvian daffodil IMG_1689aw

double wild geranium IMG_1212aw

chive IMG_1236aw

rugosa gold IMG_1192aw

purple iris 4 IMG_1680aw

purple iris 3IMG_1685aw

rainbow rose 3 IMG_1629aw

pink knockout final IMG_1644aw

peruvian daff 2 IMG_1708aw

common daylily IMG_3509aw

red oriental lily IMG_3540aw

endive lettuce bloom IMG_3505aw

orange as can be IMG_3524aw

columbine dancer IMG_3573aw

day lily 2 IMG_3515aw

orange oriental lily IMG_3535aw

colorful yarrow IMG_3576aw

lily time IMG_5484aw

lily time 2 IMG_5553aw

echinacea IMG_5421aw

purple lily next IMG_5487aw

purple/white lily more IMG_5493awb

purple/white lily IMG_5504aw

echinacea 2 IMG_5430aw

bama with sun IMG_5530abw

extra petal IMG_5555aw

bama 1 IMG_5564aw

bama 2 IMG_5566aw

bama side IMG_5571aw

purple lily IMG_5577aw

purple lily IMG_5579aw

lilies gone wild IMG_5595aw

tiger lily 1 IMG_5613aw

golden lily close IMG_5561aw

ecinacea- dizzying IMG_5433aw

echinacea IMG_5440aw

double asian lily - scarred but still dancingIMG_5442aw

purple lily open IMG_5584aw

tiger back IMG_5619aw

lily more IMG_5491aw

glad to see you IMG_5838aw

double snap IMG_5849aw

reclining glad IMG_5980aw

morning glory 1 IMG_5869aw

so orange zinnia IMG_5900aw

imperfect strawflower IMG_5941aw

nasturtium o so yellow IMG_6051aw

cardinal flower IMG_6067aw

zinnia crown IMG_5638aw

deep red dahlia IMG_5647aw

colorful critter IMG_5654aw

morning glory 2 IMG_5882aw

nasturtium 2 IMG_6041aw

cleome detail IMG_5907aw

cleome detail 2 IMG_5918aw

schizoid dahlia IMG_6362aw

double sunny IMG_6843aw

yellow swallowtail IMG_6857aw

giant sun IMG_6892aw

not your ordinary sunflower IMG_6924aw

royalty IMG_7065aw

flaming dahlia IMG_6385aw

sideglance mantis IMG_7005aw

staring mantis IMG_7008aw

sitting mantis IMG_7009aw

great blue IMG_6653aw

great blue 2 IMG_6655aw

phlox 2 IMG_7030abw

phlox 1 IMG_7030aw

not your momma's sunflower IMG_6395aw

royal curves IMG_7069aw

monarch and her bush IMG_7078aw

dahlia IMG_7201aw

heron? IMG_6767acrw

storm clouds over the lake IMG_6684_1abw

rock reflection IMG_6686acrabw

great blue at the lake IMG_6716acraw

bodacious dahlia ver 1 IMG_7301acrw

bodacious dahlia ver 2 IMG_7301aw

bodacious 3 IMG_7306aw

like crystal pearls 2 IMG_7390aw

like crystal pearls 1 IMG_7391aw

yellow in pink dahlia IMG_7345aw

yellow in orange dahlia IMG_7350aw

green mantis IMG_6946abw

brown mantis IMG_7021aw

big ol' spider 1 IMG_6498aw

big ol' spider 2 IMG_6506aw

brown bat ear and nostril IMG_7463aw

brown bat - cute IMG_7470abw

ball o' fire dahlia IMG_7410aw

sunflower eye IMG_6406aw

double cosmos IMG_6412aw

cosmos folds IMG_6430aw

shades of yellow -dahlia IMG_7402aw

contact IMG_4005aw

at the concert IMG_4017aww

flame dahlia IMG_7417aw

16 yr old ballerina IMG_3256aw

bodacious c IMG_7646abw

bodacious b IMG_7654abw

bodacious a IMG_7654aw

in a world of her own 1 IMG_7560_filteredabw

in a world of her own 2 IMG_7560abw

dahlia rising IMG_7356aw

bodacious dahlia segment IMG_7310aw

wavy dahlia IMG_7337aw

first fall colors IMG_7699abcw

fall's a comin' IMG_7699abw

double dahl IMG_7205aw

double dahlia back IMG_7236aw

monarch IMG_7160aw

more bodacious IMG_7320aw

sugar maple 2 IMG_7829aw

sugar maple 3IMG_7830a15w

sugar maple 1 IMG_7831aw

catching the light IMG_8133aw

falls at hills creek wv IMG_7999aw

turkeys IMG_8218aw

migratory monarch IMG_8442aw

snug bug IMG_8311aw

fall unending IMG_8056acraw

migratory monarch 2 IMG_8464aw

migratory monarch 3 IMG_8478aw

fall browns and gray sky IMG_8489aw

damaged goods IMG_8495aw

front yard view IMG_7894aw

fall on the farm IMG_7896acrw

goats on pasture IMG_7952acrw

bodacious one more IMG_7339aw

silver web IMG_7510aw

which is better? B? or A?IMG_8504aw

which is better? 05? or 04?IMG_8505aw

buddies IMG_8509aw

real fall IMG_8492aw

squirrel New River Gorge 1 IMG_8624aw

squirrel New River Gorge 2 IMG_8626aw

squirrel New River Gorge 3 IMG_8628aw

squirrel New River Gorge 4 IMG_8635aw

fall rainbow IMG_8584aw

outlined IMG_8600aw

framed leaves IMG_8588aw

maple IMG_8608aw

the end IMG_8617aw

fire and ice IMG_8562aw

dahlia late stage IMG_8795aw

milkweed floweth over IMG_8782aw

ironweed fall IMG_8819aw

milkweed spew 2 IMG_8784aw

milkweed seed IMG_8791aw

ironweed leaves IMG_8834aw

ironweed flower base IMG_8866aw not petiole but sepal

loops IMG_8960aw

greenbrier-sans green IMG_9051aw

unknown weed IMG_8965aw

mystery weed IMG_8948aw

beech lines IMG_8983aw

dahlia back IMG_8799aw

gingko on brick IMG_8934aw

silver dollar 2 IMG_8806abw

silver dollar 1 IMG_8806aw

ground cherry IMG_9029aw

crystalized IMG_9397aw

brome sedge with snow flowers IMG_9391aw

wild yam double hung IMG_8955aw

beech claw 1 IMG_8991aw

beech claw 2 IMG_8996aw

fiery death 3 IMG_9046abcw

fiery death 2 IMG_9046abw

fiery death 1 IMG_9046aw

molten paths IMG_9046abcdw

ground cherry aglow IMG_9034aw

leaf monster IMG_9004aw

twisted 1 IMG_9008aw

twisted 2 IMG_9011aw

cherry on board IMG_9041aw

poplar snow blooms IMG_9372ww

hawthorn berries IMG_9378w

curled IMG_9585aw

designed by nature IMG_9079aw

silhouette designed by nature IMG_9083abcw

natural tangle IMG_9878aw

neat nest IMG_9882aw

dogbane IMG_9894aw

gold in a gray woods IMG_9899aw

sycamore IMG_9826aw

weed 1 IMG_9908aw

weed 2 IMG_9909aw

weed 3 IMG_9910aw

squiggly 2 IMG_9935abw

squiggly IMG_9935aw

bow IMG_9017aw

point IMG_9019aw

silhouette 2 IMG_9105ab

josephine clematis IMG_1604aw

lespedeza seed - I think IMG_0062aw

unknown weed 1 IMG_0068aw

unknown weed 2 IMG_0069abw

lespedeza a IMG_0014aw

hazelnut 2 IMG_0041aw

hazelnut 1 IMG_0041aww

lespedeza 2 IMG_9996abw

lespedeza 3 IMG_9997awa

daylily seedpod IMG_0075aw

ice flowers IMG_0481aw

rose- winter mode IMG_0513aw

candid portrait 2 IMG_0228abww

candid portrait 3 IMG_0253aw

candid portrait 4 IMG_0255aww

candid portrait 1 IMG_0288aww

candid portrait 5 IMG_0304ww

candid portrait 6 IMG_0425ww

iris summer revisited IMG_1098aw

mom to be IMG_0253abcw

long legged snow drop IMG_0739abw

iris- summer revisited IMG_1119aw

wild azalea IMG_1158aw

summer revisited wild azalea IMG_1546aw

summer revisited -flame azalea IMG_1568aw

summer revisited- wild flame azalea 2 IMG_1572aw

summer revisited- red lilyIMG_3544aw

first ones! IMG_1025aw

snow drop sans snow IMG_1059aw

shallow dof IMG_1040aw

crocus IMG_1037aw

crocus hands IMG_1046abw

crocus 2 IMG_1046aw

snowdrop up close IMG_0990abw

summer revisited - azalea buds IMG_1148aw

summer revisited flame azalea bud IMG_1150aw

shadow dancer IMG_1045aw

red head IMG_0501aw

dancer IMG_0521aw

evening primrose - winter IMG_9946aw

summer revisited-Peruvian daffodil IMG_1697aw

summer revisited- red lily side IMG_3549aw

summer revisited- red lily face IMG_3551aww

purple/white crocus

purple/white crocus

blue/yellow crocus

royal colors

crocus pretending to be a lotus

delicate blues IMG_1350aw

the light from within IMG_1368aw

striped crocus in winter residue IMG_1551aw

more crocus IMG_1375aw

brr IMG_1897aw

oh so yellow IMG_1389aw

wavy 1 IMG_1908aw

wavy 2 IMG_1910aw

folds IMG_1930aw

tulip with attitude IMG_1945aw

all gold 2 IMG_1390aw


striped crocus

whale of a crocus

red/gold tulip


complicated daff

daff center

welcoming tulip

delicate naturalizing tulip

yellow trumpet

still green

yellow trumpet - white petals

many layered white daff

eye of the tulip

gold centered daff IMG_2620aw

gold and orange IMG_2670aw

tightly wrapped IMG_2780aw

spring fecundity- cherry blossoms IMG_2698aw

l'il tulip MG_2586aw

first born IMG_2729aw

tangerine beauty IMG_2752aw

tulip revealed IMG_2662aw

another daff IMG_2625aw

tangerine beauty abstract IMG_2794aw

fancy daff IMG_2628aw

narcissus IMG_2632aw

white multi-layered daff IMG_2601aw

dried tulip petal IMG_3023aw

end stage tulip petal IMG_3028aw

flowering quince IMG_3048aw

what's bloomin' now IMG_3103aw

last 2 standing

crab apple

dried tulip IMG_3032aw

hang in there , baby IMG_3141abw

hatchlings IMG_3141aw

baby mantis leaving home IMG_3180aw

dried tulip 3 IMG_3038aw

little daffs IMG_3065aw

American red bud

l'il tulip

tulip triangles

wild WV azalea- pinkster

WV wild azalea- pinkster 2

Wild WV azalea -pinkster 4 IMG_3393aw

Wild WV azalea -pinkster 3 IMG_3401aw

WV wild azalea close A IMG_3402aw

WV wild azalea close B IMG_3403aw

wv wild azalea -pinkster lastIMG_3407aw

wv wild azalea pinkster- business end IMG_3414abww

little weed


wv wild azalea - flame IMG_3577aw

cactus 2- more room- different angle

tiny but complex IMG_3587aw

wv wild azalea - flame IMG_3568aw

sweet william IMG_3822aw

sweet william wet red IMG_3828aw

sweet william wet purple IMG_3837abcw

convoluted iris IMG_3860aw

fire within- iris IMG_3874aw

whole iris IMG_3878aw

iris IMG_3884aw

knock out rose IMG_3911aw

cactus final IMG_3528aw

tiny blue IMG_3545aw

buttercups IMG_3580aw

poppy IMG_3437aw

just a a shell of himself IMG_4070aw

wv wild azalea - late bloomer IMG_4001aw

wv wild azalea - late bloomer 2 IMG_4005aw

columbine IMG_4028aw

sweet william red IMG_4057aw

reach out and touch...IMG_4041aw

poppy side 2 IMG_3465aw

full face poppy IMG_3495aw

poppy side 1 IMG_3509aw

rainbow 1 IMG_4154aw

rainbow 2 IMG_4162aw

rainbow rose a 1 IMG_4163aw

rainbow rose a2 IMG_4164aw

rainbow rose a3 IMG_4166aw

rainbow rose a4 IMG_4167aw

Rainbow rose b1 IMG_4171aw

Rainbow rose b2 IMG_4172aw

Rainbow rose b3 IMG_4173aw

rainbow rose 2 ver. 1 IMG_4174aw

rainbow rose 2 ver. 2 IMG_4175aw

rainbow rose 2 ver.3 IMG_4176aw

rainbow rose 2 ver.4 IMG_4180aw

rainbow rose 3 ver. 1 IMG_4184aw

rainbow rose 3 ver. 2 IMG_4185aw

rainbow rose 3 ver. 3 IMG_4187aw

rainbow rose 3 ver. 4 IMG_4188aw

rainbow rose 3 ver. 5 IMG_4189aw

rainbow rose 3 ver. 6 IMG_4191aw

rainbow rose 4 ver.1 IMG_4192aw aka "Dancing Petals"

