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I’m an avid amateur photographer living in Cochise County, Arizona, about a mile from the Mexican border. The state of Arizona is extremely diverse geographically, and inspiring in its natural beauty. I moved to Arizona from Northern Virginia in 2010, when I retired from my career as an operations analyst. I’ve been using Nikon cameras since 1967. I was fortunate enough to acquire several Nikon film cameras and lenses during the 1980’s, when I lived in Japan. I was a late arrival to the digital world, starting with a D200 in 2009. I now use both a D700 and a D610. My favorite lens is the AF-S 24-85mm/3.5-4.5 G lens. I also use the 17-35mm/2.8 and 70-300/4.5-5.6 G lenses. I still enjoy occasional use of the Nikon AI lenses that I collected more than 35 years ago. They perform beautifully on both DSLRs. The 55mm/1.2 AI lens is still a favorite, as is the 105mm/2.5 AI. Arizona is a great place to pursue photography, but my wife and I also enjoy annual trips to Britain. She is an avid nature photographer and a great companion.

Country: US


Winter in Loudoun County

Zeiss Contina pictures

Chincoteague Trip

London Trip, 2005

Single Photos

Minolta 7-S

Nikon S2

Ansco Shur-Flash

Chincoteague Dec 05

Minox pics

Canon QL17

Jamaica 06


snow, Feb 12, 2006

Blizzard of 2006

Naval Aviation


Survivors' Weekend


Kodak K-28

Burkittsville, Maryland

old farm

Springtime, 2006

Northern Neck


Summertime, 2006

Naval Aviation 2

Autumn, 2006

Four Seasons

Barns of Wisconsin

Winter, 2007

Argus C-44

Spring, 2007

April '07 vacation

Bryce Canyon National Park

Zion Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Lessons Learned

time capsule

Summer, 2007


Autumn, 2007

Harpers Ferry

Cedar Creek

Winter, 2008

Spring, 2008

Summer, 2008

Autumn, 2008

Winter, 2009

Spring, 2009

tractor man

Mamiya Universal

Log Cabin


C&O Canal boat ride

Digital Debute

Cameras and Hunting

Summer, 2009

Louisiana, 2009

Autumn, 2009

Chincoteague, Oct 2009

Re-enactor Tribute

Arizona, December 2009

Chincoteague trip, 2010

Arizona, February 2010

Feeling retro in Arizona

Winter, 2010

Ikoflex rides again!

This old house

Spring, 2010

White Sands National Monument, May 2010

1968 Corvette Stingray

First 12 hours in the new house

more views of house


Helldorado Days, Tombstone AZ

Winter 2011

Ruins in Carr Canyon, AZ

Spring, 2011

Old family scans

Monument Valley, May 2011

Memorial Wildfires June 2011

The Monument Fire and us

Wyatt Earp Days 2011, Tombstone, Arizona

Fourth of July, 2011

Summer 2011

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

RRL still lifes

Hunting in AZ

Helldorado Days 2011 Tombstone, AZ

Autumn, 2011

Grouse Camp XXIII

Winter, 2012

Spring, 2012

Wyatt Earp Days, 2012

Summer, 2012

BPS still lifes

Grouse Camp XXIV

The Mossy

Wyatt Earp Days 2013

Spring, 2014

Summer, 2014

Fall, 2014

Abbey Road Album

Street Photography

Chiricahua Nat'l Monument


my hearth -- welcome!

my home

my church

view from the barn

Bogey and Davie

Bogey (who has gone blind, despite our best efforts to save his vision)

view from our road

Zeiss Contina with 45mm f/2.8 Tessar



view from Dry Mill Road

Rust Plantation

Rain at Wachapreague, VA

I'm not into pink, but I envy this man for the two bald eagles sitting in the tree behind his house. Saxis, VA.

Shed, Greenbackville VA

crab traps

Old house on Chincoteague

working boat

Don's: Good seafood and reasonable prices. Ann has gone toes up for a nap in the Jeep while I take pictures of the town.

Used bookstore. Ann took this one and her composition is better than mine.

Library, Chincoteague

Egret and Ibis. (Not a classic camera shot.)


Walking towards the Hook


Poster (and its echo)

Lane in Oxford

Holy Trinity Churchyard, Headington (near the gravesite of C.S. Lewis)

Pub in London

Ann in the Copper Kettle, Rye

Street in Rye

Church at Idsworth (St. Hubert's)

Ann in St. Hubert's

Dennis & Ann after lunch at The George

Ann and the Proprietor, The George

Church of St. Martin of the Fields

Bogey the blind pony.

Late lilies

Nikon S2 with 50 mm f/1.4.

Barn near Izaak Walton League

Barn on Dunlop Mill Road

Leith Town, house 1

Leith Town house 2

Leith Town house 3

Philomont General Store, est. 1913, corner of Snickersville Pike and Jeb Stuart Road

The Welbourne Inn no longer open for guests

Friends' House (Quaker) in Lincoln

Sign on Friends House

Churchyard, Leesburg

Courthouse, Leesburg

St. James, Leesburg

Rust Mansion, Leesburg

Dennis & Will, deer hunting on Thanksgiving Day. (Dennis is average; Will is tall)

Ultimate solitude

No company wanted

egret at sunset


at sunset

A lonely job

In a pub, London

Mountain View, CA

Shop near Portobello St. Market

Cobblestone street, Rye

Copper Kettle restaurant, Rye

Courthouse and Rebel, Leesburg

Digital is for kids

sheds and oaks

barns, Digges Valley Road

abandoned sheds

Bar at Holiday Inn resort

club house, Rose Hall Plantation Golf Course

Pillars that supported aqueduct

ruins of sugar mill, Rose Hall Plantation

ruins of sugar mill

Aqueduct near the sea

View of aqueduct ruins and golf course

Winter in Virginia

where I work

Janney Narthex, St. James Episcopal Church, Leesburg

Graveyard & St. James, Leesburg

From my office door

Corner Store, Waterford VA

Window box

shed at sunset

Old window glass

sidewalk scene

Lion House

house at sunset

Waterwheel of flour mill

Flour mill and wheel

Flour mill, Waterford (at one time known as Milltown because of this mill)

House on the hill

View of our pond. Wonder what the fish are doing?

