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I Picked up photography during college in the '80s starting with my Father's old Argus rangefinder. Moved on to Canon FD system which I used until it was stolen from my car in 1999. Prospect of replacing uninsured Equipment got me hot on nature photography again...which is when I found MCSE/MCT/MCSD used to pay the bills, now its MySQL/PHP/XHTML/CSS computer geek and programmer if you're not familiar with the abbreviations. p strong2006-Summer./strong Work is keeping me away from photography. My nearly 2 year old son is my sole photographic outlet these days. After a year and a half of moving towards photography as profession I'm finding myself being pulled back to programming. This time it's web programming and some design. Recent sites include a href"" , a href"" and a href"" I expect the hectic pace to ease up by fall so hopefully I'll be back out in nature more p h4Previous updates:/h4 strong2005-Spring/strong My current focus is my 6 month old Son. My photographic love is landscapes and birds bees : insects etc, but the new baby is keeping me away from that most of the time now.

Country: US


Closeups and Macros

Landscapes and Nature

Bird Photos

The Unpopular

Joshua Tree NP

Italy, December 2000

Stitched Panoramas

Discussion Forum photos


Metallic Green (Dogbane) Beetle on leaf.

Flower - Purple Gerardia -Gerardia Purpurea

Damselflies Mating

Dry red leaf with Frost

Twighlight Birches.

Purple Finch near the nest

Frosty Blade of Grass in Morning Light

Sulphur Butterfly on Coneflower

Ole' one leg, the Grasshopper.

Thunderheads in the evening, Afton MN

Dewey Orb Web closeup before sunrise

Orange Sunset with White Pines

Blue Damselfly on dry Reed

Last rays of light illuminate clouds over Alice Lake.

Miniature Mushrooms in Moss

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Lake Sunset

Reed Reflections

White Birch and Fall color at Alice Lake

Near Sunset at Sunrise creek.

Yellow Warbler, Perched

Common Yellowthroat (Male) on Log.

Wading Blue Heron (shy).

Eastern Wood-Pewee on Perch

Yellow Rumped Warbler on perch.

Reedy Reflections

Last Light on the Lake

Peaceful evening at Carlos Avery WMA

Smokey sunrise in Pinto Basin, 2nd try.

White Tank Granite Sunset

Joshua Tree Silhouette

Joshua Trees in Queen Valley

Joshua Trees in last light.

Joshua Tree and Hills

Joshua Trees and Rocks just after sunset

Saint Peter's Interior with Light rays

Seagull Montage

Swirly sky and reeds

Korb Lake Sunrise, BWCA Minnesota, USA.

Sunrise on Tuscarora Lake, BWCA

Unusual cloud formation on Tuscarora Lake, BWCA

Red-winged Blackbird at rest.

Red-winged Blackbird showing off

Red-winged Blackbird #3 in series.

Sandhill Crane, early spring.

early morning on Pool 10

Male Tree Swallow takes a brief rest.

Female Tree Swallow guards her nest.

Female redwinged blackbird on cattail stalk

Barn Swallow in flight!


Mourning Dove and Gibbous Moon

Juvenile Northern Baltimore Oriole

Sunset silhouettes a bald eagle in Sherburne NWR, Minnesota.

Minneapolis Skyline. 14 image stitched panorama

Stormy Sunset on Lake of the Isles

Fall trees and grass, Without a polarizer.

Same Scene, with a polarizer!