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Please see: http://excipiovphotography.com/ My site is dedicated to the art of photography, and is also intended as a showcase for potential clients, friends and family to display a current online portfolio of my most recent and favourite images or memories captured through my lens. I began my photography career some 5-6 years ago as an unofficial photojournalist for the United Nations during my time/service with them in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2003-2006, recording the genocide, conflict and events there. Since returning to SA I have followed a more natural progression with landscapes, children / family portfolios, sporting events, wildlife etc. I still kept in touch with the photo journo side as an occasional freelance photographer for major as well as local publications. I am still fairly new commercial work, hence the new website and portfolio, but I have already won my first national competition for the Shell Select National “Best Driving Road” Competition. Results were posted in You, Huisgenoot and Drum magazine, first issue of August / last issue July I believe. I have previously received offers from small galleries in London and New York to showcase occasional prints of my work, however I declined as my involvement with photography at that time was more of a passion and not for commercial gain. I also use reputable high-end equipment from Nikon and Canon, so the quality of my work is reflected as such. However, as Ken Rockwell once said; ”Maybe because it’s entirely an artist’s eye, patience and skill that makes an image, and not his tools.” Thus, I believe my passion for photography and the huge rewards gained from capturing and showcasing images that inspire emotion, is what drives me. Sincerely, Jason MacFadyen

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Signal Hill Sunset

Little Bird

Summer Waters

Savanah Sunset

Night c r a w l e r

The Path Less Travelled

Silhouettes on the Water