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Basicly my job has nothing to do with photograhpy. I am a radio journalist working in the Polish Radio Culutre section. Accept that I am a Holocaust historian - that is why so much of my photos are taken in Oswiecim (Auschwitz). I work in several projects from which the biggest is "Europe according to Auschwitz" based at Warsaw University Laboratory of Reportage. I've been photographing for about three years. I used to take analogue pictures, but now I do digital Olympus E-300 which seems to be quite good. My main interest in photography is people - their emotions, reactions and actions. I think you can really tell something about the world through their faces and acts. I think you can show almost everything just showing people in different contexts and perspectives. But still my main tool is the microphone. I participate in Ben S. initiative "comment 5 pictures a day"


Single Photos




Prague and Vienna


Wall of Death - Auschwitz


Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau; Block 11, block of death

Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau: a monument in Birkenau

Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau

Museum Auschwitz_Birkenau: a view on the unloading ramp from the main guarding tower in Birkenau

Museum Auschwitz Birkenau: The Sauna in Birkenau

Playing... at Warsaw Old Town

Memories... (Warsaw oldest cementary)

Fall in love in a train...

Souvenirs from Kazimierz

Jenny (during photo-workshop)

The monument of murdered in the East.

Jewish cementary in Tarnow

The audience

Stop the horse!

Under a lilac tree

An Argentinian in Cracow

Childrens' clothes - robbed before they died in gas chamber

New Jewish cementary in Cracow

A man on the exhibition in Centralsauna in Birkenau museum,


Magdalena under a lilac tree 2

A fotographer

Auschwitz I - Crematory

Henryk Mandelbaum - the last living Polish Sonderkommando member from Auschwitz-Birkenau

Reflections of crosses in Birkenau Sauna


Playing with water

A doll

I believe I can fly

Flash capture

Cow parade...

Learning to pray. Cathedral in Cologne (Germany)


Just an ordinary clown

Remember - the most important thing: practice.

A morning cup of coffee

A photographer during Polish-German photo workshops in Auschwitz (Oswiecim)

A ghost

A bird - Auschwitz museum

Ah... Women!

A yard in Kazimierz - the old Jewish neighbourhood in Cracow

Caution - electricity. (Birkenau museum)

Cologne Cathedral

Boys on the rails


A barack in Birkenau

Behave quietly - original sign in one of Birkenau camp blocks.

A Korean pianist in Cologne after performing a very long (over 2 hours) and difficult piece by Oliver Messiaen.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument

A wall of photos in the museum of Pawiak - the Nazi prison in occupied Warsaw.

Polish and Israeli youth during "The March of The Living" in Auschwitz Museum.

The new Jewish cementary in Cracow.

The new Jewish Cementary in Cracow 2

Shades of Auschwitz

A latrine barrack in Birkenau

Agnieszka - hidden

Standing for 50 years

A wire

A shrine

Night in Auschwitz

The kids (&dad)

Auschwitz at night II

A cross

Stone prayer

Autumn in Auschwitz #1

Autumn in Auschwitz #2

Autumn in Auschwitz #3

the faith


A monk

The Church in Betlehem.

A place where Jesus was born (allegedly)

A monk #2 - at the church by the olive garden.

A freight car - Yad Vashem monument

Paris - part of the huge monuemnt of distroyed Jewish comunities at Yad Vashem.

At the toy store - Jerusalem Old City

Grandmom and grandchild

Free as a bird


A church lamp

A bird from Masada

The wailing wall

The wailing wall #2


The wailing wall #4

The Theatre sunset


In the Bahai temple


Photographing sadness


Jerusalem - old town at night

A cowboy

In the dead sea

In the radio.

A water basin in Birkenau Camp - buit as fire protection basin.

Another color photograph from Birkenau. Colours in autumn are unbelievable... Weird to photograph. The leaves are right next to crematory and gas chamber no. 3

Birkenau at sunset light

The Birkenau ramp covered with snow.

A rose left by a tourist in the changing room of gas chamber II in Birkenau museum.

Sunset in Birkenau


Table legs and shadows

The exhibition "wall of faces" in the sauna in Birkenau

Just some geometrical lines

A pigeon man

Winter at the guarding tower of Birkenau

A portraitmaker

One of the exhibitions room in Auschwitz museum.

