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I'm a school teacher and outdoor sports addict (climbing, skiing, biking, kyaking) which is the subject of most of my photography. I live in Western Washington and spend most of my vacation time in the mountains.

Country: US


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Black & White


Sunrise on Mt. Athabasca, Canadian Rockies

Climbing the north face of Les Courtes, French Alps

Sunset on Mt. Baker, North Cascades, WA

Boulder field at sunset, Mt. Pilchuck, North Cascades, WA

Boy at Yurt

Spring Evening at Crater Lake

Cairn and maple

Foggy Trees

Frosty Grass

Faded Mural

Christmas Lights X4

Stained Glass Zoom

Bavarian Barn

Back Country Skiing, North Cascades, WA

Cascades Dawn

Three Fingers from Mt. Pilchuck

Lake Nakuru

Stormy descent in the Mt. Blanc Massif.

Climbers Grave

Rock Climbing in Washington's North Cascades

Zion Tree

Zion Morning

Tent Rocks, NM

Tent Rocks Evening

Sunset from Mt. Pilchuck

North Cascades Alpenglow

Snowy Evening

Dead Tree on Mt. Pilchuck

Ski Touring, Utah

Trees at Sunset

Cascade Morning

Skiing up Mt. Shasta

Mt. Biking Self-Portrait

Mt. Rainier from Mt. Pilchuck

Morning Cloud Whisp

Skier climbing Mt. Rainier

Marmot Poser

Sunset from Mt. Kenya

Sunset from Mt. Pilchuck

Skiing Denali

Sunrise on Mt. Foraker

The Perfect Turn

Sunrise on Mt. Hunter

Cascades Sunrise

Vancouver Island from 30,000 ft.

The Zen of Heather Lake

Heather Lake Evening

Heather Lake Rock

Bare Roots

Heather Lake Cove

Heather Lake Reflexion

Heather Lake Rocks

Heather Lake Morning

Glacier Skiing

Maple Leaves

Statue Paris

Maple Tree

Black Tail Butte

Kahiltna Glacier Panorama

Glacial Morains

Ice Cliff & Moon

November Light in the Forest

Foraker & Snow

Alaskan Eagles

Wonder Lake

Oregon coast

Sunrise from the Matterhorn

Breaking Trail

Mt. Foraker above the clouds

Fall Maple

My Backyard

Mt. Baker & Shucksan

Little Waterfall

Bellevue Botanical Garden at Xmas

Light Garden Panorama

Lights abstract

Space Prison

Centerpoint Station

San Antonio River Walk at Night

Zion Reflection

Danube Evening

SW Face of Denali

River Walk Reflection

Blue Mountain

Shadow Poem

Light Streak

Front-Country Snowboarding

Tivoli Zoom

Whitehorse in Winter

Three Fingers Sunrise

Eagle on the Skagit River

Whitehorse-Liberty Mt.

Mossy Trees

North Cascades Hillside

Three Fingers Sunset

Liberty Mt. Moonrise

Mt. Pilchuck Morn

Sunset on Mt. Pilchuck

Pilchuck Sunset 3

Pilchuck Sunset 4

Marble Pk.