An eerie feeling in the woods that this picture doesn't quite capture

close-up of cabin. One of the very few places with a slate roof left in the county.

Our tenant log cabin, about 100 yards downhill from our house.

Our stable of 4WD vehicles. They aren't quite ready to greet the day.

My manly Jeep Cherokee is looking rather bouffant.

View from our back door looking right, in direction of the pond.

View from back door looking left. There's 11 inches of snow on the patio, and the pool does not look inviting....

View of back of our house.

The Webber grill and picnic table will have to wait for Spring. We'd better get the bird feeder open for business though.

View from front door of house. My first priority (after photography) was to clear the snow so we could push the doors open in case of emergency.

View of front of house. It's made of field stone and looks old, but was completed in 1974.

View of front of house from driveway.

grave of Confederate soldier, Waterford VA

Barn on the village green

Barn and creek on village green

back yard in Waterford

A town home

small barn and fence

bell and shed

farm house and round bales

Waterford Mill

into the woods

view from our back door, 11 inches of snow

log cabin in the woods

early morning at the pond

IL-38 May aircraft being escorted

A-6E off the bow cat

A-7E hook-skip bolter

A trap and a wave-off

F-4 afterburner trails

RA-5C Vigilante strike-recce aircraft

F-4 Phantom II in afterburner

F-14 launching from USS Enterprise

F-14 launch with afterburner

Fence along our drive

Sullivan's Drive

AAA barn

Digges Valley barn

Old Kirk shed

root ball

Chuck's cabin

View from the front porch. Many an adult beverage has been enjoyed sitting here.

View from the porch. Not much to see. Glorious, isn't it?

Back of the cabin

A shrine to male bonding. Chuck has hosted a grouse camp every year since 1989. In the annual photos there's a record of boys growing into men and men growing old.

The ruffed grouse, bonasa umbellus. An elusive target, our annual hunts have done him relatively little harm.

Chuck with Old Glory.

Chuck by early morning light. Green eyes rimmed with red.

Chuck shooting my Swiss K-31. Why do lefties always look so awkward?

Richard shooting my M.1903 Springfield.

Dennis as gunsmith (digital photo courtesy of Richard Colombo). Digital camera adds a peculiar silver highlight to my boyish mop of hair. Perhaps another reason to stick with film cameras?


Chuck's cabin

driveway & cabin

Chuck masters use of tool

the 23-year olds

shed at dusk, Digges Valley

house, Digges Valley

Bass in living room of our house. (Wouldn't a CD player do as well?)

Hurri the wonder hound

Hurri the Hurricane Katrina Refugee, and my bride Ann

stone wall in front

Our house, with gardening tools

Mansion at Rust Sanctuary

Kope's driveway

Shed, Burkittsville MD

Barn, south side

religious artifact

cemetery, Burkittsville MD

St. Mark's church

Main crossroads, Burkittsville MD

Post Office, Burkittsville MD

Distant view of Burkittsville MD

someone's dearest

a warm hearth

the homestead

detail of barn

thelog barn

Barn, Digges Valley

AAA barn

Sullivan's drive


Point of Rocks, Maryland railroad station

Welch Farm

Kope's drive

sharpness test; 1/50 sec at f/3.5

moonlit barn & figures

our house

the old cabin by moonlight

barn next door by moonlight

Northern Neck farm house

Birch tree


Marsh in the fog

Rick's Dock


house on the green

Barn on Village Green

Waterford Mill by moonlight

fog by moonlight

Iris 1 by Ann Gallus

Iris 2 by Ann Gallus

Iris 4 by Ann Gallus

Iris 5 by Ann Gallus

Iris 6 by Ann Gallus

Iris 7 by Ann Gallus

Peony by Ann Gallus

Iris 8 by Ann Gallus

Schoolhouse, Lincoln VA

Schoolhouse, Lincoln VA

Wellhouse, farm near Lincoln VA


Iris 4 by Ann Gallus

Iris 9 by Ann Gallus


The Corvair and I

Wife's Kowa camera

Shed, Harmony Church Road

house that needs a little love

barrel planter

Barn on Rt. 17

1932 Ford street rod

1934 Ford

1937 Ford

Foreign hot rod: Anglia

Moonrise over the pond

Snapper; photo by Ann Gallus They supposedly make good soup.

boys & toys

flimsy barn

barn detail

barn interior

barn & fence

Barn on a gray day, Crozet, Virginia

Park Service Intern, Will

2:49 PM rain

Fishing fleet in the rain

Rain in the gut

Nikkorex Auto 35

Corvair shot, 9-9-67

Montreal Day

Montreal Night

Kowa SET-R

Queen Anne's Lace

horse and ground fog

Cat on a fence

sun and mist

Sunrise over Shenstone

Queen Anne's Lace, mono

Please don't laugh...

