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I am not but my eyes..... Long time before that the any lens registers, the glance is shown to an amazing world..... Been born in a small town of Spanish East Chiva 1956,my first approach to the world of the photography was like mere peculiar spectator..... It means this that there was no regulated education previous. Only after to me to have accustomed to watch of another way the courses, the specialization arrived Through self didactic I structured my artistic convictions technical manual was solely tools to model to the forms and textures..... views during my years of solitary work with the old black and white ,for almost twenty years, Since then I have not let try that others can appreciate what I try to extract day to day, from the mechanical eye of the camera.... But, what is what, finally, they harness my photographies The human figure or the landscape the nude feminine or the scenery In short, the bottom or the form Then I would already say that what attracted to me, already many time ago when I was a young with an old camera in the hands the light, and its daughters the shades, that they appear intermingled of all the corners of the negative without mattering that it is figure protagonist or humble scenery. A craftsman of the shades. That would be a label that would not have disadvantage in hanging to me.

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