Kim Tural

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Single Photos


After the squall...

La Roche

Whales at Tadoussac

Branches on our Beach

Montreal Dawning

A Saguenay Sunset.

Pines in the Marsh

Manitoba Sky

Big Gull Lake

South Shore of Lake Manitoba

Fishing Boats in the Fog

Tugboat in Sidney

Snowy Branches

A Beautiful Fall Day

Spotted dreams

Castle Gardens

Due West

Layers of Pansy

Flying over the Ottawa River.

One Island, Two Suns

Frog on Pebble Beach


Winter Sun

Landing on Lake St-Peter

South Twin Pines Curve

8 Lives and counting

Silent Lake Park

Guardian of the Birdbath

Flying over Cornfields

Jacqueline's Iris

Pavilion Reflections

Pavilion Reflections ~ Original version

~ Irises of Castle Gardens ~ "Must be seen Larger"

Fisgard Lighthouse

Waves of Ice

View through the Pines

At the Marina

Down the Frasier Valley

Flying past Lake Minnewanka


Sunrise on the Ferbec

~ Omar ~


Late afternoon light

A nice cool drink

Clouds at sunset

Our Path to the Lake

Afternoon Nap in the Pines

At the second culvert

Harmonious Decay

Fall Scene at Mackoy Lake

A Few Maples Leaves.

Yellow Maples, all in a row.

Booth's Rock Lake -South View-

Booth's Rock trail

Cold Reflections

Silver Birch on Frozen Pond

Yes, it will be a white Christmas this year.

Wildflower Fluff

Snowy Bouquet

Winter in my Neck of the Woods.

Floating Pansies

On the Road to Whitney

Sharif and Urn

Silver Birches on Lake St Peter

Reflections in the Fields of Chambly

Contemplating an icy plunge

White Blossoms on the River

Park Point in the Morning Mist

Spirits . . . of the feline variety

Maple Leaves and Pine Needles

An Old Logging Road

Iris, outside the box.

Reflective morning sky

Crystal Blue

Crystal Pink



Garden at Midnight

Are We comfortable ?

Good Morning Spring

White Tulips

Highbush Cranberry & Bog

Fall Colours in Sabine

Female Grosbeaks in Winter


January Thaw

One chippy, two chippy, three chippy, more . . .


Freezing rain floral

Of Frozen Lakes and Birches-I

Of Frozen Lakes and Birches-II


A Black Donald Sunset


Corner of St-Jacques & St- Georges


Burleigh Falls in Spring



White Tree


Coming & Going

Fall Ash

Fall colours in the sky

Trees & their shadows