"Where to go?" Somewhere in the Auschwitz museum.

Bite me!

A monument from Wilanow Castle in Warsaw.

No title.

A prayer

In Poznan Cathedral

A foot

March of the living 2006

Playing for memory (March of the living)

Another one from reflection series (March of the living)

The biggest horse monument in the World. Jan Zizko. Prague.

Angels behind bars

Playing with balls at Karlovske Namesti

A visitor...

El diabolero

The unloading ramp in Birkenau extermination camp.

Jewish cementary in Prague.

The dome

Just Married!

Helping in the kitchen

A sculpture in light

A sad view

Photographing details

The boys and their glasses

A pigeon.

Autumn in Auschwitz-Birkenau

In the Gestapo museum in Cologne.

A view of Prague

In magic mirrors pavilon.

Strachov library (theological part)


A lamp in Auschwitz

Concentrating on taste...

My girl...

A girl and her mom

Say cheese...

A fly photograph

A player

A man and his beard.

A cross in the execution wall

The wall

In the radio studio located in Warsaw philharmony.

A table tennis autoportrait with light

Hubert (front) and Tomasz Stanko (background)

A photographer at Jewish cementary


An icy wire

Sunset over Birkenau camp

The pope's rainbow

Flags marching


A girl with her doll


Rubbish baskets

A man and fire

A boy with his blanket

Girls that wanna have fun

Rainy Birkenau

Lamps and wires

After the march of living

The flag and rails - during March of the Living 2006

A yard in front of the museum entrance.

Cleanless is healthy - another cynical slogan

A portrait

A radio journalist

Something on the ground


The "V" in Birkenau.


Manfred Deselaers - a German priest from Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oswiecim.


Block 28 in Auschwitz museum.

Marek Miller

A bath in Theresienstadt Ghetto

Window and a sink

A photographer in Birkenau


A portrait

A view of Prage with a rooster.

An umbrella with soldiers

Kick the ball!

A flag and a line

Wires and sun reflection



A touch

City hydrology

A good book

Arbeit Macht Frei and the flag

One and many

Photographing the ramp

Vienna children cementary

Street in Auschwitz camp after rain

Discovering unseen.

Lukas - a photographer

A group of chasidic Jews stadning at crematorium in Birkenau

Latrine and a window (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

The shoes.

A window with flowers

Halt / Stop

A flag on the unloading ramp in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Hair curves.

A portrait with glasses

A portrait


Attention! People work up there.

Feeding the pigeons

Auschwitz and media

A rose in pond of ashes

Photos, faces and reflections

Auschwitz 1940

Glass floor and window reflection

Visitors steps (Auschwitz)

Listening to the lecture

"Catch me"

Agnieszka - the eyes


A fountain

In the radio - Bartek.

In the radio - Bogusia.

In the radio - Monika.

Betlehem - an icon.

Daniel in dead sea

Just married


The tree of martyrs in Yad Vashem institute

A chapel

Via Dolorosa - three languages

Playing at Ben Yehuda

Joy of dance


Stained glass widow

A candle and icon

Row of cells in Terezin fortress

Prisoners cell in Terezin fortress

Pigeon girl

A flag and a photo.

An Italian girl


Berlin Holocaust Memorial (1)

At the Berlin wall...

Ministry of Finances (former Luftwaffe building) - an example of Third Reich architecture.

At the Powazki cementary in Warsaw

At the Powazki cementary in Warsaw

Chaotic Berlin street

At the main station in Berlin

Staatsoper Berlin

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (2)

Brandembur Gate

A smile

Gleis 17 - a monument of Jews deported from Berlin

Radio sound director

Coffee adict


The visitors in barack in Auschwitz-Birkenau

Memorial candles at the gas chamber changing room ruins (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Tired after studying


Another leaf

Abstract from Birkenau

A girl in big glasses

A post from Birkenau

A chasidic visitor (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Young couple

A portrait from Berlin

The bride (with her painting)


A visitor in Sachsenhausen museum.

