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"A Hasselblad smiles while a Nikon rejoices, Both shutters click in unison voices." B. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada 1950. B.A. (McGill) 1973 M.Sc. (Journalism)(Syracuse University) - 1976, Photography came to me at age 7 in the form of a red box camera won at a county fair bingo. I supplied photos for my high school yearbook. During the mid-70s, I was an employee publication editor for Bell Telephone's Montreal office, for which I illustrated my writings. In the early-80's, I photographed for trade publications in Calgary, while providing stage shots for amatuer and professional theater. I do mainly action/human interest shots, using color neg and Kodachrome films and a 70s-vintage Nikkormat and lenses. I also use a Yashica Mat-124G for MF. I currently work as a computer person for a Quantity Surveyor's office. P.S. Go digital! I've got a Nikon D90 and loving it.

Country: CA


Single Photos

Toujours le printemps à Montreal

Toronto the Good

The Passing Show

Flower Power

The Seventies ... As Plain as Black and White

Les jolies filles en maillots

Syracuse ... The School on the Hill

Don't Sleep on the Subways

My Soul Is Stained with the Light of Grace

Tanglewood, U.S.A.

All The World's A Stage


Shoppers @ Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada

Musician at Sunnyside Beach, Toronto, Canada

Pro-Serb Sympathy Demo to Chinese Consulate, Toronto

Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Limited Edition Automatic Chronograph

Summer on the Beach



Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Waiting for the Santa Claus Parade

Eaton Mausoleum, Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Front porch of Eaton mausoleum, Toronto

Typical Montreal "Depanneur" (Convenience Store) in Plateau Mt. Royal

Sanctuary of Notre Dame Cathedral

19th Century House Downtown

48 Toronto Highlanders at Remembrance Day 2006

Cenotaph Honour Guard

48 Toronto Highlanders

Horse carriages in front of Notre Dame Church in Montreal

Chairman of the Board

Captivated by Santa Claus


King Edward in the Snow

R.O.M. Crystal

R.O.M. Crystal

Barrel Cactus, Edwards Gardens

Urban Tall Grass

Aftermath of Queen Street (Downtown) Fire

Fall Fair, Creemore, Ontario, Canada

a Busy Mom

1947 Caddy Convertible

Selling Hot Dogs on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon


Reflections of Crystal Facade

Waiting for the Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus Parade

Marian Procession

Priests of the Toronto Oratory on Parade on Queen Street W., Toronto

Seminarians of the Toronto Oratory on Queen Street W., Toronto

Holy Family Parish on Parade: Queen Street, Toronto

Knights of Columbus on Parade

Seminarians at the Oratory of St. Phillip Neri, Toronto

House that looks like a face

Tennis Courts, Center of Town of Mount Royal, Quebec

Connaught Park, Center of Town of Mount Royal, Quebec

Tuba Player, Band, Grand-Mère, Quebec

Isn't This Fun!

Is There a Problem?

Hangin' In: McGill Outing Club House Kitchen

Steam Train, Grand-Mère, Quebec

A Brass Band Welcome

Girl in Red Bikini

Facing the Sun

A free press ...

Lobby - Newhouse School

Ben Shahn's Sacco & Venzetti Mural

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications

Hendricks Chapel Interior

Late 70's bandeau maillot

Hall of Languages in Background

A Photo Moment

Umbrella Girl

40th Anniversary Protest of Abortion in Canada

Standing in the Rain on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Junior High School Students

November Shadows

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

L.C. Smith Hall

Hall of Languages in Late Spring

Chapel, Newman Centre Toronto

View from Grange Park

Hot Dog Vendor at University of Toronto

The Long Ride Home

A Sheathed Tart


At Track Level

The Maze


Bloor Street United Church

My Former Backyard

Town of Mount Royal Street



Esplanade facing Mount Royal Park

Beckerath Organ, St. Joseph's Oratory



Hanging Out at Park & Mount-Royal

A Stolen Moment

Pilgrims' Shrine, St. Joseph's Oratory

A Young Lady and her Admirers

Balloon Artist - Annex Spring Fair

Cookout - Annex Spring Fair

Inflatable Basketball

Here's looking at you



Love Cast in Stone


Hot Dog Stand at Evening

Two Catholic Saints and One Heroic Priest at the University of Toronto Newman Chapel

Aquinas & Cardinal Newman Window, Chapel, Newman Center, Toronto



Groovin' to the Vibe

T-Shirts, etc. for Sale

Street Scene

A South Asian Manicure

A Walk in The Park


Dancer II

Americana on Main Street

It's Me Mum, Luv

Basses on Stage, Koussevitzky Music Shed

A minor Detail


What's Sunday without the Times?

Hogtown Awakens

International Student Office, University of Toronto


Swimmer Acrobats at Toronto's Buskerfest



Tall Girl

Above the Crowd