rainbow rose 4 ver.2 IMG_4193aw

rainbow rose 4 ver. 3 IMG_4194aw

rainbow rose 4 ver. 4 IMG_4195aw

rainbow rose 4 ver. 5 IMG_4196aw

rugosa 1 ver. 1 IMG_4200aw

rugosa 1 ver.2 IMG_4203aw

rugosa 1 ver.3 IMG_4205aw

rugosa rose 2 ver.1 IMG_4209aw

rugosa rose 2 ver.2 IMG_4210aw

rugosa rose 2 ver.3 IMG_4211aw

knock out rose 1 ver. 1 IMG_4215aw

knock out rose 1 ver. 2 IMG_4216aw

knock out rose 1 ver. 3 IMG_4217aw

knock out rose 1 ver. 4 IMG_4220aw

knock out rose 1 ver. 5 IMG_4228aw

knock out rose 3 ver. 1 IMG_4231aw

knock out rose 3 ver. 2 IMG_4232aw

knock out rose 3 ver. 3 IMG_4233aw

knockout rose 3 ver.4 IMG_4234aw

knockout rose 3 ver.5 IMG_4236aw

knockout rose 3 ver.6 and final IMG_4239aw

pink knockout 1 ver.1 IMG_4240abw

pink knockout 1 ver.2 IMG_4243aw

pink knockout 1 ver.3 IMG_4244aw

pink knockout 2 ver 1 IMG_4245aw

pink knockout 2 ver 2 IMG_4246aw

pink knockout 2 ver 3 IMG_4247aw

japanese beetle rear end IMG_9683aw

not just a pretty face IMG_9688abw

Japanese beetle front end IMG_9688aw

the bee's knees IMG_9701aw

tiger lily IMG_9711aw

tiger lily 2 IMG_9718aw

stella d'oro 1 IMG_4260aw

stella d'oro 2 IMG_4268aw

stella d'oro 3 IMG_4269aw

tiger lily 3 IMG_9729aw

tiger lily 4 IMG_9731aw

baby zinnia IMG_9735aw

baby zinnia 2 floating

all together now..IMG_4276aw

snap dragon IMG_4282aw

golden lily 2012 IMG_5993aw

golden lily- out of the darkness IMG_6004aw

golden lily - into the light IMG_6005aw

golden lily close-dark IMG_6015aw

golden lily close -light IMG_6017aw

red oriental lily IMG_6024aw

red oriental lily bright IMG_6032aw

red oriental lily darker IMG_6033aw

hollyhock IMG_6042aw

Bama daylily IMG_6045aw

bama lily 2 IMG_6054aw

day lily IMG_6057aw

common day lily IMG_6063aw

common day lily 2 IMG_6068aw

cosmos IMG_9577aw

cosmos closeIMG_9579aw

cosmos close 2 IMG_9588aw

cosmos 2 IMG_9614aw

cosmos backlit IMG_9623aw

borage IMG_9664aw

nigella IMG_9666aw

nigella 2 wet IMG_9671aw

intothe depths IMG_1455aw

digging deeper IMG_1460aw

big ol' nest IMG_1466awa

red zinnia

red zinnia 2


amanita dancer IMG_0001aw

borage IMG_9793aw

dahlia, dahling IMG_0363aw

whole dahlia IMG_0366aw

dahlia close 3 IMG_0370aw

close dahlia dark IMG_0378aw

close dahlia light IMG_0382aw

dahlia 5 IMG_0387aw

dahlia 4 IMG_0391aw

sun group IMG_0441aw

red sun IMG_0448aw

sunny threesome IMG_0449aw

cleome on the dark side IMG_0526aww

European Hornet nest close IMG_1553aw

European Hornet nest IMG_1564abw

Bodacious full sun IMG_1449aw

backlit sun IMG_0465aw

naked lady IMG_0520aw

marigold yellow IMG_0539aw

seedy weed IMG_1703abw

seedy weed 2 IMG_1703aw

pinker cleome IMG_0735aw

morning glories IMG_0736aw

almost gone - rainbow IMG_2163_1aw

going, gone 2 IMG_2160aww

going gone rainbow 3 IMG_2169aw

last of the reds 2 IMG_2182aw

last of the reds IMG_2185aw

last of the reds 3 IMG_2186_2abw

last of the reds 3 IMG_2187aw

last of the reds 4 IMG_2193aw

last of the reds 5 IMG_2394aw

last of the reds 6 IMG_2405aw

last of the reds 7 IMG_2411aw

last of the reds 6 IMG_2429aw

last of the reds 9 IMG_2443aw

last of the reds 8 IMG_2449aw

fall 1 IMG_2467abw

fall 2 IMG_2472aw

Sandy beginnings IMG_4485w

Sandy 1st day IMG_4486w

Sandy day 2 IMG_4492w

Sandy 2 apple IMG_4498w

Sandy day 2-a IMG_4499w

Sandy day 2 b IMG_4520w

Sandy day 2 greenhouse IMG_4522w

Sandy day 2 heavy IMG_4536w

Sandy day 3 a IMG_4555w

Sandy day 3 damage IMG_4557w

Sandy day 3 b IMG_4559w

Sandy day 3 c IMG_4578w

Sandy day 3 d IMG_4587w

Sandy day 3 crushed IMG_4596w

single leaf IMG_2344aw

fall 3 IMG_2266aw

Sandy damage IMG_4614w

Sandy damage apple tree IMG_4680w

Sandy damage IMG_4692w

Sandy Damage Cherry tree IMG_4697w

Sandy Damage crushed IMG_4731w

Sandy Damage oak snapped IMG_4764w

Sandy Damage tangled IMG_4771w

Sandy Damage our daily chain sawing IMG_4772w

Sandy Damage crew hard at work IMG_4779w

fall- into the woods IMG_2483w

non-conformist IMG_2485aw

cart full of halloween IMG_2645abcw

Halloween pooped IMG_2683aw

dahlia after life IMG_5080aw

dahlia after life 2 IMG_5081aw

dahlia after life 3IMG_5101aww

Dahlia after life - back IMG_5108aw

Sandy clean up 4 IMG_4805w

Sandy clean up 8 IMG_4812w

Sandy damage 8 IMG_4906w

Sandy damage 9 IMG_4917w

Sandy damage 7 IMG_4992w

Sandy Damage 6 IMG_5012w

dahlia after life- trio IMG_5122aw

Holy Batman - look out princess! IMG_2833aw

So that's where they come from...IMG_2782aw

Dec violet IMG_5186aw

Dec. dahlia b IMG_5192aw

Dec. dahlia a IMG_5196aw

Dec snow drop IMG_5173abw

Dec. dahlia c IMG_5199aw

echinacea 1 IMG_5210aw

popping out IMG_5227aw

new and old together IMG_5257aw

echinacea 2 IMG_5215aw

echinacea 3 IMG_5221aw

ready to fly IMG_5247aw

hip IMG_5265aw

ironweed IMG_5275aw

ironweed 2IMG_5280aw

sycamore leaf IMG_5296aw

sourwood petals 1 IMG_5333aw

before the wedding IMG_5564aw

the bride IMG_5629abw

I thee wed IMG_5720abw

the wedding IMG_5711aw

sourwood petals 2 IMG_5341aw

sourwood bloom 3 IMG_5349aw

sycamore seed pod IMG_5310abw

sycamore seed pod IMG_5310aw

poplar bud- too early IMG_5314aw

hazelnut IMG_5369aw

consoling the mother of the groom IMG_5788abw

got 'em IMG_5752aw

sycamore leaf back lit IMG_5291aw

binding families-mother and father of bride and mother of groomIMG_5764aw

wanna dance? IMG_5979abw

new pop-in-law IMG_5995aw

flower girls IMG_6009abw

cake kiss IMG_6057_1abc

Spanish dance IMG_6085aw

the kiss IMG_6089aw

father daughter dance IMG_6101w

dance with me? IMG_6126aw

the garter - it's there somewhere ! IMG_6213w

lespedezza seeds


hazelnut 2

hazelnut 3 IMG_0051aw

ice patterns 3 IMG_0478abcw

ice patterns 2 IMG_0478abw

ice patterns 1 IMG_0478aw

dance with me! IMG_6128aw

sycamore leaf b close veiny IMG_5297abw

sycamore leaf b IMG_5297aw

flower girls 2 IMG_6009abcdw

old crocus IMG_1304aw

yellow crocus old IMG_1386aw

snow drop IMG_1334aw

snow drop 3 IMG_1341aw

yellow crocus 2 IMG_1384aw

ice formation 2 IMG_6722_1aw

ice formation 1 IMG_6719_1aw

ice textures IMG_6727_1abw

amaryllis 3 IMG_1405aw

amaryllis 2 IMG_1408aw

amaryllis 1 IMG_1419aw

amaryllis 4 IMG_1431aw

outside crocus IMG_1581aw

first crocus 2013b IMG_6873_1aw

first crocus 2013a IMG_6873aw

ice ripples IMG_6730aw

3 in a row IMG_6880aw

crocus 2013 A IMG_6885aw

crocus 2013 B IMG_6884aw

first crocus 2013 c IMG_6902aw

Youth Ballet on a cold day IMG_4195aw

ballet prep on a cold day IMG_3521aw

ballet on a cold day IMG_3537aw

youth ballet at farmer's mkt on a cold day IMG_3597aw

ballet at farmer's market IMG_3600aw

first yellow crocus 2013 IMG_0006aw

first yellow crocus 2013 IMG_0012aw

first yellow crocus 2013 b IMG_0015aw

first yellow crocus 2013 a IMG_0026aw

youth ballet lift IMG_3566abw

outdoor ballet IMG_3566aw

golden glow IMG_0033aw

yellow crocus 4 IMG_0037aw

yellow crocus 5 img_0038aw

yellow crocus 6 IMG_0044aw

yellow crocus 7 IMG_0049aw

yellow crocus 8 IMG_0058aw

cat on a cold tin roof IMG_7606aw

amaryllis buds 2013 IMG_7733aw

amaryllis 2013 b IMG_7744aw

amaryllis 2013 a IMG_7748aw

amaryllis 2013 c IMG_7750aw

amaryllis 2013 d IMG_7752aw

amaryllis 2013 e IMG_7757aw

ta da!!IMG_3643aw

the look and the watcher IMG_3721Aw

grace IMG_3744aw

at the market B IMG_3885abcw

at the market a IMG_3885abw

amaryllis 2013 open a IMG_7822aw

amaryllis 2013 f IMG_7760aw

50 shades of green and a peek of pink IMG_7768aw

amaryllis - folds, curves, lines IMG_7780aw

amaryllis- radioactive-IMG_7850aw

amaryllis 2013 -flanked IMG_7853aw

amaryllis- squeezed _7862aw

amaryllis 2013- other side IMG_7793aw

amaryllis 2013 face

shell plant IMG_7941aw

amarylis 2013 G IMG_7869aw

Ms. Red IMG_8087aw

Mr. Red IMG_8107aw

amaryllis out of the shadows IMG_7871.JPG

amaryllis inner glow IMG_7881aw

amaryllis exposed IMG_7884aw

shell flower IMG_7977aw

Mr Red 2 IMG_8077aw

neighbors IMG_8088aw

Mr Red 3 IMG_8106aw

shy red belliedIMG_8112aw

too early? IMG_8124aw

crocus 2 IMG_8140abcw

crocus a IMG_8140aw

shell flower b IMG_7986aw

purple crocus b IMG_8148aw

purple crocus a IMG_8149aw

striped crocus b IMG_8156aw

striped crocus c IMG_8157aw

striped crocus a IMG_8160aw

purple striped crocus last IMG_8168aw

little tulip a IMG_8177aw

little tulip b IMG_8186aw

little tulip c IMG_8190aw

little tulip d IMG_8200aw

the actor's final bow IMG_8205aw

rainy day trumpet a IMG_8980aw

daffodil b IMG_8988aw

daff 1 IMG_8990aw

turkeys IMG_8967aw

yellow/white daff IMG_9000aw

turkey 2 IMG_8969aw

yellow/white daff 2 IMG_9018aw

daff bud IMG_9023aw

daff bud 2 IMG_9026aw

daff bud 3 IMG_9034aw

rainy day daff a IMG_9039aw

frilly yellow/white daff IMG_9169aw

exotic daff IMG_9045aw

cast party IMG_9056aw

frily daff closer IMG_9172aw

frilly daff- natural light IMG_9167aw

frilly daff side IMG_9186aw

show offs 1 IMG_8329aw

show offs 2 IMG_8402abw

bluebell and kid IMG_8429a

daff var 2 IMG_9189aw

daff var. 1 IMG_9193aw

backlit natural light daff IMG_9199aw

yellow/white daff b IMG_9201aw

yellow/green daff 2 IMG_9206aw

yellow/green daff IMG_9214aw

red/yellow daff backlit IMG_9218aw

red/yellow daff 1 IMG_9219aw

red/yellow daff 2 IMG_9221aw

red/yellow daff 3 IMG_9228aw

white/orange daff 2 IMG_9232aw

white/orange daff IMG_9234aw

yellow/red daff 6 IMG_9247aw

yellow/red daff 5 IMG_9242aw

yellow/orange daff IMG_9253aw

replete daff IMG_9259aw

back and fore light IMG_9269aw

narcissus IMG_9278aw

the cast and crew IMG_9283aw

lil tulip IMG_9295aw

lil tulip 2 IMG_9300aw

lil tulip 3 IMG_9305aw

lil tulip 4 IMG_9310aw

lil tulip side IMG_9316aw

lil tulip last IMG_9320aw

little-er tulip IMG_9327aw

littler tulip2IMG_9329aw

littler tulip 3 IMG_9367aw

littler tulip 4 IMG_9421aw

littler tulip 5 IMG_9422aw

littler tulip last IMG_9423aw

tulip innards 2 IMG_9432abw

tulip innards 1 IMG_9432aw

lil tulip last IMG_9446aw

