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Single Photos

Iran, The Ancient Land of Myths


Rainy Autumn

Alone leaf

Light in height...


Niloofar (morning-glory)

Joining to sky!...

'Hafezieh', The Tomb of Hafiz

'Hafezieh', The Tomb of Hafiz

"Hafezieh" The Tomb of Hafiz

"Hafezieh" Wall surrounding The Tomb of Hafiz

Persepolis, Iran

Persepolis, Ancient Persia

Persepolis, Ancient persia

Gateway of All Nations, Persepolis(475 B.C.), Ancient Persia

Gateway of All Nations, Persepolis, Ancient Persia

Visual Haiku in Snow

The Land of Childhood Myths

The World of Reflections

Disorder in the order

A portrait of a kid against the world!

Far Times, somewhere between childness and tradition...

Tabatabayi Traditional House

Chaos in Order!

A Village of Curves