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In early days of photography, people were often afraid to get photographed because that would steal their souls. I guess we all know by now that is not true. Photo can indeed describe or tell story about subject, but photographer stealing souls? No way. Instead of stealing souls, photographer gives little bit of his/her own soul to each capture he/she makes. That is what makes difference between art called photography and ordinary snapping. There are parts of my soul in some photos of this portfolio. There are also soulless photos from earlier days of my photography. For kind of educating purposes... Of ratings and critique: I have left rating, and concentrate on commenting and constructive critique. Thank you all, here in PN! a s l a


Single Photos
Winter Details
Late Summer
Autumn Photos
Old Gang
Quick Art


Cold morning
Ice kaleidoscope
Eating ice
After cooking
Bowing tree
Suburban Beach
Tight crop; Thalaspi arvense
Storm in window
Fade out; Acer platanoides
Loose crop; Acer tataricum subsp. ginnala
Still green; Potentilla anserina
Train train
Leaf on Canvas
Detail; Päijät-Häme Central Hospital
Little Dinosaur; detail in ice
Surprised Ameba; detail in ice
Cold River
Morning; Detail in window
Morning#2; Detail in window
Morning#3; Detail in window
Ice cells; Detail in colabottle
Sad mask; Detail in ice
Sad and broken; Detail in ice
Weird (and happy); Detail in ice
Ringu 3; Detail in ice
Scene#2; Legoland, Danmark
Scene#3; Legoland, Danmark
Scene#1; Legoland, Danmark
Harvest Of July; Pea
Shiny & Hairy; Lupinus Polyphyllis
Old Gang; Fern, Stump & Barn
Old Gang; Moon, River & Bonfire
They Have Gone; Senecio Vulgaris
Leaf On Asphalt; Spiraea Chamaedryfolia
Leaf On Porcelain; Populus Tremula
Satu's Leaf On Rock; Populus Tremula
Boring; Detail In Ice
Bad Skin, Big Nose; Detail In Ice
Stylized Lady; Detail In Ice
Javelin Throw; Detail In Ice
Rhino; Detail In Ice
Piranha; Detail In Ice
Spiral; Helianthus Annuus
Summer And Winter
Silu Silu; Harbour, Lahti
Scaly; Detail In Ice
And Humanoid Showed Me The Way; Detail In Ice
Angry Man; Detail In Ice
Happy Bear; Detail In Ice
That Way
Waterdrops; Spiraea Chamaedryfolia
Faces In blue Vest
Easter Howl; Detail In Ice
Old Deer; Detail In Ice
Frightened Ghost; Detail In Ice
Shark; Detail In Ice
Quick Art #1
Sad Ox; Detail In Ice
Big Eye, Small Nose; Detail In Ice
Bike looking at reflections
Leaf on Roof