cosmic seed IMG_1969aw

the core IMG_1970aw

poppy IMG_9973aww

galaxies in a seed IMG_1977aw

wild poppy IMG_1982aw

wild poppy 2 IMG_1988aw

last wild poppy IMG_1995aw

wild geranium 1 IMG_1998aw

wild geranium 4 IMG_2002aw

wild geranium 3 IMG_2006aw

wild geranium 2 IMG_2010aw

rosa rugosa IMG_2015aw

rosa rugosa 2 IMG_2027aw

clematis 1 IMG_2030aw

clematis 2 IMG_2034aw

clematis 3 IMG_2035aw

clematis 4 IMG_2038aw

clematis 6 IMG_2043abw_1

clematis 5 IMG_2043aw

clematis 7 IMG_2047aw

clematis side 2 IMG_2049aw

iris 1 IMG_2057aw

iris 2 IMG_2063aw

iris 3 IMG_2065aw

iris 5 IMG_2067aw

iris 6 IMG_2072aw

iris in toto IMG_2077aw

little bloom IMG_2082aw

cactus 1 IMG_2086aw

cactus 2 IMG_2097aw

hummer 1 IMG_9612aw

hummer 2 IMG_9636aw

wild azalea 2 IMG_9695aw

wild azalea 1 IMG_9696aw

wild azalea 3 IMG_9701aw

wild azalea 5 IMG_9705aw

wild azalea 5 IMG_9708aw

wild azalea7 IMG_9716aw

wild azalea 8 IMG_9720aw

wild azalea last IMG_9731aw

peony 1 IMG_9875aw

peony 2 IMG_9884aw

peony 3 IMG_9886aw

bama lily 1 IMG_7188aw

peony 4 IMG_9888aw

peony 5 IMG_9895aw

other peony IMG_9899aw

other peony 2 IMG_9905aw

other peony 3 IMG_9908aw

other peony last IMG_9914aw

knock out rose IMG_9919aw

knockout rose 2 IMG_9938aw

knockout 3 IMG_9940aw

knockout final IMG_9954aw

poppy 1 IMG_9957aw

poppy 2 IMG_9962aw

poppy 4 IMG_9975aw

poppy 3 IMG_9979aw

poppy 5 IMG_9980aw

poppy final IMG_9999aw

small blue iris IMG_0023aw

fireworks 1 IMG_7539aaw

little blue iris 2 IMG_0028aw

little blue iris 3 IMG_0030aw

fireworks 1 IMG_7541aw

fireworks 2 IMG_7549aw

fireworks 3 IMG_7554aw

fireworks 3 IMG_7540w

fireworks 4 IMG_7546w

fireworks 5 IMG_7551w

little blue iris 4 IMG_0033aw

little blue iris 5 IMG_0036aw

little blue iris 5 IMG_0041abw

little blue iris 6 IMG_0041aw

sunflowers galore IMG_1129aw

golden lily IMG_6687aw

golden lily 2 IMG_6692aw

golden lily last IMG_6703aw

delphinium IMG_6714aw

dahlia IMG_6720aw

dahliam3 IMG_6726abw

dahlia 2 IMG_6726aw

dahlia final IMG_6735aw

common day lily IMG_6740aw

common day lily 2 IMG_6746aw

common day lily 4 IMG_6751aw

common day lily 3 IMG_6752aw

sun button IMG_1469aw

sun button 2 IMG_1468aw

shy sun IMG_1470ww

common day lily final IMG_6759aw

uncommon day lily 1 IMG_6766aw

uncommon day lily 2 IMG_6773aw

uncommon day lily 3 IMG_6778aw

uncommon day lily- fire lily 3 IMG_6780aw

uncommon day lily- fire lily 4 IMG_6786aw

bama in natural habitat IMG_6819aw

bama lily IMG_7192aw

tiger lily 2 IMG_7196aw

tiger lily 3 IMG_7202abw

tiger lily 1 IMG_7202aw

echinacea IMG_7207aw

suck it up! IMG_1717w

echinacea 2 IMG_7214aw

sourwood bloom IMG_7231aw

sourwood blossoms 2 IMG_7247aw

white lily 1 IMG_7269aw

white lily 2 IMG_7276aw

lily 3 IMG_7280aw

lily 4 IMG_7286aw

lily 5 IMG_7291aw

lily 6 IMG_7293aw

lily 7 IMG_7296aw

lily 8 IMG_7298aw

lily 9 IMG_7302aw

bumbling 1 IMG_7374aW

bumbling 2 IMG_7375aw

bumbling 3 IMG_7393aw

rare and dreaded double headed fawn IMG_0824aw

bumbling 4 IMG_7408aw

sunny- all wrapped up in itself IMG_7415abw

sunny 1 IMG_7415aw

sunny sleeping IMG_7426aw

sun face IMG_7446aw

sunface 2 IMG_7449aw

sunny eye IMG_7457aw

dahlia 1 IMG_7483_editedw

dahlia 2 IMG_7483aw

dahlia 3 IMG_7484aw

dahlia 4 IMG_7489aw

dahlia last IMG_7493aw

glad 1 IMG_7496aw

glad close 1 IMG_7499aw

glad close 2 IMG_7499aww

glad spike IMG_7515abw

yellow cosmos with friends IMG_0953aw

yellow swallowtail - butterfly bush IMG_7588aw

black swallowtail- butterfly bush IMG_7605aw

yellow swallowtail on Joe Pye IMG_7636aw

white cosmos IMG_7639aw

worse for wear IMG_7597aw

white cosmos 2 IMG_7643aw

white cosmos 3 IMG_7647aw

white cosmos 4 IMG_7650aw

white cosmos 5 IMG_7653aw

white cosmos 6 IMG_7659aw

nature's clean up crew MFDC0085aw

nature's clean up crew 2 MFDC0128aw

lavender cosmos IMG_7663aw

lavender cosmos 3 IMG_7664aw

lavender cosmos 2 IMG_7665aw

lavander cosmos back IMG_7671aw

lavender cosmos back 3 IMG_7673aw

lavender cosmos back 4 IMG_7678aw

multi-orange dahlia IMG_7680aw

multi-orange dahlia 2 IMG_7682aw

multi-colored dahlia 2 IMG_7688aw

Cass Scenic RR IMG_9361aw

multi-colored dahlia 3 IMG_7694aw

firey cosmos 1 IMG_7704aw

firey cosmos 2 IMG_7717aw

reddish cosmos IMG_7722aw

yellow cosmos side IMG_7726aw

double yellow cosmos IMG_7729aw

yellow cosmos close IMG_7737aw

yellow cosmos back IMG_7742aw

zinnia IMG_7748aw

fall festivall princess IMG_0225aw

former RR structure IMG_9388aw

black and white smoke IMG_9447aw

coal clouds IMG_9561aw

blowing off steam IMG_9653aw

steam to high heavenIMG_9938aw

zombie pose IMG_0540aw

zombie text IMG_0617aw

zombie bride IMG_0661aw

zombie kid IMG_0678aw

zinnia crown of gold IMG_7762abw

zombie selfie IMG_0488aw

zombie teen IMG_0551aw

greasing the engine IMG_9633aw

greasing the engine 2 IMG_9633aww

log crane IMG_9638aw

screech owl rehab IMG_1311abw

screech owl IMG_1311aw

rehab raptor 1 IMG_1353abw

zinnia whole IMG_7767aw

skidder boiler IMG_9639aw

Appalacian divide 3 IMG_9643aw

skidder innards IMG_9648aw

skidder IMG_9656aw

crane business end IMG_9659aw

Appalacian divide 2 IMG_9703aw

appalacian divide with smoke IMG_9752aw

aqppalacian divide IMG_9883aw

greasing the wheels IMG_9942aw

oil gauge IMG_9945aw

coming home IMG_9980aw

barred owl IMG_1302aw

kestrel IMG_1317aw

kestrel 2IMG_1321aw


vulture 3 IMG_1342abw

vulture 2 IMG_1342aw

wide tailed hawk 4 IMG_1346abw

wide tailed hawk 3 IMG_1346aw

vulture IMG_1367abw

bald eagle IMG_1373aw

barred owl IMG_1411aw

wide tailed hawk IMG_1432aw

wide tailed hawk blind eye IMG_1436aw

joe pye IMG_7772aw

joe pye 2 IMG_7775aw

box turtle IMG_1421aw

nigella IMG_7781aw

marigold IMG_1748aw

nigella 2 IMG_7786aw

nigella- hidden IMG_7790aw

nigella 4 IMG_7803aw

nigella 5 IMG_7816aw

nigella last IMG_7824aw

bodaciuous dahlia IMG_7832aw

bodacious 2 IMG_7836aw

bodacious 3 IMG_7840aw

bodacious 5 IMG_7842aw

bodacious 6 IMG_7845aw

bodacious 7 IMG_7853aw

flaming dahlia IMG_7871aw

flaming dahlia 3 IMG_7881aw

flaming dahlia 2 IMG_7889aw

double duty dahlia IMG_7897aw

double duty dahlia 2 IMG_7903aw

double duty dahlia 3 IMG_7908aw

frozen dahlia 1 IMG_0003aw

frozen dahlia 2 IMG_0006aw

our homestead fall IMG_0108aw

leaves, shadows, barn IMG_0056aw

morning glory in the evening IMG_8955aw

red dahlia 1 IMG_8488aw

red dahlia 2 IMG_8493aw

warts and all IMG_8590aw

toad skin IMG_8590abw

red dahlia 3 IMG_8499aw

red dahlia 4 IMG_8504aw

creamsicle dahlia IMG_8506aw

creamsicle dahlia 2 IMG_8510aw

creamsicle dahlia 3 IMG_8519aw

spikey purple dahlia IMG_8520aw

spikey purple dahlia 2 IMG_8545aw

spikey purple dahlia 2a IMG_8546aw

spikey purple dahlia 3 IMG_8550aw

Fall bodacious IMG_8555aw

fall bodacious 2 IMG_8560aw

spikey purple dahlia @ f32IMG_8520aw

starry skies 1 IMG_1855w

Fall bodacious dahlia 4 IMG_8565aw

Fall bodacious dahlia 5 IMG_8571aw

Fall bodacious dahlia 6 IMG_8580aw

ice abstract window art 3 IMG_2011abcw

ice abstract window art 2 IMG_2011abw

ice abstract window art 1 IMG_2011aw

frost flower IMG_1987a

fall fuzzballs 1 IMG_1182aw

fall fuzzballs 2 IMG_1183aw

fall fuzzballs 3 IMG_1189aw

frost flowers 4 IMG_2005aw

hangin' out IMG_1202aw

suspension IMG_1209aw

fuzzballs last-ironweed

dahlia-almost gone

dried dahlia

dahlia dying colors

mole plant- 1350

mole plant 1500

castor bean pod

castor bean pod close

castor bean mole plant

castor bean leaf


castor leaf 2 IMG_1269awpew

can't remember IMG_1273abw

dahlia skeleton IMG_1281abw

blue eyed dahlia IMG_1284abpew

golden rod 1 IMG_1291abw

golden rod 2 IMG_1295aw

milkweed 1 IMG_1559aw

milkweed 2 IMG_1565apew

milkweed 3 IMG_1581apew

milkweed 5 IMG_1590abpew

milkweed 4 IMG_1590apew

milkweed 6 IMG_1594apew

milkweed pod b IMG_1604abpew

milkweed pod a IMG_1604apew

actual snowflake IMG_2617abpe1w

blue snowflake IMG_2617abpe1wbl

rainbow snowflake IMG_2617abpe1wblb

purple snowflake IMG_2617abpe1wblbc

snowflake2-magenta IMG_2621abcpew

snowflake 2- purple IMG_2621abpew

snowflake 2 IMG_2621apew

snowflake 3 a IMG_2633abcpew

snowflake 3 IMG_2633abpew

milkweed 8 IMG_1614apew

milkweed 7 IMG_1616apew

milkweed 9 IMG_1620apew

who's on top? snowflakes IMG_2728abcpew

frozen creek 2 IMG_2191aw

frozen creek IMG_2200aw

chickadee IMG_2259apew

American goldfinch 1 IMG_2325apew

American goldfinch 2 - Leave me alone IMG_2449apeww

fade to purple snowflakes IMG_2789aw_edited

milkweed 9 IMG_1631apew

milkweed pod 4 IMG_1633apew

milkweed pod last IMG_1635aw

mouthfull-chickadee IMG_2338aw

red bellied IMG_2419aw

nuthatch IMG_2434aw

snowflake 4 IMG_2771abw

first one- crocus IMG_2892aw

unknown berry 1 IMG_1643aw

unknown berry 2 IMG_1659aw

frozen creek 2 IMG_2188aw

more snowflake IMG_3137_1abw

golden snowflake IMG_3023_1aw

neon snowflake IMG_3049_1aw

ice princess flake IMG_3082_1aw

crocus gang IMG_2911aw

crocus gang 2 IMG_2939aw

wren IMG_2284aw_1

chickadee 2 IMG_2335acw

junco IMG_2383a_1w

nuthatch 2 IMG_2387a_1w

American goldfinch 3 IMG_2457a_1w

snowflake of a different color IMG_3138_1aw

amaryllis IMG_3290aw

yellow crocus in the field IMG_3373aw

cosmos in ice-frozen creek IMG_2216abw

amarylises IMG_3293aw

golden crocus IMG_3406aw

golden crocus in the grass 1IMG_3411aw

golden crocus in the grass 2

amaryllis closer IMG_3304aw

crocus glow IMG_2959aw

crocus inner glow IMG_2963aw

flaky connection IMG_2672aw

yellow croci- every which way IMG_3430_1aw

solo crocus IMG_2907aw

crocus group sing IMG_2921aw

shadowy crocus IMG_2950aw

lighter crocus IMG_2974aw

crocus dutch IMG_3456_1w

crocus-peeking out IMG_3459_1aw

Dutch crocus IMG_3468_1aw

Dutch blue crocus duo IMG_3470aw

Dutch Blue crocus IMG_3479_1aw

white Dutch threesome IMG_3490aw

white dutch trio IMG_3500aw

white dutch jewel IMG_3504_1aw

crocus diversity IMG_3515aw