The pump

Shack close-up


approaching hallowed ground

carriage house, Digges Valley

AAA barn


going out

the catch

putting in the effort


wetting the lines

leaf by Ann Gallus

Digges Valley Road

Morning web

Barn, Hocking College

Farm in fog, Hocking College

Farm in fog, Hocking College, color

hand-held cat shot

CH-46 at sunset

A-6 taking the barricade

rigging the barricade, USS Enterprise

F-14 recovery, USS Kitty Hawk

E-2 recovery, USS Kitty Hawk

EA-3B, USS Kitty Hawk

F-8 Crusader, USS Constellation

F-4 tail aboard USS Midway, Subic Bay

Broken F-4s, USS Midway

F-4s awaiting cat shot, USS Midway

F-4 recovery, LSO platform, USS Coral Sea

A-7 waveoff, USS Coral Sea

A-6 recovery, USS Coral Sea

USS Coral Sea, Subic Bay, March 26, 1977

Nikomat FTN

humble home, Northern Neck

soybean field


Harvest remnant

Farm and cornfield

Edge of the marsh

Pier and fog

The neighbors' drive

Thomas Mill Road

horse barn

Rogers place

From out of the mist

just a shed

stall door



Lingering Autumn

House on Dry Mill


backlit color, birch trees

backlit B&W


stark front light

flat and soft

flat and sharp

small barn in winter

small barn in autumn

small barn in summer

small barn in spring

AAA barn in winter

AAA barn in autumn

AAA barn in summer

AAA barn in spring

neighbor's drive in winter

neighbor's drive in autumn

neighbor's drive in summer

neighbor's drive in spring

dogwood in winter

dogwood in autumn

dogwood in summer

dogwood in spring

All barns are dwarfed by the sky

Some barns look rich, like mansions.

Most of the barns are rather plain.

Many farms still depend on windmills.

In most places, silos are the tallest structures around for miles.

Barns are usually arranged in horizontal compositions.

Although a few barns need vertical composition...

The former church/barn had some interesting details.

A church converted into a barn.

The fields are lush, and enhance the barns.

Not all the barns are in open fields.

Not all the barns are red, either.

Some of the barns are almost gone.

Some of the barns are beginning to decline.

The whole of central Wisconsin seemed very lush and green.

Just an introduction to the type of countryside north of Madison, Wisconsin

leaving town

Gospel Jam

Sut's Six Pack

Main Street, Renovo

Heritage Park, Renovo

Looking East

shed windows

Lone Oak

flatland with oak


Abandoned and creepy

Old Tidewater Hunt Club

Milden Presbyterian Church

Dodge 1/2 ton Weapons Carrier

freezing falls

small falls and pool

big icicles

ice climber

just for scale

sharp and heavy

Ice at Ash Cave

more rail fences

rails along the driveway

after the ice storm

sleet-near Welch Farm

sleet, just up the road

group at Ash Cave Falls

Ice in the making, Ash Cave

red plus yellow




Robbins Corner, Hocking College

Hocking Valley Tour car

Old rolling stock

Rolling stock in color, with Will

station door and baggage cart

Side view of Nelsonville station

Big plow

Nelsonville Station

cemetery, Waterford VA

Old house, Lincoln VA

Old schoolhouse, Lincoln VA

detail of tracks shot

Tracks, Point-of-Rocks MD

Station detail

Railroad station, Point-of-Rocks MD

the Argus C-44 with 50mm/2.8 and 100mm/3.5 Cintagons

Turkey vulture

The pond

The hammock

Cattle struggle with the snow

Struggle with the cold

Ice and halation


water drops

maple leaves

flower in the garden

twigs and hexagons

Greg's driveway

Barn and house, Dunlop Mill Road

Early Spring at the shed

Morning at at an office park

Arriving at the office

Hamilton cemetery






parted out

Interior of Ford truck

Ford Panel truck

1950 Ford

1935 Ford Touring Sedan?

Inspiration Point

Wide View from the rim

Weathered Roots

Ann and a tenacious tree

View towards Queen's Garden

Natural Arch


Just Rusty Limestone

Hikers near beginning of Navajo Trail

Start of Hike to the Queen's Garden

#16. View from south of park in Springdale, Utah

#15. If the heights didn't scare you this photo will. Me at the top of Angel's Landing.

#14 Looking down from the Ridge Traverse trail

#13. Hikers follow along Ridge Traverse. The steel chain is polished bright silver and has worn into the sandstone because of the firm grip of many hands.

#12. View of the Ridge Traverse from Scout's Lookout. Many people experience vertigo here

#11. The view from the edge of Scout's Lookout. Note the shuttle bus and its trailer down below.

#10. Indian Paintbrush and Walter's Wiggles, a challenging set of switchbacks.

#9. Hikers along the start of trail to Angel's Landing, a 1,520 foot ascent along a 2.5 mile trail.

#8. View of the valley floor, start of hike to Angel's Landing.

#7. Wide view of the same scene.

#6. A good climbing rock. White speck in middle of photo about 1/3 up from bottom is a climber doing a vertical ascent.

#5. The Weeping Wall. A rock face with a natural spring. Very cooling place.

#4. The Virgin River

#3. Path along the valley floor.

#2. View from the park entrance, where the town loop shuttle drops you.

#1. Park entrance. The fun begins.

