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Photography has been a significant force in my life. For more than half a century it has brought me full circle,from a dedicated amateur through many years as a Television News and Documentary cinematographer, Newspaper and Magazine assignment contributor, and on into retirement and the Digital world we now embrace.It has been a most eventful and fulfilling ride.

Country: CA


Single Photos

The Wild and the Cultivated

Rolling West


Plug-in Fllters and Effects



Black and White all Over

Altered Images


Early Western Pioneers

Navajo Sunrise

Out of the Past

A Rainbow for Arches

Pretty in Pink

Face in the Crowd

You Lost, Buddy??

Daybreak on Commanche Peak

Road to Gila Bend

Santa Elena Canyon

Early Morning Mist




A Discussion of Great Importance

Love and Life, on the Seine

One Shy Kitty

Baby - Red Shoulder Hawk

Heart of an Iris

CAMELOT - In the Beginning

Ya know what you can do with that Bucket

The Passing of an ERA

Men at Work

Puppy Love ???

Danger Zone

Drifting Shadows

Alone in a Crowd

Blushing Yellow



Spring is Here

Clematis and Friends

Spring Beauty

The Happy Saguaro

Fire Fountain

Mellow Yellow


Silken Tears

Desert Sky

The colour Yellow

Crushed Velvet

Gone With the Wind

Backroads West

Forgotten Clothesline

Ghost Truck of the Mohave

Last Pitstop

Cottage for Sale or Rent

Moon Mission

Saguaro Dream

Wolfe Ranch

Death Valley - Window to the Past

Lake Powell

Flat Nose Rock

Jail House Rock

Geyser Basin - Yellowstone

The Last Corral

Mammoth Falls

The Rock Garden

Moonlight Becomes You

The Time of their Lives

Two Moon Junction

Go Away, It's Still Daylight!!

Ducks a la Raft

Painted Turtle

Oh! It's just You!

Mountain Lion

Antelope Run

Reflections of a Hardwater Fisherman

Death and Regeneration

Reflections of a Hawk

Texas Clothesline

The Mission at Contraband

Desert Nomad

Crystal River Mill

Ghost Town

Wildwood Flower 3

Wildwood Flower 2

Wildwood Flower

Red Velvet

Hidden Beauty

Wildwood Sunburst

Soft as Velvet

Valley of the Rio Grande

Attack of the Peanut Monster

House Hunting

Cloudy Day in Motown

Rainbow Over Arches 2

Seeds of Life

Babysitting's Boring


Bedford Mill

Coming in On a Wing and a Prayer


The ZORRO Tree

The Frost Forest

The Frost Forest 2

Alone in a Crowd

It'll Blow Over, Son!

This Way, Boys.

Moss on the Rocks

Snow Scallops and Curves

Reflections of Summer


A Comfortable Adoption

White Sands and Lavender

Seed Pods of the White Sands

Please Use Back Door.

Another Time ... Another Season.

The Violent Side of Nature

Afternoon Break

Once Upon a Time in the West

Ripple Effect

What did you expect? I'm Off Duty.

Mohave Dawn

Oh well. No "Falling Rocks" SIGN

Doorway to Mexico

Four Little Lambs

Painted Sunset

Sunset Silhouette

Three Chapel Lake (Series)

Den of the Red Dragon

The Mission Guard

The Last Nor-East'r #2

The Last Nor-East'r #2

The Golden One

Predator on Ice

So That's What You Were Buying Today!!!

Fire in the Hole

Center Stage

Woodland Spring

Shades of White

Spring Reunion

Dutchmans Breaches

Cotton Candy

Coming Soon

The Gathering

A Touch of Pink

Sad End to a Big Wheel

The Castaways

Mamouth Falls - Yellowstone

The Shining

Here Fishy Fishy

Spring Beauty


Down in the Valley

Just Passing Through, mister!!!

Petals Unfolding

Classic Beauty

Delicate Romance

WOW!!...Some Landing Strip!!.

Thanks! ... I Needed a Hand.