Marble Peak

Icy Rock

Sunrise from Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier Sunrise

Denali in Clouds

Denali in Clouds II


Serenity III

Moon Over Mt. Pilchuck

Fall Colors - Heather Lake

Sunrise on Mt. Owen

Mossy Tree

Whitehorse Mt. in Winter

Breaking Trail

Skiing Jim Hill

Smokin' Powder Skiing

Turns & Shadows

Rock Detail

Middle & North Sister

Cuttin' it Up

Sisters Panorama

Catching Air

Last Climb of the Day

Skiing in the last light

Sunset Air

Cutting the Gully

Skiing Mt. Pilchuck 5/2

Sunset Skiing

North Cascades Sunset

Sunset Skiing

Triplets Panorama

Sunset Over Puget Sound

Cascade Sunset

Pilchuck Sunrise - Black & White

South Sister

North Sister

Ski jump on Mt. Hood

Sunrise on Mt. Jefferson

Skiing from the summit of Mt. Hood

Morning on the Farm

Sunrise From the Silver Forest

Sunset from Sunrise

Reflection Lake

Little Tahoma Dusk

Dawn at Mowich Lake

Mowich Face, Mt. Rainier

Spray Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park

North Cascades from Three Fingers Summit

Sunrise at Tipsoo Lake

Heather Lake Panorama

Foggy Day Flowers

Marymeer Falls Trail

Sunset from Pilchuck

Tumwater River Reflection

Fall Colors North Cascades

North Cascades Panorama

Sunset from Chinook Pass

Seattle Center at Night

Neon Seattle

Seattle Winter Afternoon

Seattle Marina Dusk

Xmas River Walk

North Cascades Winter

Big Four - Hall Pk Pano

Liberty Mt. Sunset Panorama

Sketchy Turn

Whitehorse Mt. Panorama

Three Fingers - Big Bear Moonrise

Skiing into the light

Under the Lake

Lake Stevens Sunset Panorama

Ruby Beach B&W

Ruby Beach Close Call

Whitehorse - Big Four Pano

Snowy Yard from Bedroom Window

Sunrise on Mt. Foraker

Lake Stevens Sunrise

Trees Panorama

Sunrise over Lake Stevens

Bullon - Three Fingers Dawn

Sunset Panorama from Mt. Pilchuck

Climbing to ski Mt. Pilchuck

Upper Tipsoo Lake Sunset

Rainier Reflection

Mt. Saint Helens Sunset Panorama

Comin' In Hot!

Adams Glacier & Tree

Rock in Tarn

North Cascades Panorama

Del Campo Reflection

South from Gothic Basin

Sunset on The Castles, Gothic Basin

The Glass Eye Warped

Coleman Glacier Panorama, Mt. Baker

Powder Ski Sequence

Powder Ski Sequence

Mt. Fox

Climb to Saphire Col

Sun on Water

Droppin' In!

Sisters Dawn

Skiing from Headlee Pass

Sunset on Mt. Rainier over 520 Bridge

Solduck Falls Sunset

Lake Crescent Sunrise

Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake Sunrise

Liberty Cap

Mt. Rainier's Summit & Clouds

Bird of Paradise

Climbing Coleman Glacier, Mt. Baker

Skiing the Coleman Glacier

Silver Forest Sunrise

Heather Lake Evening

Evening on the Stilliguamish

Garden Cairn

Slesse Mt. Sunrise

Sunrise on Lake Stevens

Fire Dance

Fire Festival Prayer

Frosty Pond

Frosty Branch

Stilliguamish River Rocks

Puget Sound Surfers

Powder Skiing Look

Cascade Powder Skiing, Black & White

Sunrise on the Strip

Belagio Fountain, Las Vegas

Tree and Wall, Zion Park

Misty day in Zion

Cable Mt. & Clouds

Skiing Big Four Mountain

Zion Canyon Overlook Sunrise


Broken Spectre, Mt. Pilchuck


Climb to Three Fingers

Sunrise, Bear Lake

Chasm Lake and Longs Pk. Sunrise

Sunset from Mt. Rainier

Dawn at Reflection Lake

North Cascades Evening

Mt. Baker Evening

Heather Lake Evening

Heather Lake, grass & rocks

Last Leaf

Sperry Pk. Sunset Summit

Christmas Tree B&W

Vesper Pk & Clouds

Del Campo - Vesper Panorama

Zion Snow

Back-country skiing in Washington's Cascade mountains





The Painted Hills, OR

Painted Hills, OR


mt. Pilchuck sunset skiing

Liberty Mt. black & white

Rain drops on Hosta

Hosta close

Wet Hosta


Trail Ridge Limber Pine

Zion Mist, B&W

Focus Stack Flower

Stillaguamish River

Crater Lake Moonrise

Crater Lake Tree

Red Butte, Mt. Adams Sunrise


Hiking down to Cascade Pass, WA

Rowing on Hood Canal


Down Perry Creek Trail

Perry Creek trail, bw

View from Mt. McCausland

Lichtenstein Mt. and Lake Valhalla

Summit Les Courtes, Mt. Blanc Massif

Descending Triolet

Climbers on Mt. Athabasca, Canada

Moraine Lake

African Lizards

Christmas Tree Finger Painting

Khan Tengri Shadows

Tien Shan Flight 1

Tien Shan Flight 2

Tien Shan Flight, b&w

Perry Creek trail, b&w

Climbing Les Courtes bw

Mt. Rainier from Mt. Adams, B&W

Droppin' In, BC skiing, Central Cascades, WA

Lake Cassidy Reeds

Squirrel in B&W

NY from MOMA


Nightmare from the woods, B&W

Ski sequence, Mt. Pilchuck

Sunrise on the Carbon Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Skiing Black Pk., CA

