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Photography has always been a passion of mine, fine art nudes, glamour, fetish and what most people would not consider the norm is the imagery I love the most. I strive to show emotion with my imagery, not just capture the image but the true feelings of the moment. My nude work is where I strive to do this as much as possible, I want the viewer to see more than the imagery, I want them to derive an emotional reaction to each and every piece. The same holds true for my digital art and image manipulation pieces, these images are normally inspired by an overwhelming emotion, I consider their creation therapy. brbr Prints of my work may be purchased by contacting me directly @ brbr div align"center" I was featured as Photographer of the week at brbr img src"" br a href""NewNudeMag/a /div For those of you in Chicago, stop by The Echo Gallery to see some of my work hanging there as well.


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Trick or Treat

Shower Series




Body Scapes 4


Waterfall 2

Lounging Nude 2

Your Daily Tease


My Bloody Valentine

Lost in Thought

Desire 8

Nude on the Rocks 7

Fit To Be Tied 4


Dragon Series III



Slide 2

Helping Hands

Blowpop - Wallpaper/Photo

Amber Nude 1

Amber @ Johnson Shut-Ins

Charles Nude 1

Bloody Shower



Amber Dragon 2

Fetish in detail

Johnson Shut-Ins

Johnson Shut-Ins

Gerbera Daisy

Desire 6

The family portrait, circa 2350 c.e.

Amber and Charles

Love Lust and Passion

Daily Tease 2

Nude on the Rocks 8

Nude on the Rocks 9

Johsnon Shut-Ins 3

Desire 4

Triple Godess

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat 2

Trick or Treat 3

Trick or Treat 4

Tick or Treat 5

Trick or Treat 6

Self Induced Baptism


Washing it all Away The title should be more than enough to suggest what this image stands for, she is not supposed to have a smile on her face, this is not a happy image. The subject is washing away her frustrations and anger......

Orange Tree Frog

Butterfly 4

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 1

Froggie 3

Together Again

Sugar Daddy

Tootsie Roll

Pure Beauty

After the Rain 2

Amber in amber light

Tools of the Trade

44 v.1

Gun Control

44 v.2

Gun Control 2

44 v.3

44 v.4

taken at Elephant Rock State Park.

Count Six and Die v.2

Count Six and Die v.1

Heartzler Creek Nudes

Heartzler Creek Nudes 2

Heartzler Creek Nudes 3

Amber - Metro Nudes 1

Metro Nudes 2

Metro Nudes 4

Heartzler Creek Nudes Triptych

Metro Nudes 5

Shower Nude 1

Crouching Amber

Sonja Nude 3

Sonja Nude 2

Sonja Nude Series 4

Barn Nudes 1

Barn Nudes 2

Barn Nudes 3

Gambler's Eye - Macro shot of horses eye

Barn Nudes 4

Barn Nudes 5

Reggie the goat

Body Scapes 8

Fit to be Tied 1 - Rope play based off of a photo by Robert Chouraqui

Fit to be tied 2 - Rope play based off of a photo by Robert Chouraqui

Drooping Hibiscus

Hibiscus Wallpaper 1600 x 1200

Hibiscus B&W

Hibiscus in Black and White

Another shot from this series...

Hibiscus Wallpaper 2

Green June Beetle

Tiny flowers in well of drinking fountain

Hibiscus in Black and White 3

Charles Nude 3

Evil Inside

Shower Nude Series 3

Kitty Peek-A-Boo

Matt and Elliot of Jetpack going at it hard

Andrea of Jetpack during a quiet moment on stage.

Nude on Stairs

Fallen Angel

Garden in the fog

Garden in the Fog 2

Blue Diamonds

Garden in the Fog 3


Blue Sky

Ant v Fly