Dancing in the Wind

Hearts and Flowers

Nobody Loves Me

A Closer Look

The MACRO Blues

My Dog Blue

Bungee Jumping Columbine

The Cactus and the Mountain

Ghost Town Cactus

Wanna Play, Lady??

Better Times - 2004

Cholla - (Choy - yuh)

Cast a Long Shadow.

Duel in the Sun.


Snow Cone

Paint the Seconds

Crowning Glory

Hot Pink and the Carpenter

Hey,look.--- Iris is Flying

I'm a Snapper too!!!

Aesthetics 1/1 !!!

Sunshine on my Shoulder...makes me Happy..

Delicate Yellow

Sunny Side Up

WOW !!!.....Strawberry Vanilla

With Heart all Aglow

Border Town Jail

The Mission

Dead Calm

Shadow Play

Heart of Gold

In The Air Tonight

Shocking Orange

Singing for the Lonely

Only the Lonely

Sorry....No Bulls Allowed!!

My Day

Field of Dreams ....(if you're a Cow)

In the Beginning ....





Soft Vignette

Zoom motion




Digital Cubist

Psychedelic Watercolor

Just Peachy

She may be cute, but I asked for a "Seeing Eye Dog"

A Place in the Sun

The View from Foley Mountain

The View from Foley Mountain - Westport

The Motor City

Natures Lace



Almost Glass

West Texas in the Morning...


Route of the Butterfield Stage

Sand in a Bottle

Into the Storm

BONES the Magic Dragon...

Into the Storm.....Monochrome

Terlingua Sunrise

Terlingua Pioneers

Sea of Sand.....and a Following Sky.

Surrealism in Reality

The Hotel Marathon.....Texas

Gray Day in West Texas

How Green was my Valley

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Next Pitstop....Mexico

The Autumn Leaves.....

And Life Goes On Around Us...

Shape and Form on a Curve...

The Last Cantina in Texas..

"Rest in Peace"

Border Crossing...Rio Grande


Wetlands Dawn

Wetlands Dawn II.

A Passing Season

Autumn Comes to Buck Lake

Spy Rock

The Emperors Advisor

Peaches and Cream


This is Getting

WhaDaYa Mean.........Chocolate!!!!!!

Silver and Gold

Shane Ranch - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Saguaro LineBackers

Once Upon a Time ----- along the Rio Grande

Where Have all the Winters Gone??

Hard Times in the Ozarks

Buck Lake Sunset

TEXAS........Even the Clouds are Bigger!

Valley of the Organpipe.

Days of Wine and Roses

In the Beginning.....

Ravages of Time

...and Touch the Clouds

... one Stormy Night.... Yellowstone

For Sale.....Home with a View.

Nothin quite so Pretty as...a Mitten in the Morning.


Life and Death on a Grand Scale

the Provider

Free at Last

...even the Shadows are Bars

Nature's Cooler... Beer Anyone?

Sunhats and Seashells

Woodlands Perspective

Dandy - Lion

Rocks of Ages

A Time for Reflection

Deep in the Heart of Texas

A Walk on the Wild Side

A Bend in the River......a Bend in the Clouds

Crossing Guard Training

Home at Last

Says Who ?????

High Hat, Boots and Saddle

A Rather Stiff Penalty

One Big Step for ........

Reach for the Sky

Back Door Bar

Life in a Ghost Town.



the Dead of Winter

Whirly - Bird

Frosted Rose-Bw- (Large)

Mahone Bay_ 092-hdr-Cr-Nr3-bw- (Large)

Rainbow Arch rs Fr ApbS_filt_cr__NR-Spe (Large)

Remnants-2-GhostTown- 043_hdr-CL-Rcol-NR4-CR2-_pe (Large)


Autumn's In the Air - Eastern Ontario, Canada

Backlit sheep and pasture, Eastern Ontario

Ballarrat A mining ghost town in Death Valley


Chocolate Desert Also in Joshua Tree NP

A Joshua Tree in it's National Park

GhostTownCemetery Terlingua, Texax

Outward Bound -42- Nr2-CLT-Spe-

Trawler arriving home, south of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Rainbow Arch