throne of blue IMG_3547aw

First Daff IMG_3583a_1aw

yellow trumpet daff IMG_3588_1aw

March - going out IMG_1600_1aw

yellow trumpet close IMG_3596aw

yellow trumpet face IMG_3602aw

white crocus jewel box IMG_3608aw

wet and white IMG_3612aw

blue dutch crocus 2 IMG_3616aw

blue dutch crocus 1 IMG_3617aw

cactus IMG_2106aw

blue dutch crocus final IMG_3621aw

frilly daff center IMG_3624aw

frilly daff cupped IMG_3626aw

frilly daff full on IMG_3634aw

daff of a different color IMG_3639aw

orange centered daff IMG_3642aw

lil red tulip IMG_3651aw

lil white tulip IMG_3654aw

lil white and pink tulip IMG_3658aw

cacti out of the darkness IMG_2114aw

one cactus- 2 flowers IMG_2118aw

double cactus IMG_2129aw

bejeweled daff IMG_2133aw

bejeweled daff 2 IMG_2136aw

bejeweled daff stemless IMG_2139aw

bejeweled daff stemmed IMG_2140aw

orange/yellow daff IMG_2145aw

side daff IMG_2147aw

multi-layered daff IMG_3949aw

multi-layered daff close IMG_3955aw

different view of daff IMG_3964aw

multi-layered daff 2 IMG_3969aw

nestled IMG_3976aw

dogwood branch IMG_4138aw

dogwood IMG_4147aw

dogwood blossom 2 IMG_4150aw

dogwood blossom 3 IMG_4156aw

dogwood 3 IMG_4158aw

dogwood branch 2 IMG_4170aw

wild geranium IMG_4176aw

wild geranium 2 IMG_4179aw

orange japonica IMG_4188aw

orange japonica 2 IMG_4192aw

fire bush IMG_4194aw

pinkster IMG_4214aw

pinkster 2 IMG_4224aw

pinkster 3 IMG_4234aw

wild flame azalea IMG_4329aw

pinkster 6 IMG_4225aw

pinkster 8 IMG_4230aw

pinkster 10 IMG_4237aw

pinkster 11 IMG_4240aw

pinkster last IMG_4242aw

columbine 1 IMG_4247aw

columbine 3 IMG_4257aw

columbine 2 IMG_4260aw

columbine last IMG_4270aw

chive 1 IMG_4271aw

chive 2 IMG_4273aw

flame/pinkster natural hybrid 1 IMG_4281aw

flame/pinkster natural hybrid 2 IMG_4285aw

flame/pinkster natural hybrid 3 IMG_4289aw

lady slipper 1 IMG_4292aw

lady slipper 2 IMG_4297aw

lady slipper 3 IMG_4305aw

lady slipper last IMG_4321aw

flame azalea 1 IMG_4331aw

flame azalea 2 IMG_4337aw

flame azalea 3 IMG_4341aw

flame azalea 4 IMG_4345aw

wild yellow flame azalea 1 IMG_4349aw

wild yellow flame azalea 2 IMG_4358aw

yellow azalea buds IMG_4360aw

wild yellow azalea 3 IMG_4366aw

blue iris IMG_4483aw

blue iris 2 IMG_4490aw

blue iris 3 IMG_4498aw

blue iris 4 IMG_4505aw

blue iris last IMG_4510aw

alum lily IMG_4786aw

calla 2 IMG_4787aw

calla 3 deep shadow IMG_4792aw

calla alum 4 IMG_4793aw

calla 6 IMG_4800aw

calla 7 IMG_4805aw

calla 8 IMG_4811aw

calla 9 IMG_4821aw

calla last IMG_4827aw

double lily 1 IMG_3407aw

double lily 2 IMG_3409aw

double lily 3 IMG_3412aw

double lily 5 IMG_3416abw

double lily 4 IMG_3416aw

dark day lily IMG_3421aw

dark day lily 2 IMG_3428aw

dark day lily 3 IMG_3435aw

dark lily- Bama 5 IMG_3438aw

dark Bama Lily- Last IMG_3443aw

rhododendron IMG_3452aw

wild rhododendron 2 IMG_3457aw

red dahlia IMG_3462aw

red dahlia 2 IMG_3468aw

red dahlia 3 IMG_3472aw

peachy daylily IMG_3475aw

peachy lily 2 IMG_3480aw

peachy daylily 3 IMG_3485aw

It's complicated-lily IMG_3488aw

it's totally complicated IMG_3492aw

county fair fireworks 2 IMG_3807aw

county fair fireworks 3 IMG_3814aw

county fair fireworks IMG_3818aw

more closely complicated lily IMG_3497aw

very closely complicated lily IMG_3498aw

purple fringed lily IMG_3509aw

purple fringed lily 2 IMG_3520aw

purple frilled lily centered IMG_3516aw

purple frilled lily- last IMG_3527aw

peachy frilly lily IMG_3531aw

peachy frill lily 3 IMG_3535aw

peachy frill lily 4 IMG_3540aw

california poppy IMG_3903aw

california poppy 2 IMG_3919aw

california poppy 3 IMG_3920aw

california poppy 4 IMG_3924aw

sun rise IMG_3671aw

California poppy 4 IMG_3933aw

morning stretch IMG_3679aw

california poppy 7 IMG_3941aw

california poppy last IMG_3950aw

love in the mist IMG_3953aw

california poppy 6 IMG_3939aw

love in the mist 2 IMG_3956aw

blue fringed IMG_4415aw

yellow swallowtail IMG_4462aw

yellow swallowtail 2 IMG_4469aw

love in the mist - 4 IMG_3960aw

purple nigella 5 IMG_3964aw

purple nigella 6 IMG_3967aw

double white/purple cosmos IMG_3974aw

double white/purple cosmos 2 IMG_3978aw

double white/purple cosmos 3 IMG_3982aw

white/purple double cosmos-6 IMG_3987aw

white/purple double cosmos-7 IMG_3993aw

white/purple double cosmos-last IMG_3997aw

red globe zinnia IMG_3999aw

At the festivall-IMG_8939aw

at the festivall-bw IMG_8939awbw

feeling the beat IMG_9019aw

red globe zinnia 2 IMG_4018aw

magenta zinnia IMG_4024aw

magenta zinnia 2 IMG_4036aw

cast party IMG_4044aw

sunflower IMG_4066aw

fritillaria IMG_4093aw

multi-hued dahlia IMG_4196aw

multi-hued dahlia 2 IMG_4198aw

sunflowers galore! IMG_4164aw

drum lesson IMG_8975aw

concentration IMG_9033aw

love on stilts IMG_1344aw

multi-hued dahlia 3 IMG_4206aw

red/yellow dahlia IMG_4210aw

belly dancer IMG_0202aw

we can share IMG_4232aw

red/yellow dahlia side IMG_4213aw

red/yellow dahlia- center IMG_4223aw

pink, white, yellow dahlia IMG_4640aw

last rose of summer 2 IMG_4314aw

last rose of summer IMG_4318aw

last rose of summer-side view IMG_4323aw

last rose of summer - tilt IMG_4327aw

last rose of summer - inside IMG_4333aw

last rose of summer-final IMG_4338aw

last rose of summer- other sideIMG_4340aw

new dahlia (for us)IMG_4483aw

new dahlia (for us) 2 IMG_4504aw

new dahlia (to us) 3 IMG_4497aw

new dahlia (to us) 4 IMG_4510aw

new dahlia (to us) final IMG_4528aw

clematis IMG_4595aw

clematis 2 IMG_4597aw

clematis 3 IMG_4603aw

banana split dahlia IMG_4612aw

banana split dahlia 2 IMG_4615aw

banana split dahlia 3 IMG_4619aw

banana split dahlia- different pov IMG_4625aw

banana split dahlia- final IMG_4630aw

sunburst dahlia -first IMG_4639aw

sunburst dahlia 2 IMG_4645aw

sunburst dahlia 3 IMG_4648aw

creamsicle dahlia IMG_4654aw

creamisicle dahlia finalIMG_4656aw

creamsicle dahlia 2 IMG_4660aw

mexican sunflower IMG_4666aw

Mexican sunflower 2 IMG_4671aw

our place- Oct. '14IMG_3623aw

cosmos multi-layered IMG_4689aw

fancy cosmos 2 IMG_4694aw

fancy cosmos 3 IMG_4698aw

fancy cosmos side IMG_4704aw

fancy cosmos back IMG_4711aw

coming or going? IMG_4754aw

orange on orange IMG_4762aw

spilling out IMG_3505aw

thistle IMG_3512aw

monarch IMG_4853aw

the eater and the eaten IMG_3651aw

out of place IMG_3544aw

monarch and zinnia IMG_4862aw

monarch and dahlia IMG_4870aw

monarch and zinnia 2 IMG_4878aw

monarch and zinnia 3 IMG_4879aw

monarch and zinnia 4 IMG_4888aw

monarch and zinnia 5 IMG_4894aw

monarch 6 IMG_4897aw

monarch 7 IMG_4901aw

monarch 8 IMG_4913aw

monarch 9 IMG_4928aw

monarch 10 IMG_4935aw

monarch 11 IMG_4949aw

monarch and dahlia 13 IMG_4965aw

monarch and dahlia 12 IMG_4955aw

milkweed IMG_6503aw

monarch 13 IMG_4969aw

monarch 14 IMG_4982aw

monarch 15 IMG_4985aw

monarch 16 IMG_4999aw

monarch 16 IMG_5000aw

monarch 17 IMG_5006aw

monarch 18 IMG_5018aw

monarch final IMG_5022aw

last chance to stock up before the freeze IMG_6189aw

last bloom before the freeze IMG_6197aw

milkweed 2 IMG_6510aw

milkweed 3 IMG_6516aw

milkweed 4 IMG_6518aw

modern American family IMG_5822abw

milkweed 4 IMG_6524aw

milkweed 5 IMG_6525aw

milkweed 6 IMG_6530aw

milkweed 8 IMG_6532aw

milkweed 9 IMG_6535aw

milkweed 10 IMG_6541aw

milkweed 11 and final IMG_6544aw

silver dollar IMG_6552aw

silver dollar 2 IMG_6571aw

silver dollar 3- wrinkly IMG_6580aw

nuthatch IMG_6819aw

silver dollar- unwrinkled-back lit IMG_6586aw

silver dollar- hangin' on IMG_6592aw

silver dollar and visitors 2 IMG_6602aw

silver dollar and visitor IMG_6605aw

sharing IMG_6632aw

nuthatch with sunflower seed IMG_6850aw

golden dahlia IMG_7445aw

golden dahlia- bowed, but unbroken IMG_7446aw

purple house finch IMG_7579aw

downy wood pecker IMG_7670aw

wooley- eye to eye IMG_7670abw

frosted milkweed IMG_7904aw

chicadee IMG_7511aw

wooley chowing down IMG_7674w

glazed raspberry leaves IMG_7906aw

Blackberry leaves IMG_7908aw

iced milkweed pod IMG_7920aw

New Year's cactus IMG_7938aw

New Year's cactus 2 IMG_7941aw

New Year's cactus 2a IMG_7952aw

New Year's cactus 3 IMG_7971aw

dancing leaves IMG_7986aw

New Year's cactus 4 IMG_7979aw

dancing leaves 2 IMG_7987aw

dahlia remnants IMG_8003aw

dahlia redux 2 IMG_8006Aw

dahlia redux 3 IMG_8011aw

golden dahlia curls IMG_8016aw

golden dahlia curls 2 IMG_8021aw

dahlia gold cup IMG_8026aw

golden dahlia chalice IMG_8035aw

golden dahlia face IMG_8043aw

not sure what this was IMG_8048aw

winter leaves IMG_7995aw

curly dahlia back IMG_8052aw

iced milkweed IMG_8071a_1

iced milkweed 1 IMG_8071aw

iced milkweed 3 IMG_8075aw

window flowers 1 IMG_8089a

ice flowers IMG_8097aw

milkweed mess IMG_8076aw

nuthatch stare IMG_7484aw

purple finch IMG_7565aw

napping wooley IMG_7651aw

wooley on wood IMG_7608aw

chickadee contemplation IMG_7598aw

catching some shut eye IMG_7495aw

pileated IMG_0613abw

red bellied pecker IMG_2420aw

snow capped sage 2 IMG_8635aw

snow capped sage IMG_8640aw

snow capped dahlia IMG_8654aw

snow capped rose IMG_8712aw

snow capped yucca IMG_8669aw_1

snow capped rose IMG_8712aw

caution! Girl at work! IMG_9038aw

wild hydrangea IMG_8792aw

iron weed remnants IMG_8811aw

golden rod arch IMG_8852aw

ironweed bristles IMG_8887aw

golden rod winter IMG_8867aw

golden rod winter 2 IMG_8875aw

frost forest IMG_9080abcdw

frost forest 3 cr IMG_9085ab_1w

frost forest 2 IMG_9085abw

amaryllis IMG_9095aw

amarylis 2 IMG_9099aw

frost forest 4 IMG_9087aw

amarylis 3 IMG_9101aw

amarylis 5 IMG_9105aw

amarylis 6 IMG_9118aw

glaciar? Antarctica? IMG_9222aw

heavy traffic IMG_9226aw

amarylis 8 IMG_9128aw

amarylis 7IMG_9132aw

amarylis 11 IMG_9139aw

amarylis 10 IMG_9147aw

bi-directional ballet IMG_7591aw

first one- crocus IMG_9259aw

first ones- crocus IMG_9269aw

first crocus IMG_9279aw

amaryllis the unfolding IMG_9156aw

