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I didn't get into photography until 1997 after being hired for my first full-time newspaper reporter job in southern New Mexico. Until then, I had considered myself solely a writer. But when they handed me an old manual SLR and told me that I was going to be required to take photos with my stories (it was a very small newspaper), I realized I had a pretty good eye for composition. Over the next several years, I worked at several newspapers throughout the Southwest, always managing to take photos with my articles. I was known as a writer who takes photos. Today, as a freelancer who lives in Miami, I am known as a photojournalist who writes.



Latin America


On the police beat


New York

Single Photos



Fishing with a string in Miami

Mexican violinist

Colombian kids

Bank of America building in downtown Miami with the metromover speeding through it.

Pelican at sunset in Miami

Colombian statue

Colombian pueblo

Welcome to Little Havana, Miami

Saturday night on Miami Beach

Key Biscayne sunset II

Miami Beach street performer II

Family plot

Too young too die

Phoenix apartment explosion

Phoenix apartment explosion II


Los Angeles firefighter

Phoenix gangbanger throwing signs

Phoenix gangbanger IV

Phoenix gangbanger III

Phoenix gangbanger II

Phoenix gangbanger

Los Angeles fire victim

Miami sunset

South Beach intersection

Pelican at sunset

Miami sunset

Homeless in Miami

California brush fire


Bee in flight

Bee in flight 2

Preparing for takeoff.

Miami Beach sunrise


The Causeway

Stormy weather

Shadow-obstructed view

Havana kids

Cuban panhandler

Empire State Bldg

Playing the blues

Not beating around the bush

Downtown Miami

Cruise ship

Miami fisherman




Nicole 2


Keep your eye on the ball

The American Dream

Born in the USA

Thirsty duck

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

Miami Beach

Venetian View

Cuban bagpiper

Make-up time