View from near Colorado River

Ann at the Colorado River

Nearing the Colorado River

Road into the Reservation

Same location as B&W shot, same time, 50mm

B&W of Grand Canyon

Canyon view with polarizer

View near east entrance of Grand Canyon National Park

Old bridges at Harpers Ferry

Locks at Harpers Ferry

Potomac River


Lock-keepers dwelling

Canal lock structure

odds & ends

Agfa Ansco Viking

Soligor 135mm/2.8 preset

Soligor 135mm/2.8 preset and Accura 35mm/2.8 auto

Pentagon F with CZJ "B" lens

Pentacon F and CZJ "B" lens, frontal

Ikoflex and GE PR-1 meter

A jewel of a Zeiss Ikoflex

morning mist

Horse farm in Leesburg

Point of Rocks station by moonlight

leaning barn, Digges Valley

fencepost, Digges Valley Road

lock keeper's house, C&O Canal

aquaduct across Monocacy Creek

Steeple of Railroad Station, Point of Rocks, Maryland

Solid Rock Assembly of God, Point of Rocks, Maryland

rocker, Leesburg

1940 Packard hearse


Continental V-12 engine

1940 Lincoln Continental

Clean Machine

'55 Chevy and Girl

'37 Dodge with the bonnet open

'37 Dodge

Discussing the merits...

'57 Chevy, courthouse in background

The tools

St. Hubert's Chapel at Idsworth

garden shed through 135 mm Soligor

Hurri Dammit

Encroaching jungle

Petunias by the door

day lilies

Skyline in a Chevy

self-portrait in a Ford

Green Tree

hub cap

1940 Packard grill

cabin at dusk

old friend, new puppy

Lock Keeper's house, C&O Canal



Argus C-44

full frame of "life is good"

Life is Good

Forest Hollow Hunt Club

Bald Hill Hunt Club

Small Barn, Digges Valley Road

erector set bridge (Bridge over Monocacy Scenic River, Maryland

old derelict

RR art 1


RR art 2

Through View

Town and railroad


petroglyph SPAM

Parowan Gap from East

Parowan Gap from West

Petroglyph Calendar?

petroglyph eagle?