amaryllis buds IMG_9168aw

water in all its stages-b/w IMG_9396abw

water in all its stages IMG_9396aw

snarky truck IMG_9292_1aw

weighed down IMG_9343aw

practice IMG_0340aw

last knot IMG_0346aw

white crocus IMG_9512aw

bloom in a bloom IMG_9522aw

bejeweled crocus IMG_9535aw

a little bit closer 2 IMG_9544aw

golden pearls IMG_9564aw

take off! IMG_9567aw

purple striped crocus IMG_9580aw

crocus vortex IMG_9592aw

blue striped crocus a IMG_9572aw

diversity in the flower patchIMG_9600aw

waiting their turn to bloom IMG_9601aw

naturalized tulips IMG_9612aw

full of daffs IMG_9663aw

little tulip IMG_9628aw

strutting their stuff IMG_9734a_1w

giant blues IMG_9656aw

Gobbler on the lookout IMG_9875aww

gobbler portrait IMG_9953aw

frozen daffs IMG_9846aw

ain't over till it's over IMG_9839a_1w

wild turkey hen IMG_9961aw

mellow yellows IMG_9680ab

deep orange/yellow daff IMG_9970aw

yellow/white trumpet daff IMG_9998aw

white/yellow trumpet daff 2 IMG_0003aw

yellow/white daff 3 IMG_0008aw

replete 2 IMG_0010aw

daffodil replete IMG_0015aw

replete daff 3 IMG_0019aw

replete daff closer IMG_0022aw

replete daff closest IMG_0025aw

daff of a different sort IMG_0034aw

back of the weird one IMG_0040aw

convoluted daff IMG_0050aw

orange centered daff IMG_0059aw

convoluted daff 2 IMG_0051aw

orange centered daff 2 IMG_0062aw

convoluted daff 4 IMG_0054aw

orange centered daff 3 IMG_0065aw

little white tulip IMG_0076aw

deep orange centered daff IMG_0082aw

deep orange centered daff 2 IMG_0087aw

frilly daff IMG_0089aw

the whole cast IMG_0093aw

wild turkeys IMG_0123aw

frilly orange yellow daff 2 IMG_9975aw

frilly orange yellow daff 1 IMG_9985aw

gold star daff IMG_0143aw

yellow star/white daff IMG_0147aw

narcissus sorbet IMG_0149aw

pink trumpet daff IMG_0166aw

gold star daff centered IMG_0153aw

pink trumpet daff 2 IMG_0174aw

peaches and cream daff 2 IMG_0155aw

peaches and cream daff IMG_0157aw

red tulip IMG_0198aw

where some of those daffs come from IMG_4618aw

peaches and cream daff up close IMG_0162aw

pink trumpet daff- final IMG_0177aw

narcissus IMG_0180aw

red velvet tulip IMG_0205aw

narcissus 2 IMG_0184aw

red tulip- side IMG_0208aw

red tulip closer IMG_0212aw

poetica narcissus- last IMG_0191aw

red tulip other side IMG_0221aw

dandelion bunch IMG_0243aw

hitch hiking tulip IMG_0225aw

dogwood IMG_0278aw

lavender bloom IMG_0311aw

garden iris IMG_0945aw

garden peony IMG_0971aw

red tulip vortex IMG_0229aw

clematis IMG_0671abw

right turn signal IMG_0425aw

back from shopping IMG_0464aw

dogwood branch IMG_0287aw

delivering the groceries IMG_0477aw

cleaning up after the kids IMG_0492aw

dogwood special IMG_0294aw

lilac stages of life IMG_0316aw

wild geraniums in the wild IMG_0522aw

lady slipper IMG_0529aw

wild azalea or honeysuckle IMG_0572aw

last red tulip IMG_0237aw

flame azalea 2 IMG_0579aw

flame azalea in the spotlight IMG_0582aw

wild strawberry IMG_0601aw

flame azalea full frontal IMG_0584aw

flame azalea side IMG_0588aw

flame azalea top IMG_0592aw

flame azalea bottom IMG_0598aw

wild strawberries 2 IMG_0611aw

magnoila IMG_0615aw

magnolia 2 IMG_0644aw

magnolia 3 IMG_0648aw

magnolia 5 IMG_0663aw

magnolia 4 IMG_0653aw

Appalachian church IMG_0795aw

clematis floating IMG_0673aw

natural hybrid azalea IMG_0686aw

natural hybrid azalea 2 IMG_0691aw

clematis up close IMG_0678aw

clematis- other side of the story IMG_0681aw

hybrid azalea 6 IMG_0694aw

hybrid azalea IMG_0696aw

poppy 1 IMG_0865aw

poppy 2 IMG_0870aw

iris IMG_0876aw

rainy day iris IMG_0882aw

poppy leaving the room IMG_0872aw

blue iris side IMG_0888aw

purple iris IMG_0893aw

garden rose 1 IMG_1085aw

garden rose 2 IMG_1089aw

Appalacian super store IMG_0778aw

purplr iris front IMG_0907aw

purple iris side IMG_0899aw

garden rose knock out IMG_1103aw

garden rose rugosa IMG_1113aw

garden rose-white rugosa IMG_1122aw

high tech center- Appalacia IMG_0769aw

seen better days IMG_0790aw

purple iris- from the top IMG_0910aw

blue iris- from the top IMG_0914aw

sweet williams IMG_1052aw

sweet william butterfly IMG_1081aw

garden rugosa IMG_1133aw

garden love in the mist IMG_1136aw

swallowtail and tiger lily IMG_9615aw

common daylily IMG_1164aw

blue nigella IMG_1140aw

white nigella IMG_1141aw

bunch of common day lilies IMG_1186aw

double rugosas in a green sea IMG_1190abw

orange lilies and friends IMG_1193aw

purple lily IMG_9340aw

bama lily IMG_9355aw

yellow swallowtail and joe pye IMG_0006aw

black swallowtail and zinnia IMG_9944aw

purple lily 2 IMG_9343aw

bama lily 2 IMG_9356aw

golden lily IMG_9369aw

purple lily up close IMG_9349aw

bama lily back IMG_9360aw

golden lily close up IMG_9370aw

golden lily side IMG_9376aw

new dahlia IMG_9499aw

cosmos IMG_9526aw

evening garden light IMG_9566aw

swallowtail- backlit IMG_0011aw

inner glow dahlia IMG_9507aw

good to the last drop IMG_9463aw

we can share IMG_9467aw

must still be something in there IMG_9484aw

dahlia side IMG_9510aw

cosmos slant IMG_9531aw

spikey dahlia IMG_0099aw

black swallowtail- tiger lily IMG_9628aw

don't bug me! IMG_9658aw

dive in! IMG_9682aw

on top of the world IMG_9706aw

tiger lily IMG_9820aw

multi- flavored dahlia IMG_9851aw

glad IMG_9857aw

reaching for the sky IMG_5387aw

spikey red dahlia DSC00043aw

tiger lily 2 IMG_9823aw

gladly IMG_9864aw

sunnies galore DSC00164aw

dahlia glow IMG_9505aw

cosmos side 2 IMG_9544aw

cosmos pollen IMG_9559aw

Mexican sunflower DSC00062aw

bubble fairy IMG_2670aw

New Dahlia DSC00196aw

Mexican sunflower and Mexican beetle DSC00173aw

Another new dahlia DSC00221aw

No Parking? IMG_9242aw

Bahama Mama New dahlia DSC00215aw

tiger lily upright IMG_9826aw

tiger lily lip IMG_9834aw

swallowtail- half back-lit IMG_0023aw

sent by mistake IMG_9905aw

4 modes of transportaion IMG_9116aw

ballet lesson concentration DSC00399aw

young wild turkey DSC00933abw

Young wild turkey DSC00950abw

intruder DSC00871aw

high jumper DSC00897aw

tiger lily duo

Swallow tail blues DSC00852aw

tough guy-rough bike IMG_9306aw

mellow yellows IMG_5182aw

bee heaven IMG_9940aw

waste not want not IMG_9955aw

still blooming dahlia DSC00042aw

monarch rest stop DSC01187aw

zinnia delight IMG_9951aw

beeing in the center of the cosmosIMG_9968aw

fritillaria IMG_9994aw

double cosmos DSC00059aw

spikey dahlia IMG_0104aw

sunny IMG_0271aw

that itch DSC00888aw

monarch side DSC01198aw

monarch part open DSC01200aw

monarch top DSC01205aw

100% crop of 1263aw DSC01263abw

fall in our woods 2 DSC01263aw

100% crop of 1264aw DSC01264abw

fall in our woods DSC01264aw

bahama mama IMG_0140aw

Swan sunset dahlia IMG_0110aw

enchantress 2 IMG_0281aw

enchantress 3 IMG_0284aw

enchantress IMG_0288aw

fall leaf 1 DSC01523a

green revealing red DSC01588aw

into the woods DSC02687aw

fall pallet DSC01271aw

showing off DSC01407aw

a little privacy here? DSC01426aw

clematis- last effort DSC01455aw

rainbow leaves DSC01457aw

gold and blue DSC01460aw

trapped DSC01676aw

gold leaf DSC01685aw

tree on fire DSC01521aw

blueberry leaves DSC01550abw

yellow to gold DSC01581aw

bejeweled DSC01582aw

old maple DSC01658aw

woods above our house DSC01665aw

forest glow DSC01674aw

fall flame DSC01667aw

showing its true colors DSC01686aw

fallen glory DSC01688aw

light play DSC02686aw

spot lit DSC02687aw

dahlia- long gone IMG_0297aw

yellow and purple memories IMG_0299aw

light and shadows DSC02691aw

seeing red DSC02693aw

full of it DSC03166abw

into the woods 2 DSC01470aw

thistle making more DSC02741aw

both sides now DSC02720aw

spilled gold DSC02752abw

reaching out to red DSC01670aw

rainbow woods DSC01682aw

dahlia side IMG_0307aw

settled in for the winter DSC02756aw

bow DSC02702aw

woods aglow DSC02706aw

fall DSC02708aw

over acheiver DSC02709aw

nosy bystander DSC02743aw

oh so red DSC02711aw

light show DSC02716aw

yellow spectrum DSC02712aw

pink remembrances of summer IMG_0311aw

dahlia relaxing IMG_0320aw

flash of summer IMG_0325aw

cradeled colors DSC02699aw

mellow yellows DSC02700aw

bi-color DSC02714aw

crimson tide DSC02717aw

like fine leather DSC02721aw

holy maple DSC02722aw

At least, Christmas colors IMG_0332aw

wild quince in Dec.DSC03669aw

our scraggly tree DSC03645aw

boughed but not broken

things are looking up! DSC02762aw

maple majesty DSC02765aw

magical maple DSC02769aw

PO'd cardinal DSC03811aw

cardinal on the line 2 DSC03812aw

cardinal on the line DSC03823aw

thinkin' about it DSC03547aw

checking it out DSC03556aw

making the cut DSC03567aw

stand out DSC02732aw

forming the hat DSC03574aw

what it's all about DSC03575aw

don't talk with your mouth full! DSC03923aw

chickadee DSC03942aw

fluffy DSC04008aw

Downey on the lookout DSC03925aw

proud downeyDSC03979abw

the long and narrow of it DSC02758abw

the long of it DSC02758aw

sloppy eater DSC04069aw

titmouse -contemplating the leap DSC04001aw

red dahlia flashback IMG_0340aw

backdoor approach DSC00223aw

New Year's cactus DSC04095aw

Christmas cactus DSC04078aw

leave me in peace DSC03919aw

storm- what storm DSC04031aw

love in the mist visitorDSC01155aw

monarch memories DSC01195aw

tasty DSC01163aw

wild quince Dec 2 DSC03673aw

Wild quince in Dec. DSC03683aw

tracks in the snow DSC04124w

Sandor in front of wood shed DSC04130w

What's under there?? DSC04133w

There's a car there somewhere DSC04142w

Sandor in snow path DSC04143w

American goldfinch -fluffed DSC04206aw

hiding DSC04250aw

house wren DSC04268aw

Wow! This stuff is good!DSC04188aw

Amaryllis- unfolding DSC04292aw

the awakening -amaryllis DSC04309abw

emergence- Amarylis DSC04313aw

opening amarylis DSC04305aw

snow drop -looking for snow DSC04317abw

snow drop 1 DSC04317aw

One of the first DSC04568aw

Hey! This thing's almost empty!DSC04613aw

