Robert Marvin

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In the early to mid 60s, when I was a high school and college student, photography was a VERY important part of my life, but, like so many others, I gradually got out of it (except for family and vacation photos, mostly shot on color print film with a P & S). About 8 years ago, largely at the urging of my then 16 year old son, I got out my old equipment (starting with the pre-WW II Leica IIIa I'd owned since high school) , set up my darkroom, and have devoted myself to B & W photography. I show my work every occasion I get and even, occasionally, sell a print. I shoot medium format almost exclusively now, with about 3/4ths of my work done with a Rolleiflex TLR I've been using since 1962. I'll scan my negatives for the web, or for publication, but my "real"prints [ALWAYS B&W]are all done in the darkroom.


Single Photos

Prospect Park Infra Red

FOM2 folder

WTC--a Brooklyn Prospective


Long Meadow

Meadowport Arch

Brooklyn Botanic Garden/Punk Rockers

Flag in window--7th Ave.

A Vigil at ourLocal Firehouse. They lost a truck & some firefighters are hospitalized but, thank goodness, none died

WTC Smoke from my Brooklyn Rooftop

Memorial--Park Slope's Squad One lost 12 firefighters--the entire shift!

Memorial Ribbon in Store Window

Lighting Candles @Firehouse Vigil

One of many signs for Squad 1 Benefits--appropriately, on an alarm box

Max in Maine

Profane & Sacred

Two young punk rockers in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Poster for 2002 Prospect Lefferts Gardens House Tour

"G" Tree Series