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One of the many beauties of a passion is that it can be shared amongst people and passed on to others. So it can be seen that Peter Weimann inherited his passion for photography from his father. He was a passionate photographer who took his camera along on each of the family trips. The foundations had been laid, an interest inspired. For a passion to be developed it usually requires a particular event, a "Eureka" moment that allows an interest or a hobby to grow into a fascination. For Peter Weimann this moment came while he was at school. As a student in a photography course he learned the basics about the equipment, taking photos, and developing them. At the end of his final year he took the class picture and, though the course teacher also took one – his classmates only wanted to buy Peter's picture. It was a key moment in his photographic career, one that motivated and inspired him to develop and use his talent. Shortly after, Weimann decided to apply for a job as a freelance photographer with a daily newspaper, where he could expand his knowledge to the area of press photography. Journalistic photography is about using a picture to support and strengthen the events. The aesthetics of the picture must bring out the words on the page, not overlap them. It is an ideal school to sharpen a photographer's eye for what is essential in a picture. Today, his photographs concentrate mainly on nature and travel, which are particularly close to his heart. "Nature is my second great passion", says Weimann, who is always looking for new photographic challenges. Standing still is not an option for his life, or his photography. After spending several years perfecting his technique, cooperation with a large nature protection organisation gave him his first publications in this field. Today, his photographs appear in bestselling magazines such as "National Geographic", "Outdoor Photographer", "Ranger Rick" and "Das Tier". The quality of his work is enormously important to Peter Weimann. When it comes to the photographs themselves, or their presentation – compromise is not an option. Perhaps this is because he knows how much work and experience goes into each of his pictures, and how much would be lost if the reproduction didn't capture this.

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