full bloom! DSC04324aw

almost there DSC04325aw

partial, but multiple- bloomDSC04339aw

top o' the rock DSC04548aw

fly bye DSC04487aw

One angry bird! DSC04518aw

Amarylis side DSC04345aw

lines in the snow DSC04629aw

lines in the snow, BW DSC04629awbw

where's the beef? DSC04632aw

pristine DSC04633aw

perspective DSC04636aw

cotton bush DSC04637aw

span DSC04727aw

downey guy DSC04596aw

still there DSC04760aw

emergence DSC04765aw

the pointe of it IMG_4375aww

over there! IMG_7766aw

I can fly! IMG_7515_1aw

Ist striped crocus DSC05834aw

1st striped crocus 2 DSC05839aw

1st striped crocus 3 DSC05851aw

Gold in thar! DSC04784aw

big blue crocus DSC04788aw

up tight DSC04816aw_1

shut tight DSC04822aw

threesome DSC04833aw

sweet crocus DSC04837aw

white beauties DSC04868aw

buddies DSC04878aw

crocus crowd DSC04925aw

open for business DSC04849aw

the meeting DSC05870aw

the conversation DSC05874aw

the kiss DSC05876aw

the embrace DSC05878aw

afterglow DSC05882aw

relaxed DSC05884aw

spooning DSC05885aw

replete daff DSC05667aw

kissproof DSC05672aw

first tulip DSC05861aw

tulip 2 DSC05865aw

tulip 3 DSC05869aw

fancy daff DSC05889aw

the parade goes on DSC05714aw

sun in my face DSC05691aw

into the vortex DSC05890aw

chaotic DSC05893aw

yellow mess DSC05894aw

yellow trumpet DSC05900aw

star tulip DSC05724aw

tulip twosome DSC05730aw

ultimate comfort IMG_5925w

nitty gritty daff DSC05898aw

yellow centered trumpet DSC05905aw

grape hyacinths DSC05745aw

g'morning sunshine! DSC05786aw

Tom struttin' his stuff! DSC05874aw

spring lamb DSC05958aw

wild quince - on time DSC05821aw

one of the last DSC05798aw

brrr DSC05842aw

food and energy DSC05950aw

scratch that itch! DSC05960aw

dogwood 1 DSC05964aw

dogwood 2 DSC05976aw

apple blosson pink DSC06008aw

we can't all be perfect DSC05994aw

garden bouquet DSC06000aw

apple delight DSC06010aw

peony pink DSC06074aw

dogwood pack DSC05992aw

dogwood stretch DSC05999aww

new life, dead wood DSC06006aw

pre-blueberries DSC06016aw

apple, pink and white DSC06019aw

dogwood galore DSC06023aw

American Redbud DSC06097aw

American Redbud 2 DSC06101aw

pinkster DSC06134aw

pinkster 3 DSC06137aw

pinkster family portrait DSC06139aw

it's a tough life! DSC06123aw

buttercup bonanza DSC06176aw

1st iris DSC06186aw

flame azalea DSC06189aw

flame azalea 2 dsc06191aw

peek inside- bluebird DSC06094aw

pinkster 4 DSC06142aw

before and after DSC06194aw

flame buds DSC06197aw

me, me!!DSC06205aw

nest full o' song sparrows DSC06215aw

rosa rugosa DSC06227aw

light in the dark woods DSC06272aw

swallowtail and azalea DSC06273aw

bonus growth ?? DSC06281aw

the cicadas are coming!! DSC06283aw

cicada- still captured DSC06285aw

cicada- almost there DSC06289aw

almost! DSC06295aw

free at last! DSC06301aw

cicada- bent wings DSC06309aw

cicada- still tiny wings DSC06314aw

cicadas helping each other DSC06324aw

cicada- almost there DSC06331aw

cicada- wings almost full DSC06333aw

cicada emerging DSC06334aw

before and after - all done! DSC06264aw

Cicada reunion DSC06356abw

old fashioned rose DSC06167aw

poppy curve DSC06176aw

sweet william swallowtail DSC06408abw

big ol' poppy DSC06428aw

love in the mist DSC06436aw

poppy and friends DSC06448aw

blue garden iris DSC06468aw

next gen DSC06527aw

egg injector DSC06529abw

purple iris DSC06464aw

garden iris blue DSC06471aw

bee inn DSC06482aw

curly rose DSC06186aw

lady slipper 2 DSC06386aw

lady slipper 1 DSC06391aw

photo bomber DSC06674aw

peach day lily DSC06691aw

common day lily 1 DSC06699aw

lily super abundance DSC06694aw

swallowtail and sweet william DSC06420aw

butterfly weed DSC06432aw

purple/yellow lily DSC06434aw

bama lily DSC06447aw

dahlia- one of the first DSC06505aw

face to the sun DSC06440aw

golden lily DSC06452aw

golden duo DSC06453aw

butterfly weed in situ DSC06471aw

bama lily intimate DSC06462aw

cosmos DSC06499aw

adolescent echinacea DSC06513aw

yucca DSC06504aw

double day lily DSC06521aw

purple lily DSC00004aw

not your usual lily DSC00019aw

bahama mama DSC00025aw

bee balm crown DSC00035aw

Heloise DSC06568aw

reaching out DSC00012aw

out of the drakness- lily DSC00015aw

Carla and Sandor- barn buddies IMG_6140aw

Carla and Sandor - guard buddies IMG_6143aw

Heloise display DSC06571aw

tiger lily 2 DSC06597abw

tiger lily DSC06597aw

complexity DSC00021aw

heart of bee balm DSC00040aw

white rose of Sharon DSC00057aw

Heloise portrait DSC00070aw

purple rose of sharon DSC00085aw

borage blue DSC00094aw

pink glad DSC00100aw

gold,red,yellow glad DSC00111aw

opening up DSC00120aw

butterfly plant DSC00122aw

left leaning dahlia DSC00028aw

emerging dahlia DSC06608aw

rose of sharon detail DSC00061aw

diva- dahlia DSC00135aw

Junkyard dog-dahlia DSC00139aw

purple rose of sharon 2 DSC00088aw

hairy borage DSC00098aw

Pink glad close up DSC00106aw

1st sunflower DSC06733aw

white rose of sharon face DSC00064aw

Heloise side DSC00071aw

Glad to see you DSC00115aw

butterfly bush -yum! DSC00129aw

black swallowtail on Joe Pye DSC06835aw

Zinnia DSC06859aw

g'morning sunshine! DSC06866aw

Miranda DSC06745aw

castor plant DSC06844aw

Diva side DSC00138aw

Junkyard dog dahlia 2 DSC00139aw

curly flames dahlia DSC00159abw

Many heads- better than one DSC07007aw

part of the garden DSC07004aw

swallowtail and zinnias DSC07027aw

swallowtail in a sea of green DSC07029aw

vera seyfang DSC00002aw

Kidd's climax dahlia DSC00011aw

Sunny's bad hair day DSC07019aw

furry fella and his zinnia DSC07086aw

direction challenged sunnies all in a row DSC07020aw

cheery sunny DSC07008aw

blue reflections DSC07124aw

unexceptional butterfly on zinnia DSC07140aw

morning glory DSC07189aw

way up there DSC07198aw

a different sort of sunflower DSC07208aw

starburst dahlia DSC07241aw

evening sun DSC07272aw

Myrtle's Folly DSC07161aw

10 footers DSC07196aw

mini sunflower DSC07202aw

everblooming flower DSC07209aw

red dahlia and butterfly bush DSC07233aw

Myrtle's folly 2 DSC07169aw

Rumpled sunny DSC07276aw

Vera Seyfang 2 DSC00007aw

Kidd's climax 2 DSC00019aw

Alvin Ailey 2 DSC01097aw

choosing? Alvin Ailey 2 DSC01120aw

nutrition for body and soul DSC07203aw

food and flowers DSC07204aw

Swan's sunset DSC07232aw

Alvin Ailey 2 neither DSC01134aw

Alvin Ailey 2 competition DSC01138aw

Zorro DSC07172aw

Swans Sunset 2 DSC07185aw

Swan's Desert DSC07190aw

Nijunsky DSC07205aw

On toe DSC01327aw

marigold DSC06962aw

fall zinnia DSC08489aw

Willie Willie au naturel DSC08522aw

Willie willie face on DSC08405aw

Citron de cap dahlia DSC08414aw

Fancy Junkyard dog DSC08431aw

fall rose DSC08475aw

Zorro close DSC07176aw

Green backed sun DSC07279aw

Sky backed sun DSC07281aw

Mercury DSC08436aw

Mercury in the dark DSC08442a - Copy

Mercury- hot DSC08448a - Copy

dual dahlia DSC08456a - Copy

Magic Moment DSC00006a - Copy

Citron de cap heart DSC08423a - Copy

Junkyard dog wave DSC08426a - Copy

Monarch and throne DSC08653a - Copy

Magic moment closer DSC00011a - Copy

dual dahlia closer DSC08458a - Copy

Swans sunset center DSC07187a - Copy

Swans desert closer DSC07194a - Copy

Zorro unmasked DSC07210a - Copy

Monarch and court DSC08673a - Copy

maple display DSC00211a - Copy

Tis the season DSC00215a - Copy

One of the flocks -fence? what fence?DSC00245a - Copy - Copy

Magic moment eye DSC00021a - Copy

Magic Moment side DSC00028a - Copy

primary colors DSC00235aw

crooked little tree DSC00212aw

enlightened DSC00213aw

Junkyard dog bye bye DSC08434a - Copy

Last sip DSC08688aw

Looking up DSC00273aw

Tom 2 DSC00405aw

Tom bluehead DSC00440aw

moonshot 3 DSC00490aw

moonshot 1DSC00500abw

trial moon 1 DSC00525aw

more fall reds DSC00292aw

Red left DSC00398aw

Leaping Tom DSC00453aw

moonshot 5 DSC00597ab

Moonshot 6 DSC00629aa

moonshot 6a DSC00629aaa

edge of the woods DSC00331aw

gold leaf DSC00333aw

red gold fill in DSC00343aw

last of the red and golds DSC00475aw

diminishing cover DSC00479aw

rainbow woods DSC00340aw

we're outta here!!DSC00516aw

coming home...DSC00348aw

marigolds DSC00283abw

through the woods DSC00336aw

peeking through DSC00321aw

red bough DSC00263aw

feathers begin to get ruffled DSC00727aw

up against the wall DSC00736aw

sizing each other up DSC00749aw

neck to neck DSC00762aw

Not a friendly embrace DSC00781aw

the famous beak hold DSC00905aw

now what?? DSC00933aw

getting the upper beak DSC01013aw

concentration IMG_0606a_1w

friendly encounter DSC05900a_1aw

Aw, honey!DSC07799abw

trust IMG_0507aw

at peace IMG_0520aw

meow! DSC03098abcw

the mentor DSC06517aw

lily platter DSC00077aw

snuggled DSC00091aw

Dahlia eye DSC00171aw

summer memory DSC00173aw

summer dreams DSC00178aw

diversity DSC00183aw

snow bird DSC01106aw

mouthful- titmouse DSC01080aw

summer memoir - dahlia DSC06745aw

cascading sunshine - dahlia DSC06759aw

purple maze - Dahlia DSC06764aw

Merry Christmas! DSC04127w

eyes wide shut DSC01511aw

eyes wide open DSC01512aw

comforting DSC01522aw

house wren stare DSC01093aw

house wren DSC01095aw

glance - Juncoe DSC01098aw

talker- Juncoe DSC01100aw

First snow drops DSC01610aw

purple haze from summer DSC00024aw

which direction? DSC00161aw

concentration DSC03746aw

losing it DSC03785aw

paying attention DSC03850aw

Harp twins DSC09296abw

getting ready to play DSC08974aw

brighten the day DSC07197aw

glad to greet you IMG_0561aw

High Art DSC01726aw

future mechanics DSC01751aw

going for speed DSC01777aw

climbing on art DSC01798aw

Fairlane DSC01711aw

purple Plymouth DSC01715aw

red vette DSC01673aw

cobra DSC01684aw

vette DSC01695aw

new driver DSC01663aw

spot of color DSC01805aw

fingers of ice DSC01828aw

American Goldfinch - curioser -DSC02175aw

Todd Burge- folk singer DSC02340aw

echinacea frozen forest

snow cap

First crocus



all together now!