Snow and Rock Abstract B&W, Mt. Pilchuck

EMP, Seattle

North from Kyes, B&W

Alaska Airlines Stewardesses, Seafair Parade, Seattle

Half Dome stitch

Victoria, BC Sunrise

Flowers at Butchart Garden, BC Canada

Nearing Mt. Lassen's Summit

Stillaguamish River Abstract

Sunrise on Mt. Pilchuck, B&W

Glacier Pk. from Mt. Dickerman

North from Kyes Pk. Panorama bw

Early Winter Spires

Black Pk.from Heather Pass B&W

Lake Ice and branch

Glacier Peak Morning

Sunrise clearing

Hill Country Oaks, TX

Seattle Waterfront, BW

CC skiing Cascades, WA

Veince Canal

Czech Doorstep

Snowy Horse

Upper Tipsoo Lake Sunset, B&W

Snow Patterns

Early Winter Spires Sunrise


Skiing "The Gunsight"

Mt. Pilchuck after the storm

Climbing to Headlee Pass in fog

Skiing into Broken Top's Crater

Jumping into the North Cascades

Spectacle Lake Sunrise

Old house & Mt. Adams

Spectacle Lake Sunrise B&W

Silver Forest Stump (focus stack)

Skiing on Mt. Rainier b&w

Mt. Rainier from Glacier Basin

Hall Pk. Sunset BW

Point of Arches Sunset

Mt. Trees B&W Oil

Point of Arches Morning

Chihuly Garden at night

Sunrise at Point of Arches, WA

East from Mt. Baring B&W

Chihuly Garden, Seattle Center

Harts Pass Clouds B&W

Alpe De Suisse, black & white

Climbing Tour Ronde, Mt. Blanc Massif

Stillaguamish Autumn Pano

Shi Shi Sunset

Frosty Morning on Hwy 92

Snowy pond, Cascade range, WA

Hall Pk. Winter

South Fork Stillaguamish River, Winter

Egrets in Flight, Brazos Bend Park, TX

Stillaguamish River frosty rocks b&w

Climber on Cima Ovest North Face, Italian Dolomites

Climbing on North Face of Bloke

Hidden Lake Pk. B&W

Walking With My Wife

NE Ridge of Big Four

Sunrise over Mt. Pilchuck & Lk. Gardner

Cascade Rain Forest

Skiing The Sparkplug

Skiing the Nisqually Chute, Mt. Rainier

Skiing Nisqually Chute Composite BW

Sweet Sweet Powder


Summit Jump

Columbia & Wilman's Peaks

Mt. Pilchuck Summit

Pilchuck Sunrise

Skiing Wirtz Basin

Skiing Mt. Pilchuck

Skiing Mt. Pilchuck BW

Chimney Rock B&W

Skiing Inter Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Roots, Mt. Rainier National Park

Paradise River Source

Mt. Rainier Creek

North from Red/Painted Mt. Pano

Three Fingers Black & White

Morning in my backyard

Flower Pano Stack

Hydrangea focus stack

Avalanche off Mt. Rainier

Stump detail focus stack

Cape Kiwanda Fog

Canon Beach, OR: Fetch

Balanced rock at Cape Kiwanda, OR

Chicago from the Navy Pier

Delicate Arch, b&w

Lower Antelope Canyon

Raven Welcomer

Willis Canyon Narrows B&W

Wahweap Wash Mud Ghost

Boulder River Falls, WA

Dusk at Bryce Canyon

Antelope Canyon Smooth

Escalante Sunset

Bristlecone Pine, Cedar Breaks NP, UT

Bryce Canyon Sunrise

Bryce Canyon Rock

Skiing Rock Mt.