petroglyph figures

minimalist trekker


group shot

big fish

detail of petroglyph


walking in

Mike himself


Desert critter

Bogey & Davey

Will in the Virgin River

end of the hike

slot canyon view

near swimming hole

big rocks

London Window

Bookstore, Chincoteague, Virginia

Waitresses resting

Serving Girl, Globe Theater

windows by night

Argus C-3

totaled Yukon


neighbor's barn



Wall, Nelsonville Ohio

church barn, Wisconsin

Utah wildflower

barrel cactus

Curious Hummingbird

Arizona Sky

Window, Carroll Mill, Doubs MD

Virgin River, Zion National Park

Neighbor's barn

fence along driveway

tree and wall

red creep

yellow creep

September bluebirds

baby bluebirds August

unoccupied house

window of the unocupied house

community bulletin board

general store, Taylorstown VA

general store, Taylorstown VA

Victorian home, Taylorstown VA

decrepit house, Taylorstown, VA

Historical marker, Taylorstown VA

city barn

Digges Valley B&W

Digges Valley color

Pennsylvania barn

Hazy Saturday

The barrier between the living and the dead

Martha A. Beales

Carruthers family

Milbourn stone

CAPT Poulton, USN

detail, Harmony Church barn

Harmony Church barn

Barn near Boonesboro Maryland

Dennis, Rob and Reed



lady at the door

girl crusader


plans for after the raid

Brown's henchmen

Brown plans his raid

a cafe


empty house

light and shadow, Shenandoah River

RR bridge over Potomac

house with red roof

town roofs

the church on the hill

Main Street

Potomac River and Rt. 340 bridge

Rob taking pictures

Autumn on Snickersville Pike

Loudoun Barn

capturing the battle scene on paper

Final moments of peace

After the shot

Cannon demonstration

Resting before battle

Yankee Captain

Yankee musician

Girl donning shawl

Women of the Confederate camp

Confederate women washing

Wear what you have

Ragged Soldier

The Rebel encampment at morning

Church, Monument PA

A man and his gun

Barn, Hocking College, Ohio

The cameras

Bluebirds 3

Bluebirds 2

Bluebirds 1


Frog and flash


shadow shot

log home

barn on the village green

barn on the edge of town

barn by 2nd Street school

2nd Street School

shopfront, art studio

main street, Waterford

sidewalk scene

Waterford Mill

Digges Valley Road

times are changing

standing guard

walk by the cemetery

Church door, St. James

St. James' Rectory

Heart of Leesburg

Loudoun County Courthouse

widow crossing street

trooper with Spencer Carbine

Local Citizens

girl in red cape


aloof girl, shy soldier

Girl and escort

Nurse leaving hospital

Union Surgeon

morning coffee

by the fire


Union HQ

town and river

Main Street by morning

fog, Thomas Mill Road

Church, Monument PA

near Baraboo, WI

Church of Our Saviour, Oatlands, VA

Neersville (Between the Hills) VA

Jonquil motel, Bisbee AZ

St. Hubert's, Idsworth

Ghosts & Legends

Cowpoke and Bar Girl


Cochise County Courthouse

Barn on 704

Boonsboro angel

Memorial, Route 9

Memorial near Tombstone

Memorial, US-15

The JR gang

Ann, Wisconsin, July 2006

who let the dogs out

Schoolhouse, near Hogback Mountain

Second Street School, Waterford VA

Graffiti, Bisbee, AZ

Totuskey Creek at night


Parsley and Piper

needs love--Neersville, VA


Reed kneeling before Leica

5 of 6

6 of 6

frame 24

frame 23

frame 22

frame 21, no problem evident

Mom, age 93

Waterfall, Ash Cave, Ohio

Walk through the gorge, Old Man's Cave, Ohio

Portrait of Parsley

Train display, Nelsonville, Ohio

B&O RR museum, Baltimore MD

Baltimore Cityscape

Antique Christmas Tree Ornament

lens size comparison

Spooky house on US-33 near Logan, Ohio

In Pioneer Village, Hocking College, Nelsonville Ohio

Parsley and I


tulip poplar

seed pods

after the storm

walking the Kiev-4A on a snowy day





the farmhouse

Ann & Will in Zion

Japanese Maple

Reed George & the 4x5

colorful commute

morning commute, July '06

friends' window

Leesburg spring

Ida Lee Park, Leesburg

Moonrise over Mexico

The Ikoflex IIa

Ancient Hearth

House overlooking C&O Canal

Pier, Northern Neck

Bikers, Lowell AZ

Vermillion Pit

slag heaps

Broken Spoke Taxi Co.

Taxi and 'motocycles'


Cottages in Bisbee

Detail of wall, Jonquil Motel

The Jonquil Motel

The Peace Wall, Bisbee Arizona

lightening#4, Northern Neck, VA

lightening#2, Northern Neck, VA

RR bridge to MD

Roofs of Harpers Ferry

Raggedy man

Town woman

soldier with pigtail

Soldier posing

Confederate camp

Sergeant from Maryland

Around the campfire

good ol' boys


Girl in white dress 2

Girl in white dress 1


James McK

tatooed and thin

A trio at a car show

Ford radiator

hula hoop contest

Stolen Kiss #2

Stolen Kiss #1

Young girls being young girls

Face Painting

Paws for your heart

light & water

Interior of Colvin Run mill

Colvin Run Mill


The Potomac

Great Falls, Virginia

Watching the troops

selling corsets

Woman in the marketplace

girl in a bonnet

girl with flags



sand patterns

Horses! 20..maybe 30

finding self in a graveyard

Hatch Farm shed window

empty seats and window

Pond Ice 2

Pond Ice 1


Old Frosty


New Year, New Journey

Up the driveway

House to West

across the road

House to East

Utah Route 130

horseshoe falls

James & Jim

iced over

slow speed

horseshoe falls, b&w

falls to east

Waterford Mill

store window, Waterford, VA

waterwheel, Waterford Mill

windows, Art Gallery


barn, circa 1929

Window, Rehobeth Methodist Church

anticipating Easter

Dennis & Will, Leesburg, VA

Will and Dennis, Fallon NV

mansion window

Rust Mansion & Nature Sanctuary

garden walk



in shadow

town square

tavern interior

Globe Theater, Cedar City UT

Ram 2500


hard work

Moving brush

Hard work

Almost Miller Time

moving manure

manure man

Virginia Icons--stone walls and dogwood blossoms

Crooked Bridge Road

Crooked Bridge footings

Old School Architecture

Walled village of Leithtown

Just a beautiful day

Just more scenery

150mm/5.6 and 65mm/6.3 lenses

Mamiya Universal and 50mm/6.3

Mamiya Universal with 100mm/3.5

Carruthers Grave

Fence and graves

Lincoln School

Cabin April 09


Cabin great room

great room fireplace

cabin doors

cabin kitchen

cabin sun room


front #2

front and garden shed

west side

North side

side view of front

hallway from north entrance

family room hearth



living room dining room

guest suite

hallway from south side, and stairs

master bedroom

my office--fireplace & bookshelves

Will's room

house front early morning

pool, from main entrance

unmooring the boat

towing the boat

opening the paddles in the lock gates

mule driver

the motive power

caring for the mules

pair of Fords

Line of Fords

Monocacy Aqueduct

Lock Keepers House

Pollen on the Canal

Moving Target

Smith Mill Windows


house front

from driveway

house side

from pool

Friends 1

Friends 2


In good hands--Parsley and her Vet

Tree in the morning fog


Bar Tour 2009


Other versions of beauty

Old Paint

Talker 2

Talker 1


Classic Elegance in Blue 2

Classic Elegance in Blue 1

Classic Elegance in Red


Salt marsh


Hunt camp north of Snow Shoe, PA

Mark with his first deer

Catoctin Creek

Minox 35


covered bridge interior

Covered bridge

Iris 1

Iris 2

flower basket

street corner

store window

in our garden

near Kamp's Mill

early Americana

at the ready

Ann reading grave stones

Here lyeth John Carter, Esq.