American Goldfinch back

Sandra Groce- classical/folk violist

Goldfinch Mouthful

lichen world

origami unfolded

Hello sunshine

Three point hitch


February daffiness

purple striped crocus

catching rays


pink hellebore

daff duo


Golden glow

stamen power



deep throat

discovered treasure

Out of the blue

More daffiness

purple striped chorus



fire bush and ice

so many possible titles, so little space...

so many possible titles, so little space 2.0...

sunny tulip




Checking for ID

snow capped


Tulip spread open

crocus mob


fancy daff

cold hardy-Hellebore

grape hyacinth

doubly daff

toot toot!

flexible daff

levitating daff

Robin orange breast

Queen of the Mountain

daff debut

orangey daff

narcissus-the pretty one

over the shoulder glance

peachy keen

pear pair

Goldfinch- summer-fashion

milk machine

crepe color

pretty in pink

more daff

got mine!-nuthatch

green on green

peach blush

close and personal

up, up and away


dogwood arch

Three dog light

Apple pink

Wild geranium

eye of the dog


Wild geranium and photo bomber

dogwood delight

wild geranium face

snake eyes

early arrival

Lilac 2

American redbud

Convoluted daff

Lone poppy


Rosa rugosa

Peony closed

Unusual azalea



Iris tongue

Recycled insulative material

Clematis wide open

Mature Peony

Interior decoration

Blue iris

sitting pretty

Peony 2

Swallowtail and chives

Old fashioned rose

Twin peonies

Azalea glory

purple delight

dogwood cloud

Sweet William

Nigella net

White rugosa

iris top

Rose is a rose

iris design

Hidden gold

Rose cup

rose petal delight

Red Hot

Pink layers

sweet william 2


Hosta bloom




Air Play

Air Play 2

day lily at attention

Hanging on to ephemera

reach out and touch

Mine-all mine!


Bama Lily

bee balm baby

bee balm mama

pink yarrow

wild hydrangea

opening act

pom pom

purple lily

frilly lily

pure gold

comin' at ya!

golden lily

purple lily




dahlia time!

deep red


dahlia upclose

pom pom

eye deep red


purple/yellow dahlia

mikweed station

tiger lily

purple/yellow dahlia upfront

pom pom detail

wild cats !

about to burst

petal mania

glad rag

glad curve

glad as pink

red, dark and wet

spikey red

Always one in a crowd

inner glow

into the depths

flame thrower


wet and yellow

Over acheiver

White wave in a sea of yellow

Junkyard dog bee-in

bumble rumble


California poppy

dahlia diner

Joe Pye connoiseur

Mercury-carrier of fire

dahlia of many colors

butterfly bush

Mercury core

eclipse-wood's view


forest eclipses

bright red, bright sun

atop a 12 footer

going for the gusto

marigold munchies

royal visitor

Dahlia fantasy


cosmos catching rays

blushing white cosmos

Spikey red dahlia

like cotton candy

Swan's Desert


Dahlia solar burst


marigolds galore

NOT a flower

Cleome 2

towards season end

Shy sunny

butterfly weed

Elaine dahlia

still bloomin'

our entrance road

fall rose

oh so red!

one of our favorites

Morning blues

local eatery


ruby red with golden center

color bonanza

gently lavender



Junkyard dog

mercury rising


honey pot

disheveled in pink


leaning left

California poppies


setting sun

wet marigold

after the rain- a survivor

merry marigolds

touch down

sharp turn- going down!

up is where?

little sunshine

stop over

wings wide open

Not only monarchs

royal throne

boys at play

Now what?

Is this how it's done?

oooh- scratch a little higher.

Is somebody looking at us?

Well, I'm going home.

I'll scratch your back, if you'll scratch mine.


one last sip

In the spotlight

painted lady

Vera seyfang

last survivor

Fall begins

maple red

Oak red

catching some rays

Shine on!

grand old oak


Rooted in rock


Our country road home


crimson coat

fall bouquet

driveway palette


show off!



with the greatest of ease

square dance



Form and grace and hands

in the spotlight

take off

tippy toe

Three in the air!

Reach out!

Catching air


feet on the ground

High kicker

Jump for joy

super cold moon

red on red

spin cycle

Look, Ma- I can fly!

with the greatest of ease

in bloom

a leg up

proud parents


3 in the air

grand opening

Just hangin' out

Reaching to the sky

leaving the nest

form and grace

high jump

milkweed burst

All hail!

dahlia after life

dahlia rocket dream

gilded dahlia

star dahlia

hip hairdo


beech scene

twin beeches

Christmas 2017 on the farm.

Beech wave

winter brush

wild hazel nuts

WIld hazelnuts 2

fancy wrapping

Hawthorn berry

well protected - Hawthorn

Frost needles

Vitamin C

caught in Jack's web

crinkled hip

dogwood asleep

dogwood-ready to pounce

lined out

soaking up some rays

downhill streaming

walk in cooler

stone cold

cold storage


blanket connection

dogwood bud

freeze dried fruit

the way it is



driveway out

you lookin' at me?

ridge lines

winter coat

so much fluff

and so it begins

not yet!

free lunch

full coverage


kitchen window view

nestled in white


worked on amaryllis

back light


here comes the sun

frosty top

lined out

Snow blossom

Look who showed up this morning!

touch of color


snowless drop


peeking through



yellow hellebores

striped croci

the more the merrier

treasure vault

l'il pot o' gold


seeking sun

daffs too

grand reveal

crocus chorus

amaryllis in detail

three's a crowd


started with a flower- ended with a saw

Old fashioned daff

tree and toes

the rest

frill to the max

let the light in

show off

daff wave


fighting against the cold

before the snow

Green hole

convoluted ice

icicle in the raw

Pink hellebore

golden trumpet

the thinker

first day of spring 2018

cold beef-unprocessed

icicle wall


frozen pear


crab apple-different sort of bloom

not golden arches

cherry on the slope

delicate two tone daff

daff in formal attire

crinkley to the max

two tone face

Yellow layered

floating daff


golden cup

frozen fruit


Horned daff

Peach ice


Newborn and happy

It's complicated


Ice blossom

replete-side shot

star burst

daff fruitbowl

sunny side up

daff detail

turkey date

peaking over

open for business

Replete with drops

Hopefully, the last snow

proud to be blue

ruffled feathers

wild phlox

Wild geranium

Hairy fiddlehead

May maple seeds dangling

puppy wood

Apple blossom white and pink

wild geranium quartet


maple cascade

next generation

newly minted dogwood

apple tear

wild geranium detail


creature from the dark side

on the way out



purple iris

rough rose

iris delight

single drop

wide open

Wild flame azalea

Delicate packaging

show off

sweet williams

alien invasion


Purple high rise

mountain laurel

Rainbow rose

Mountain Laurel architecture

into the vortex

blushing mountain laurel


pink mountain laurel

ordinary lily

bee balm

rose-white version

Sandor-summer hair cut

lily time

wet lily

just a rose

day lily - day-o

her lilyness


yucca's maw

spring visitor on favorite cafe

another day- another day lily

in the spotlight

complex lily

lily glow



Bee balm

Bama clan

tiger lily

looking for breakfast

shy zinnia

purple lily-early sun

swept back

bama portrait

zinnia pink

lily in a different light

echinacea and friend



rose of sharon

golden lily

rose of sharon 2




red dahlia

color burst

bee's delight


velvet pinwheel


monarch's delight



butterfly weed



sun rise

gift wrapped


casablanca opening

sun in shadow

deep purple cosmos

love in the mist

shades of orange


yellow swallowtail and its bush

Dahlia with younger sibling

bedraggled sun

golden cosmos

morning sunshine

trumpet flower

into the vortex

black swallowtail and zinnia lunch

fading sun, a quick night cap

firey glow


Monarch throne

sunflower jungle

Katahdin sheep!

sun shot to hail

pink wave

shades of pink

Hot stuff


blue twirl

so much pollen-so little time

red to yellow

in close

eye to eye

Bollywood in WV

enjoying the dance

dahlia gone wild

pink flames

full of itself

belle of barmera

zooming in

pink wave



her yellowness

tubular two-different light

orange spectrum

g'morning sunshine

red to the left

Jewel weed

The lady and her man-in-waiting..Charleston WV funeral parade

odd couple-Funeral Parade, Charleston WV

at the Charleston WV funeral parade

The better to taste you with, my dear!

The Band - Funeral Parade, Charleston WV

Three graces?

umbrella mode

leader of the pack




Dahlia's last gasp

dahlia differently


pure red

pure red- the dark side



dark eye

still there

on the light side

good morning

glamour girl


before the frost


on white

star burst

wet day

fade away

every which way

side view

What? Me worry?

and so it begins- view from front porch

brighten the day

Fall pasture with a view

spot lit

putting on the red

show off

long shadows


gold filter

leaning in

sweet maple

blushing maple

gold crowns

road home


orange maple


into the abyss

50 shades of brown

from a rock

lined up to go to pasture

early to rise

light catcher

morning walk

big bird

thinning out

gold leaves

brown is beautiful

crowns of gold

before the fall

syrup leaves

blowin' in the wind

maple waving goodbye

soaking up the last few rays

shining through

here comes the sun

into the woods

chiaro scuro

little house in the woods

into the darkness

fading away


checking out the new restaurant



hold out

frozen fruit - wild persimmon

waiting for dinner

dinner is served

watch dog watching

cause- why not?

yellow ech

Mr B. Jay

crunch time

Christmas coat

over the shoulder glance

Am. Goldfinch


moss sundae

Lady Cardinal

looking up


light play

feeder hog

winter on the beech

passage to the nether world



1st snowdrops-no snow,yet

ready for take off

2 spotter

can't a girl eat in peace?


heart pond - or Batman signal?

This seed is my seed!


so take the damn picture alreay!



everybody's a critic

this is my better side

touch of gold-dahlia

into the woods


snow blooms

shadow art

cold art

birdie, it's cold outside

Class! Pay attention!!

leaky limb

everything ok back there?

ice forest

winter break


red yarrow

phlox phantasy


turning the other cheek

Christmas cactus in February

up standing

February cactus

cactus blossom dance

happy bloom

mutant Jay

performer/audience interaction

is it really safe?

welcoming the sun

double delight

first in line

sun soaker


testing the environs

a little drop of sunshine


octo petaler

more the merrier

sun catcher

big dutch blue

cold loving bloom

trying out new legs


mischief incarnate

cold crocus

weighed down

salvaged from the snow


pretty wrinkles


all together now!




bluin' in the wind

daff opening

jewel in the crown

a little sun always helps

jump for joy

morning light

minds about to meet


Red coat

colorless or all colors


windswept daffs


hey buddy- gotta light?

more! more!

choices, choices!

replete daff



got milk?


eye to eye

fried egg

frilled to meet you

wild peach

still a daff

fire bush


more daff

fancy daff

the line up



green apple blossoms

Eastern redbud

red apples blossom

nother daff

single pear




wild geranium


Flowering quince


crab apple blossoms

very young wine

lilac morning


dogwood galore

bright white

in close

behind the scene

the other side




natural hybrid azalea


wind swept

flame azalea

first opener


sweet william

also iris

white rose

rosa rugosa

peony and admirer


light and shadows

full bloom


landing platform

new born

wild iris

multi-flora rose

blue to purple

iris heart

indian pipes

mountain laurel

elderberry to be

red eye

purple propeller

layered rose

leek flower

white rose

leek buds

leek and cap

elderberry flowers

elderberry flowers up close

bee balm with hat

first day lily

golden lily

bee balm 2

red yarrow

lily time

new echinacea

lilies galore

sweet pea

ready for action

like cobras

shades of pink

deep purple

seeking pollinators

right turn signal

Royal stop over

shine on

wild rhododendron

Bama lily

rhodo 2


Lily white

collarette dahlia

touch of blue- forget me nots

first sun

rose of sharon

Trumpet flower fanfare

common coneflower

it's complicated

oriental lily

Dahlia show begins

glowing core

peeking out -house wren

sweet pea

purple fringed




casablanca en masse

more dahlia


purple fringed

Joshua dahlia

pearl lined

favorite meal

golden lily

Joe Pye and guest

cosmos and admirer


Cardinal flower

Cardinal flower 2

at the fair


grand opening


junkyard dog


oh so red

not so red

double cosmos

double pink

bright sunny

let's go!

truck driver

flower amongst food

with the greatest of ease


do this one simple exercise

jump for joy!

doggie act

the line up and team work

sunflower dance

iron weed and friend

fall bloomer

swallowtail on green

on target

peachy keen

drunk or inspired?

fall colors

finally made it

opening up

kissing the sun

fall rose

extending the season

rose red

monarch to be munching down


2 tiered

pearl trim

girls on the warpath

fall garden cacophony

star burst

formal attire

show off

sun mimic

beauty in the weeds

fall colored

pumpkin spice flavor

attention getter

dahlia comet


precious drops

half light

sulphur shrooms

fall start


cosmos light



framed art

open gate policy

into the woods

spot lit

almost fall

frost survivor


last one, most likely

criss crossed

against the grain


fall sky

gold in them thar hills

green and gold



selective color


bright spot

shades of red

waves of gold


cloaked in red

gold leaf

before the fall

morning walk

Novem brrr

front porch

a month ago

seen better days

farm pond reflections

deep woods

mellow yellow

dog walk

into it

back up

breakfast table

bringing in the wood

ready for repair


3 in the air




greenhouse hatched monarch


solid drips

glazed sunshine

sage on ice


recycled pointsettia


frosted cone

pointsettia in progress

leaf landing

reach out

tree ornaments

jeweled crown

dahlia snowed on

winter garden

I dare you

bad choice

double the fun

I feel pretty!

right on time

decisions, decisions

December no snow drop

venus over the moon

December bud

hangin' on

eye on you

little pecker

I can almost taste it...

small cactus bloom

rainy day wooly

the wary eye

the better half

a little better

Junco-snow bird

on edge

armored bloom


taking a break

whatca lookin at?