View down from Rock Mt. B&W

Dead Tree Sunset, Kodachrome Park Ut

Sunrise on Big Four's North Face

Wahweap Wash Sunrise

Towers of Silence

Monument Valley Panorama

Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon Focus Blend

Gator, Brazos Bend State Park, TX

Drying Dunes, OR

Sand & Seaweed BW

Sunrise on Vega Tower

Reflection Lake Sunrise

Redwood Bark Study


Seattle Center, EMP & Monorail

Jetty Island Pano

Super Moon Rise over Mt. Pilchuck

Sunset from Vesper Peak

Whitehorse Mt. at Dusk

Sailboat & Clouds

Shadow Fun at the Beach

Shuksan in Clouds

Rusting Pick-up

Mt. Baker + Stars

Playing on the beach, Cape Disappointment

Hall Pk. B&W

Devil's Garden Bouldering

Crater Lake Sunrays

Wheeler Pk, Bristlecone Pine Focus Stack

The Dragon's Teeth, B&W

Bent Pine, Zion NP

Burr Trail Rd. Badlands

Lower Calf Creek Petroglyphs

Chimney Rock in B&W

Morning in The Devil's Garden, Utah

Skiing Mt. Baker

Sunset Tree, Capital Reef

Desert Yoga

Cohab Canyon Wall B&W

Cohab Canyon Sunset B&W

Hickman Bridge Trail B&W

Hawk on the Slough

Beverly Beach Sunset

Mosaic Canyon B&W

Alabama Hills Moonlit Night

Zabriskie Pt. sunrise

Skiing Silver Star Mt.

Misty Morning at The Bathtub Lakes

South Congress St. Pano, Austin, TX

Heather & Rock

Dusk at Mt. Rainier

Sunrise behind Whitehorse Mt.

A boy and his stick

Climbing Vesper Pk.

Hostas in Black & White

Mt. Baker from Skyline Divide

Dusk on Mt. Baker

Sunrise from Skyline Divide

Stormy Day in my yard

Sunset Fishing

Mt. Shuksan & Aurora

Sunrise from Mt. Pugh

Fall Colors, my neighborhood

Moon & Stars over Glacier Peak

Sunrise on Mt. Rainer from Mt. Pugh

Sunrise North of Mt. Pugh, B&W

Fall Day on Mt. Pilchuck

My Backyard

Frosty Morning

West Face of Sloan Pk.

Waterfall Ice

Sand Surfboard

Glacier Peak Sunrise Pano

Stillaguamish Flow B&W

Geese and Clouds

Winter view NE from Mt. Pilchuck

Swans Overhead

Snow Geese & Mt. Baker

Fir Island Birding

Fir Island Sunset

Trumpeter Swans + Olympic Mountains

Snow Geese Come in for Landing

Lake StevensSunrise Pano

Solduc River Pano

2nd Beach Handstand

Rialto Beach Driftwood

2nd Beach Sunset in B&W

2nd Beach Sun & Tree

2nd Beach Sunset Sea Stacks

2nd Beach Sunset

Cornice in Black & White

View down NW face of The Great White Throne

Mt. Stuart

Zabriskie Point Dawn

Flower Pickers, Skagit Valley, WA

Cornice End Run

Whitehorse Mountain B&W

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

Spring in Washington Park Arboretum

Spring Maples

Tulip Town & Whitehorse Mt.

Mt. Baker Summit Slopes

Big Four Spring

Hostas in Black & White

Sunrise from Steptoe Butte

Evening from Steptoe Butte

Sunrise from Steptoe Butte

Kalalock Beach Sunset B&W

Rialto Beach Sunset B&W

Kalalock Beach Panorama B&W

Spring skiing on Vesper Peak

Skiing Del Campo's North Face

Vesper Peak in Clouds B&W

Downy Creek in fog

Niagara Falls B&W

Boys playing, Kensington Market, Toronto

South Fork Stillaguamish River Rocks, B&W

Mt. Baker Moonrise

Sunset from Heliotrope Ridge

Skiing on Mt. Rainier Panorama

Marmots At Play

Cowlitz Rocks B&W

Star Eruption, Mt. Rainier

Sunset over Samish Bay

Sunset from Whidbey Island

Sunset from Dege Pk.

Gothic Basin Sunrise

Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea Pedals Scanned

Heather Lake

Heather Lake Reflexion

Harvest Moonrise over Cascades

Bryce stars

Owachomo Bridge

Hike to Casidy Arch

Hwy 12 Rocks & Clouds

Utah Hwy 12 Sunset Clouds

Coyote Gulch B&W

Icefields Parkway B&W

Mt. Eisenhower

Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Hosta Flower BW