From the pulpit, Christ Church

Down the Aisle

Path to Christ Church

Conference Center, Wildwood

our room

Fine Art & Antiques

Oklahoma Fancy Dancers

tribute to Maitani

girl on the battlefield

cannon and the "sunken road"

Fence and Barn

Cannon at visitors center

War Correspondents' Memorial

Loudoun Milling Co, Hamilton VA

Post office, Paeonian Springs, VA

Crawford's, Boonsboro, MD

slightly inebriated

man at the bar

lounge area of Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Restaurant

two customers

Wet Feet

Favorite barn

AAA barn

Wet berries


Sidewalk 2

Sidewalk 1

Wet berry bush

Church ruins, Easton MD

General Store, Quantico MD

Sunday morning on the beach

Sunday Sunrise

Saturday night afterglow

Friday Sunset

Causeway traffic

The Defiant Ones

Backlit barn

Canby Road


Big Houses


welcome home

My six-pointer

In the Rogers' Field

Fire by Ann Gallus

Ramsey Canyon Colors by Ann Gallus

Sir Hamlet Squirrel by Ann Gallus

turkey, Ramsey Canyon by Ann Gallus

The Trio, Grizz, Dennis & James

Union Soldier

US Marine, ca. 1864

Town Square, 1864

RR bridge departing Harpers Ferry

James McK

Coronado NF, AZ 1

Coronado NF 2

Coronado NF 3

Zeiss Ikoflex in Coronado NF, 4

Coronado NF 5

Coronado NF 6

Coronado NF 7

Coronado NF 8

Coronado NF 9

Coronado NF 10

Coronado NF 11

Coronado NF, 12

Coronado NF 13

Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy New Year to all

Thanksgiving Day 2009

early morning view from J&A's

Valley View from Miller Canyon

North Peaks

South peaks

Road nearing top

North peaks clear sky

Coronado National Forest, Miller Canyon Entrance

South peak and curving road

South Peak and tree near entrance

the trip home

coffee shop, Berlin MD

Hotel Atlantic, Berlin MD

your table is waiting

Reed petting ponies


bow shot


Lighthouse on Assateague

Sunrise and lighthouse




Duck Hunter

Monacacy Aqueduct

Ann and our new road sign (we named it Quail Path). All local street signs are in Spanish.

Classic AZ territorial house. Our home will be an adaptation of this design. (Canon QL17)

construction workers putting up the forms for our stub walls (Canon QL17)

Cowboy Church

drive up Miller Canyon

Hike up Miller Canyon 1

Hike up Miller Canyon 2

Hike up Miller Canyon 3

morning at barn (Canon QL17)

Patagonia Station

pied-billed grebe at Whitewater Draw (my bride may have taken the shot)

Road into our place

Rogers Drive

Self-portrait in Patagonia

shed near Whitewater Draw (my bride took the shot, we were sharing the D200)

tidy cabin at the bottom of Carr Canyon

bake sale

diner, Palominas

inside hippie shop

main street Lowell


pottery shop

S2 & 5cm 1.4

S2 & J12

shady dell

trailer park




In the crossfire Bullet-riddled house on Marie's Heights, Fredericksburg VA battlefield

Garden, Chatham Mansion, Fredericksburg, VA

American Gothic

church detail

ESSO station, Morattico, VA

granary near Templeman, VA

Kamps Mill

No one lives there anymore

symbols, St. Stephen's Church

An Old Couple's home, near Warsaw, VA

St. Stephen's Church, Heathsville VA





Border view

Miller Canyon Trail

My heavy companion.JPG

Tombstone Sheriff

View of Mexico to the South

On Joe's Canyon Trail

Hiking in the Coronado National Memorial Park

back door

brick-a-brack of lives

ironing board

whole house

window & curtain

window & plastic flowers

bridge at Harpers Ferry

cars and house

coal cars



tunnel at Sandy Hook MD

Milden Presbyterian Church in Sharps, VA


an uphill climb

back of the house

better by the minute


cherry blossoms

the pasture

the pond

view from the pasture







chips and salsa


more Meredith

free entertainment

pickles and coffee

the end




lighthouse 1

lighthouse 2


yellow rake_K64




A different kind of place.JPG

After sundown.JPG

Another photographer.JPG

Dennis on the dunes.JPG

Disappearing footprints.JPG

Dunes changing mood.JPG

Dunes dark mood.JPG

Dunes fingerprint.JPG

Dunes sunny mood.JPG

Fireball sunset.JPG

Full moon rises, May 27.JPG

In a reflector oven.JPG

Pedestal & sunset.JPG

Son & sun.JPG

Too dog-gone hot.JPG





jewelry girl

little boy

ticket seller


Vette 1

Vette 2

Vette 3

Vette 4

Vette 5

Vette 6

after 11 hours of moving....JPG

first morning--view to east.JPG

front of house--porta potty has to go.JPG

my shirt--moving is no sweat.JPG

View to SE--Mt. San Jose.JPG

View to the west towards Coronado Nat'l Monument

back of house looking west.JPG

barn and yard.JPG


looking southeast to Mexico.JPG

view from north.JPG

view west.JPG

first rays of sun.JPG

Old Glory as seen from our front porch

afternoon view to SE.JPG

AZ is green! 1 mile from house.JPG

Brown Ranch, neighbor to south.JPG

morning ritual.JPG

our view of the border fence.JPG

part of morning bike ride (uphill).JPG

Ann, 1984_sm


arriving by Harley

at the Outlaws Social Club

Buffalo Soldiers

dance hall lady

Doc Holliday

dollar bills

five friends

hairy hombre

having fun

Helldorado Girls 2

I get what I deserve

lady with escort

magnificent beard

make your play

Mexican Beauty

Miss Kitty

Mom has feathers


needs a date

older couple looking good

pair posing

parasol shadows

puckish girl

red velvet

Rodeo Queen

serious couple


The End

tough guy

winning smile


an attractive brooch


exuberance_sm bridge_edited-1

2.pools and volcanic rock.JPG

3.pool of interest.JPG



6.algae.JPG rolls on_edited-1
















Ann with P&S

Hunter Canyon Rd.