won't fit

early bud

Mr Red

splash of red

ready for when the time comes

under the feeder


side view

snow bird

ten hut!

tight hold

eye of the beholder

hey buddy-gotta light?

red cap

ice breaker

dark eyed Junco-this menu is boring

just being cute


just a drop of snow

colorful night

I know you're there!

in attached greenhouse

Hi Bud!

red head on red bellied

still blooming

forest in a drop-icicle

barn watcher

fluffed up and mouth stuffed

hard water

icicle texture

silhuette in the sky

poking through

first one!

coming though


in full bloom

shadow and light

bud on ice

double the fun

early risers

open for business

five and a half

round and square


breaking through

in waiting

not friendly competition

go away!


ready for action

open wide

big red


yellow bell

an abundance of purple


seeking sun


full frontal

less than ten, but closer than 6

seeking comfort

bi-color- so, they?

pots of gold


show off

lil bit of sunshine



peachy keen


hangin' out together

rain bonnet

open for occupancy


formal attire


ruffled red ridges

two tone

sunny face

grand opening

morning wake up

wake up


old fashioned

in the pink


brighter days


soaking up some rays

two tone

little suckers

looking left

light layers

fire bush


wall of pink


pears to be

pear after the bloom

old yeller

April showers??

taking a break

together in sunnier times

white sheep in the family

daff corner

got milk?

reach out-but don't touch

on the lookout-Bal'more Oriole

red bud with frosting on top

daff and friend

the line up

tiny daff

pink toothed daff

yellow to white

gros beak

damaged dogwood

fried egg daff

waiting to open till safe

this bud's for you

oak unfolding

Mrs Oriole

Peony seeing if it's safe to open

mixed up wild azalea

peeking out

in the spotlight


blue on blue iris

worse for wear

irises galore


full iris

sun beamed


grand opening

sweet on sweet william

bowl of peony

flaming b ud


shy rose

peony tripletts

rosa rugosa

lily time

thank you for this meal

always room for one more

fully open peony

deep red

black swallowtail in the pink

her royal pinkness

in all its glory

trying for the blue-with little success


rose-partially protected

day lily on display

neighbors of a different red


new lily

Elderberry constellation

bee's delight

Bama lily

butterfly weed

echinacea over acheiver

nest of cobras hiding in a lily

yucca abundance

bee balmery

not your usual lily

gentle opening

deep purple fringed

peachy lily

morning stretch

red oriental lily

fragrant too!

red lily

confused lily



wet tiger

echinacea bouquet

trumpet flower inner glow

caressed tiger

lit lily

trumpets ready to blare

jewel in the crown

in the thick of it


throwing shade

morning glory

red faced



hidden in glory

shades of orange

me and my shadow

in coming

where's the picnic?

inner glow


glad tower

not quite all there

cautious reopening

in the grape vines

12 inch hibiscus

pretty and deadly- Amanita

cardinal flower

late summer black swallowtail

le rouge et le noir

dill glisten

is that really safe?



wet marigold

my cosmos

not covid

one made it unscathed

slightly scathed




out of the darkness


my little umbrella

facing the future

greeting the morning


christmas colors

fall pinky

red one too

zinnia in on the red action

shadowy situation


rained on purple

pink in the green


Mexican sunflower

rose leaning left

lit up

zinnia drizzled

dahlia bloom burst

dahlias gone wild

junkyard dog


For Dave L. 'schroom

star bright


off center

hidden treasure

evening framed

up to the gills


all lit up

frost defiant

on a log (not analog)

blushing pink

inner glow

the change

maple delight

going with the flow

hole in one


country road-takes me home

tucked in

last supper?

Seneca-breeding costume

marigold seed harvest

frost is on the bloom

swingin' the blues

frost survivor

driveway out

setting sun

back light

mountainous clouds

fall-full blast

front yard- fall

the light behind

Middle Falls at Hills Creek WV

rainbow effect

casting shadows

lower falls-63 feet


pitcher plants waiting for a snack

bog visit

what's up is down- Summit Lake, WV

rounding the corner

stay on the path!

scarlet oak-last color

Carla- goat guard

gone fishin'

morning light at powerline junction

Small town WV

Hillside church

layered houses-one for sale

decked out

fixer uppers

fraternal twins


mural- Richwood WV

from vacant lot to people friendly space

just shadows of themselves

Hillside architecture

going down!

ladies in black

glowin' in the wind

spewing forth

red in the morning

sheep in the mist

trees in the mist

chomping down

change of scene

hurt-but still hangin' in there

well chilled bottles

open wide

ice perspective

ring around the tub

snow bells

added for effect

sign of things to come-snow bird

doin' the hokey pokey

ummmm-so good!

evil eye

tufted titmouse

lined out

prepare for take off

snow whirl

rhodos under ice

missing mountain

with open arms


on alert

jumping the gun-hellebore in Dec.

buddies in the sky

winter life on a log

Christmas lichens


snowy Towhee

butterfly bush-winter edition

round the bend

I know you're in there

snowy hills

balancing act

Guys-it's cold out here!

Hellebore in Jan

cold forage

pond hug

Juncoe-snowbird-right as always

snow capped

eclipse by oak

frozen raspberry

Hey buddy- got a light?


taking aim

bill light

Sasha, meet Sandor

good buddies

Christmas cactus-extended

huddled against the cold

so it begins- a little early

super snow flakes

seeking light


snow dog

light from above

cold glass

fluffed up

I'm so pretty...



all you can eat..

there's a full moon arisin'


62 year old

you scratch my back, and I'll..

lemon tree, oh so pretty...

Amaryllis begin

hidden blossom

still blooming


Feb red

tucked in for the night

is it safe yet?

silvery locks


conditioner gone wrong

before the snow

glazed over


frozen berries

this all ya got?

beech drip


blowin' in the wind

amarylis abundance

born onthe coldest night

not happy


popped up overnite

big red

little gem

rare duck billed chicadee

full exposure

that all you got?

next chapter

group meeting

show off

the grand reveal

in his shadow

here comes the sun


2 of a kind

socially distanced


open for business


first daff of '21


hazel nuts- connected

full house

getting together

potential bumper crop

food, glorious food


double your fun


group event

first born of the season and ewe


wrong end

morning sunshine

red centered

center of attention

into the light

I'm a star!

uh oh!


brown thrasher


hide and seek

going nowhere-fast


into the cosmos

violet blue

daffy duo


sunny side up


American redbud

puppy wood

dogwood veil

promise of abundance

dogwood delight



snow daff

chilly dogs

apple ice

apple blossom pink

phlox phamily

1000 points of light




SOB (seeds of beech)

wild geranium


lookin' at ya'

tail hug

one wet dove

out of town visitor

sitting pretty - grosbeak girl

dinner time conflict

family dinner

indigo boy

azalea bonanza

I mean it!

about to burst


grand opening soon

every which way

one wet oriole

goldfinch-summer style

side by side

first rose

first iris


wild iris

shades of purple

sun seeker-azalea

sneeze machine-oak in bloom

break in the rain


smells as good

into the jungle-garlic

poplar bloom

red hot poker

last rays on the rose

sweet william

peony innards

evening glow

awaiting morning opening

mountain laurel in bloom

This bud's for you

white delight


ran out of conditioner

before and behind

lily time

new hairdo

sneaking up

in his brother's shadow

fading light

ornamental visitor

wall to wall williams

elderberry babies

pink highlights

still a rose

mountain laurel cascade

next lily on the list


double echinacea

weed for butterflies

first dahlia

echinacea adolescent

Bama lily and friend


milkweed- open up!

field of the lilies

golden lily

neon lily

greeting the sun

first glad

she and her shadow

a gathering of lilies


take off




Sharon's Rose

all wrapped up



greeting morning light

open for business


selective light

double lily green bee

tiger, tiger-burning bright

yellow on yellow

purple fringed lily

mono color

in the shadows

half basked

lily crowd



big ol' hibiscus

tiny visitors

eye of the rose

glad side

Black swallow tail on Joe Pye

deep purple

California poppy dripping

ol' blue eyes

cosmos bee


woodland scene


yellow glad


sitting pretty

grand opening

sun creature

phlox phriends

big leaves, big flower


zin zin

big bee, little bee

you are getting sleepy

hiking the hibiscus

big reveal

nigella detail

infrastructure support needed

Mexican sunflower

shy dahlia

flaming dahlia

welcoming the sun

sitting pretty


full frontal


hot and wet

jewel setting

let the sun shine in

iron weed on display

morning wake up after showering

Bee and B


peek a boo

back story


head first

gentle fade to purple

Mai Tai

orbiting the sun

just plain wet

fall morning asparagus

skinny dahlia

single strand

inner glow

solar power

fall rose

what a wet web you weave

wet glow

Wondrous Web of Water

dark dahlia

fall harvest

Junkyard Dog

pink trim

last harvest

tipped in purple

baby blue

fancy dress



just passing through


Big Red

seeing purple

crawling out of bed

phall phlox

dressed for fall

lop sided

exploring the depths

it's a start


Carla - breakfast with a view


lined out

Festivallfall Princess

hot stuff in the fall

before the frost

through and out of the woods

lit up


rare fog

full glory

winding road home





red to green

shades of fall

waiting for breakfast

hanging on




cold beech

sugar coated oak

somebody forgot to set their clocks back

broken supply chain

last light

black hole

into the light

maple delight

echinacea revealed

witch hazel

the green witch hazel

golden age

sitting pretty

let your light shine through

dahlia crown


why not?

out of sync

cold out here


wren on edge

wren on edge

winter gold


original glitter


want some?

say what?


titmouses better side

down the hatch

golden rod winter version


who dat??

gentle touch

ironweed-imagine purple

winter's gold leaf


a rose is a rose

rose gold leaf

lettuce-still in the garden

rose fruit

a prickly situation

early riser

up, up and away

arc of light

upstanding- Happy New Year!

winter bloom


colors of the season

channels of life

poking out

still glowing

ring around the tub

rose hip high hat

bird in a bush

long shadows

original bird in bush

2 birds in a bush

getting to the point

ice cones

morning after

fat bellied red bellied

in his element - Junco the snow bird


2 stove day

let the sun shine in

safe zone


waiting his turn

heads up


iced berries

perch at the y

tree hugging neighbors

wrong end


glint in his eye

got mine!

en gard!

over the shoulder glance


junco safe zone

the glance

snowball bush

morning after

red head


next wave

beak full


ice drop

what snow?

living up to their name

just opened

crown up

bud on ice

deeper shade of blue

crocus choir

female cardinal resized


feed me!


deep purple



ground gold


eye tick

first spring meal

gold on white

gold digger


red red robin

gathering of crocus

now these

woodpecker on wood

always one in the bunch

sun catchers


last gasp of winter?


breaking through

open for business

yellow fellows

fancy daff

two tone

late arrivals

not so simple

white in a sea of green

glowing innards

stare down

spring- before the next snow

spring-the day after the snow

complaining won't help


double replete

different daff

two tone


more daff

a chorus of daffs

one up, one down

seeking pollinator

trimmed in purple


sun soaker

flat faced

three narcissi

variation on a theme

lone survivor


phirst phlox

elite daff

apple wannabees

fore and aft

apple blossom pink

daff of some sort

dead nettles

thrush-last free meal

American red bud

sing out

I'm not a rug!

pink-must be good

nowhere to hide

wild geranium

3 dog light

camo fail

fire flower

geranium gone wild



gross beak

all included


dogwood clouds

pretty peonie in pink

blue skies

eye of the peony

first one

happy fern with comb over

white and wet

bowl of gold

last light


gold in dem dere frills

green field

wave upon wave

blue iris

new rose


in your face

double purple

inner glow

cream puff

pink cloud

bronze fennel wet fronds

open wide

rose is a rose

and proud of it


fire dancers

smells nice too



light from above

into the vortex

two tone

sweet william, apparently

hole in one

on reflection

disorganized rose

rose 3.2

exploring the depths

deep dive

hang down your head..

bee balm

nascient echinacea


last sweet sip in the jungle

early dahlia

eat or be eaten


lily unfolding, imperfectly

wet and wild lily

next lily


comin' at ya!


almost perfect

wet bama

peek inside

lilies, not of the field


after the deluge

seeking the light

frilly lily

on the edge


lily of another red

hidden treasure in the woods

3 in a row

ghost pipes


the gathering

trumpeting to the heavens

tiger, tiger, burning bright

blossoming among friends

love bugs

oopsie- daisy

last light

reclining glad

just a tinge



Sharon's long shadow

hangin' in there


on the rocks

pink frills

safe flames

hot stuff

blue sparkles

preparing dinner

reaching for the sun

swallowtail's spots

cosmic butterfly

on the web

making the rounds

on a bed of green

sunny dahlia


taking shade

this bud's for you

yesterday's bud

punk dahlia

it's a wrap!


artistic moth


bug bonanza

inner glow

tasty tartan

dahlia on the fence

beetle free rose

comin' round the bend

clear wing

don't bother me

chiaro scuro

pom pom


Mexican sunflower in sun


other worlds - on a fence rail

new bloom on the block

come hither

hot shades

fritillary on ironweed

nuclear core

hole in one

greeting the morning

two tone


light from above

spider basket

spider basket more detail

dew lined basket

2 on the fence

not well hidden

touch-me-nots en masse

late bloomer

cardinal flower fall

junkyard dog dahlia


snack under the curlicue

sunny dahlia

enhamced photo- Kathy B