Posts (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Auschwitz in rain (Auschwtiz-Birkenau)

Running out of the photo (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

A shadow

Feelings in a park

Under a colorful umbrella

A boy


Getto uprising monument in Yad Vashem


Candles next to the grave of Christ in Jerusalem

Grass of Bahai gardens in Haifa

Jesus and Peter at the Sea of Galilee

Sad reflection (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

York Cathedral


Camp latrine (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

German volunteers in Auschwitz-Birkenau

Ramp in Birkenau seen from a window of main gate (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Wires... (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Via Dolorosa

A pigeon on the cross

A lonely candle


Czech soldier

The trinity (Jerusalem)

Ghetto Fighters Monument (Yad Vashem copy)

Weapon guard.

Autumn reflection (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Halt - autumn in Auschwitz-Birkenau

A flower left by a visitor in one of Birkenau barracks (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Some Asian tourists in Birkenau (Auschwitz - Birkenau)



Trumpet players

B&W autumn in Birkenau

Birkenau reflections

Flag of memory

A girl in front of the owen

Waiting for the trip

Bieszczady - on the way to Tarnica

A goat

A butterfly


A reader

Bathing in a dam

Waiting for entering a sluice

Bird and electricity

A footballer

A swan

Cold water

Two worlds

Birds and electricity

Gas Chamber

A biker in Auschwitz museum

Bathing in a dam 2

Cat family

I am as wide as a photo


Some machines in Terezin ghetto fortress.

Washing room in Terezin Ghetto fortress


Candle light

A walking couple

Glasses make a person

On a train


River selfportrait.

Tzadik Festival


Pigeons geometry

Here little pigeons!

John Paul II - monument in Poznan

A baloon


Beware of dog


Waiting for a meal

City abstract

Hotel view

Maciek swinging

Hot chocolate

Exhibition - Pope's photos in Cracow

Zywiec umbrellas

A bar

Posts (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Warsaw geometry

Playing between the lines

A reader

Bench in sunlight

Bathing in a dam

Secret Service

Tourists in Auschwitz

Morning mist in Auschwitz museum.

The Western Wall

Some architecture of Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Flying above the sand

Ways to Massada

Western Wall and chairs


An abstract plant

Hanged roses (Auschwitz museum)

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a picture

Things that people left at Wall of Deat in Auschwitz - the Pope


Things left at the Wall of Dead in Auschwitz - wooden crosses

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - holy pictures

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - holy pictures

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz.


Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - Italian cross of remembrance

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a flower

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - holy picture in snow

hings left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a cross from Irland

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a blue rosary

A photographer

Train of commemoration

It's raining outside

A cat (Auschwitz Museum)

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a finger rosary and John Paul II

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a cross and a picture

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - Mary and baby Jesus

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a holy medal

Things left at the Wall of Death in Auschwitz - a rosary

Night photo session in Auschwitz Museum

Extermination (Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum)

Coal mine elevator operator

Block 28 in Auschwitz - the attic

A portrait with an umbrella

Lights of night

A group of fotographers trying to find their approach to a famous sign "Arbeit Macht Frei" at night...

Picture taken inside one of the latrine barracks at the female part of Birkenau camp.

Flower of memory (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Photo of latrine (Auschwitz-Birkenau)


The room where newcomers to the camp where showered before the process of registation. Outside was the part called "Canada" - 30 warehouses with good stolen from the Jews brought to Auschwitz for extermination. It was heavily raining outside when the picture was taken.

A part of the exhibition located in the Sauna building in Birkenau. The family photos were brought by Jews from Będzin.

A serious historian

A dool (from here: moved to another place in the Auschwitz Museum exhibition.

Ruined latrine - Gypsy sector of Auschwitz-II Birkenau camp.

The Death Gate


Skateboarder... in Munich


Portrait of an "unphotogenic" one...

Walking out...

A room in block 11 in Auschwitz where prisoners had to strip before the execution.

Autumn in Dachau

Chapel in Dachau

Inside an ancient water cistern at Masada in Israel.

Touching moment at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Inside the church of Mt Zion in Jerusalem

Inside the church of holy sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Los Alcazares - Spain

A view on the road dividing BIIc and BIId sectors at Birkenau site. This way people went from the selection ramp to crematories and gas chambers IV and V.