Two Tracks


Brown Ranch upkeep

Brown Ranch Vista



Oak & Moon.JPG

Oak & San Jose.JPG

Oak & Moon_B&W

Oak & San Jose_B&W


moonrise 3-19-11c.JPG

moonset 3-20-11c.JPG

1.Low wall leads to bunkhouse.JPG

2.A peaceful place.JPG

3.Lower part of bunkhouse.JPG

4.View to west from inside bunkhouse.JPG

5.Upper side of bunkhouse.JPG

6.View to the south was great too.JPG

7.Lonely, but not forboding.JPG

8.Todd House patio & hearth.JPG

Hike in Coronado Nat'l Memorial, Joe's Canyon Trail

Hike in Coronado Nat'l Memorial

Hike in Coronado Nat'l Memorial

Hike in Coronado Nat'l Memorial

Hike in Coronado Nat'l Memorial

Maternal Grandparents 1912

Parents April, 1934




1 Good views begin right at the Visitor Center

2 Start of the 17-mile drive through the Valley

3 New shapes pop up as you drive along

4 Amazing colors almost assault the eye

5 Pictures appear around every curve in the road

7 Good views continue on return loop to Visitor Center

8 Holger watches sunrise. 41 degrees F and windy.

9 The view Holger saw from the tent

10 Morning view to the West

11 A morning hike around the West Mitten

12 Farewell to Monument Valley

Holger enjoys the view

A hot meal is a good morale factor....


Yellow P2V water bomber overhead

Yellow P2V drops load 2 miles north, protecting school building at right edge of frame

Red P2V passing overhead. These birds served the Navy as maritime patrol aircraft from 1946 to...

Red P2V drops load 2 miles north

Lockheed P-3 water bomber overhead

P-3 drops flame retardants 2 miles north

moonrise #1 from our house June 14

moonrise #2 June 14

view to west at sunset June 14

A Sunday, June 12, 1311 hours 10 minutes after Ann saw fire

B Sunday, 1335 hours 35 minutes after fire sighted

C Sunday, 1441 hours After about an hour, we began seeing air support

D Sunday, 1454 hours, fire is spreading rapidly northeast to homes

E Sunday, 1458 hours fire has now surrounded homes about a mile from our house

F Sunday, 1535 hours, grassland is burning and we are directed to evacuate our home

G Sunday, 1641 hours at end of our road, 400 yards from our house

H Sunday, 1642 hours Ann photo of fireman along Memorial Drive

I Sunday,1647 hours, Ann evacuates behind her horse and pony

J Sunday, 2023 hours (view of fire 7 miles from home)

K Monday, June 13 0557 hours view west from end of our road

L Monday, 0614 hours, view from front of our house

M Monday, 1355 hours, Re-evacuating due to fires west and south of us

N Monday, 1944 hours (view of fire 7 miles from home)

O Tuesday, June 14 1423 hours

P Tuesday, 1603 hours, Ann is keeping an eye on things

Q Tuesday, 1608 hours, fires jump highway 2 miles north of us

R Tuesday, 1637 hours, second P2V water bomber overhead

S Tuesday, 1638 hours, P2V drops slurry just west of elementary school 2 miles north

T Tuesday, 1642 hours, Lockheed P-3 Orion water bomber overhead

U Tuesday, 1643 hours, P-3 dumps his load of slurry

V Tuesday, 1822 hours, a hot sun

W Tuesday, 1838 hours, sun behind the mountains

X Tuesday, 1907 hours, moonrise

Y Tuesday, 1908 hours, sun setting

Z Wednesday, June 15 1526 hours

ZA Wednesday, 1704 hours View driving west on Rt 92 towards Huachuca Mts.

ZB Wednesday, 1953 hours

ZC Wednesday, 1954 hours

ZD Thursday, June 16 1941 hours

ZE Tuesday, June 21, Charley responding to treatment

Charley's burns

A good end.JPG

Can you make change....JPG

Concealed carry.JPG

Cool tat.JPG

Elegant dressers.JPG

Fanciful cowboy hat.JPG

Getting a squeeze.JPG

Lady in gray.JPG

Lady in green.JPG

Standing on the corner.JPG

The Gambler.JPG

Wild west would have been wilder.JPG

Wyatt Earp Days.JPG

Hotshot truck

Dad polishing the fire truck

4th of July Parade Girls

Hug a Hotshot!

A show of gratitude

The parade down Palominas Road

All about gratitude

All dressed up for parade

Parade truck

My signboard

three marchers

The Parade Master gets us moving


self-portrait 7-8-11.JPG


The Naturalist #2.JPG

The specimen.JPG


full length.JPG




an Organ Pipe Cactus


exploring by Dodge Ram

final rays of sun

gathering storm

Montezuma's Head after rain

morning on Ajo Mountain Loop

natural arch

newly-filled wash


ocotillo in the morning

organ pipe cacti at dusk

Puerto Blanco Dr. afternoon

road to Alamo Loop

saguaro after rain

saguaro and Montezuma's Head

saguaro at dusk

sunset on Alamo Loop

topo map


typical morning traffic

valley view morning


pistol grip and sporting clays shot shells

2 Briley chokes (M and IM), 2 Ruger chokes (IC and M)

Safety/barrel selector. The auto safety feature has been disabled by a gunsmith for use in sporting...

bottom of receiver

fore-end latch

Gun originally patterned low, so JH had the comb altered so its height can be adjusted by adding or...

