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My daughter shot this image of me in the summer of 2006 when she was 7. I think she did a decent job. She is quickly inheriting all my discarded upgraded DSLRs. I'm a scientist-educator in Boston University's physics department and a part-time (though feels like full-time) photographer with a small portrait/event/journalism photography business. I have been here on since 2000. I have seen the great growth of this site, but the forums remain the best and most usable on the Web! I have learned a lot from these forums, starting with the film and medium format forums and now the digital, Nikon, and sports forums. My gallery here only shows images from 2007-present, all digital. Plus a smattering of film images over the years of my children. Thanks for visiting!

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Recent Travels

Concerts & Performances



My Children on Film


Animals and Farms

Boston and Surrounding Areas

Flowers and Nature

Holy Places

My Children


Soccer Girl

Sleeping Baby

4 Month Old in Crib

"Eskimo" Baby Face

First Parish Church (Stow, MA)

Elena Pose

Flower Girl

Glen Ellis Falls (New Hampshire)

Reflecting About Life in a Tree

Pretty Little Girls in Nightgowns

407 Mailbox

Native American Statue

Native American Silhouette

Dingy and Shadow

Dingy and Reflection

Schooner in Rockport Harbor

Rockport Harbor

Run-Down Shack in Rockport

Address Marker

Clowning Around

Angry Face

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms I

Ballet #1

Brass Section


Yankee Doodle Dandy

Ballet #2

Graduation #1


Graduation #3

Airplane #1

Airplane #3


Graduation #2

Empty (Before a Graduation)

56 Chevey

Spunky the Clown, #1

NY Route 20 Windmill

Hayfield in Upstate New York

Old Ledyard Schoolhouse

Hayfield On MacKenzie Child's Estate

Getting the Combine Ready


Aurora Flower Boxes

Barn in Upstate New York

Regina's Pizza in Boston's North End

Portrait by North Bridge

Sister Secrets

Girl behind Gate

Girl at the Gate

The Beginning

Balloon #2

Balloon #1

Pumpkin Patch

Here Comes the Sun

Fall Apple Tree

Flaming Tree

Fall Reflections

Canning Competition at the Fair

George and Mary Bailey (after the switch)

Horrible Mr. Potter

The "nice" Mr. Potter

George Bailey at the Bridge

Neon Lights

Field Hockey Sticks

Gang Tackle

Injured and Looking On

Another Day at the Office

Rushing #3

Rushing #2

Rushing #1

Pretty Reflections

Rushing #4

Reaching Your Target

The Art Brushes

World War II Re-enactment

Peace Vigil

Snowy Road

North Church at Christmas

Golf Course in Winter

Center School after Snowstorm

Ashley Tisdale?

Rock On, Dude!

Stray Cat Strut

Thoroughly Modern Millie #3

Thoroughly Modern Millie #2

Thoroughly Modern Millie #1


Watching the Leaderboard

Catch the Pass

At the Net


Garden Painter

George Washington Statue

Drive Slow #2

Massachusetts Firemen Memorial

Massachusetts State House #2

Massachusetts State House #1

Have a Cow!

Old Barn Sign

Duck, Duck, Goose

Little League Opening Day

Oops... I Made a Mistake!

Wedding Dance

Rock Foundation

Cow at Country Fair



Blue Jay in Garden

Losing My Head



Garden Grass




Wacky Soccer Player


Band #2

Band #1

Patriots' Day #3

Patriots' Day #2

Patriots' Day #1

Apple Tree Planting


Carnival Boy

Girl Weaver

First Parish Sudbury #1

First Parish Sudbury #2

First Parish Sudbury #3

First Parish Sudbury #4

Boston Balloon Guy

Parade #1

Parade #2

Parade #3

Parade #4

Parade #5

Parade #6

Parade #7

Blue Flowers

Daisies #2

Old Birdhouse


Daisies #1


Church Candles

Seagull in NYC Harbor

Ancient Fyfe & Drum Companie


Band #2

Army Girl



July 4 Faces

John Brown Bell (from Civil War)

Girl Making Art

Kids Making Art

School Art Show

Reflections of Kids' Art

Memorial Day 2009 Salute

Memorial Day 2009 Generations

Memorial Day 2009 Patriotic

Memorial Day 2009 Teaching Moment

Memorial Day 2009 Grave Flags

Memorial Day 2009 Minutemen and Veterans

My Fair Lady Play I

Graduation 2009 - Diplomas

Graduation 2009 - Smiling Graduate

Graduation 2009 - Happy Moment

Graduation 2009 - Take My Picture

Graduate 2009 - Glasses

Graduate 2009 - Tossing of Mortar Boards


Defense, Boston University-Maine Hockey

Goal - Boston University Terrier Hockey versus Maine

Faceoff - Boston University Terrier Hockey