Ruger Red Label 28 ga 26 inch barrels 6 lb 3 oz

Dennis-by John H

Father & Son.JPG

John & Dennis.JPG

John Harris.JPG

The well-equipped hunter.JPG


2011 Helldorado Girls.JPG

All dressed up for Helldorado.JPG

Backlighting works.JPG

Best of Show #1.JPG

Best of Show #2.JPG

Bragging a bit.JPG

Buxom 1880's shopper.JPG

Cantilevered Construction.JPG

Fellow photographer.JPG

Fun in the streets.JPG

Older re-enactors.JPG


Pretty lady.JPG

Sheriff of Tombstone.JPG

Smiling Helldorado Girl.JPG

The End.JPG

Young Miss.JPG

Cabin, Ramsey Canyon, Hereford AZ

Browning BPS.JPG

Chuck & Dulci.JPG

Joel & Dennis.JPG

Mark the lone hunter.JPG

new hunting area west.JPG

R & C in the tamaracks.JPG

Richard & Chuck.JPG

watering the dog.JPG



fire reminder


old stump

recuperating--one week

star trails

wood grain

barb wire and fence

blue lichen

D2200 on Vanguard

green and gray lichens


orange rock

post top

Vanguard B38

At 1.4.JPG


Nikkor S on F3.JPG



century plant

max close up



ranger close-up

visitor center









a good End

charming couple


fellow photographer

Lady in Red

perfect profile



street musician2

tough crowd

upright citizen2

wary lawmen2

watering down



dogleg Chevy

Ford closeup

Ford with hook

school bus


barrel and Invector choke.JPG

BPS & Citori receivers.JPG. BPS has high rib; both guns made by Miroku, Japan

Browning BPS .410.JPG

Browning Citori .410 vs. BPS.JPG Both guns have 26 inch bbls. BPS weighs 8 lb; 17 oz more than...


Kick-Eez and palm swell.JPG

Farmers Mkt

ice cream treats



bolts over San Jose.JPG

double strike Huachuca.JPG

single strike Huachuca.JPG

storm over Bisbee.JPG

UAV over Bisbee.JPG

just before dark

NW and barn






view from state game land.JPG

The cabin.JPG

After dinner entertainment.JPG

Our congenial host.JPG

The boys cleaning up.JPG

Fair skies.JPG

near the end of the camp.JPG


Lots of fun, no kills.JPG

Dulci saved the day.JPG

Harry's venerable Win.97.JPG

Nice place to have a drink.JPG

Harry and Dolly.JPG

Mossberg left side.JPG

Fore-end detail.JPG

Mossberg 500 right side.JPG

John gets a hug

the end

old couple

lady in pink

ah, youth

dancer 2

dancer 1



umbrella lady

dancer 0

dancer 3


favorable light








Bunk house ruins


The road in

View out back




At the Albion pub, Conwy, Wales

12th C church at Llangelynin, Wales

12th C church at Lligwy, Wales

Rug Chapel, Wales, ca. 1637 AD

13th C church at Llangar, Wales

13th C abbey, Valle Crucis, Wales

14th C church at Mwnt, Wales


Milky Way

Milky Way, June 1, #1

Milky Way, June 1 #2

Castle, Conwy Wales


Prickly Poppy

Prickly Poppy

St. Pancras Station, London

Solitary Drinker, Albion Pub, Conwy


Graham and Noelin at the Dickens Inn, London







monsoon sky NE

monsoon sky East

monsoon sky SW

monsoon sky North

Rufous or Allen's male

Anna's immature or female

Anna's male

Broad-billed male #1

Broad-tailed female

Broad-tailed male #2

Broad-tailed male & female

Broad-tailed male

Calliope male #1

Calliope male #2

Costa's male

Magnificent male

Dupont Circle Demonstration

Repose in Dupont Circle

Second Street School, Waterford, VA

Point of Rocks MD Railroad Station

Lock Keeper's house, C&O Canal

Old Mill, near Point of Rocks, MD

Rust collection

Lexington, VA

Bisbee, Arizona Street Walk

A Busker in Bisbee

People of Bisbee

A street person

Hippie mural

Outdoor dining, Bisbee

Other side of Wall Street

Wall Street Art

Silver King Hotel

Pontiac near Silver King Hotel

Going to a gig on Brewery Street

Impressionist's View

Morning Glory with Raindrops


Another Morning Glory

Morning Glory & Butterfly

Desert after the monsoons

An Eastern Woodland on October 19th

Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Barracks Portal

Senior Cadets

Pipes and Drums of the VMI

Two of the Pipes and Drums

The Brass

Pipes and Drums on the march

Fixed bayonets!

Mark Roberts, Color Guard

House near Walkers

house, Back Rd. and Zepp

house, Mt. Olive, VA

old cabin, Mt. Olive, VA

Walkers Cash Store

Bridge over Bear Creek

Bear Creek Canyon in Autumn

Rocks carried by Bear Creek

Algae #1

Creek wins over lava

Algae and rock

Selfie beside a pool

Bear Creek looking north






Rievaulx Abbey

Byland Abbey

Fountains Abbey


Jedburgh Abbey

Lanercost Priory

Whitby Abbey

Echo Canyon Cave 2

Echo Canyon Cave #1

Faraway Ranch, late afternoon

Faraway Ranch, early morning


Formations along trail

Inspiration Point

Big Balanced Rock

Solitary drinker