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I'm something you might call a "part time professional" of photography. By education I'm a Doctor of Scienece in Electrical Engineering Electromagnetics. I have a lovely wife and two adorable twin daughters born 2001. I live in Espoo Tapiola, Finland.


Single Photos

Fashion - Hair

Fashion - Streets and Catwalks

Fashion - Studio

Beauty Pageants


Passers by

Rome subway, Barberini station

My daughter Anna at 4

Maria (4yrs) working with a computer

A snap from Venice beach at Los Angeles.

Anna backlit with two umbrellas, a heavy color cast from surrounding bookshelf

Three generations of relatives dragging the rowboat out of the lake

Maria Dec 24th, 2004

Anna and Maria 2003

One human child feeding three other kids, of different species...

Anna flies...

Maria smiles

Maria Smiles II

Funeral reception, turned to BW and cropped a bit more...


Linda as Ripley - aliens are closing in...

Wild thing

Crispy pose for a crispy cold day


Senate Square Catwalk

Tranquil portrait of Emma

80% portrait, 20% image manipulation...

IceBreak 2005 (an annual paddling event in Vantaa rapids, Helsinki Finland)

Saija as a hair model

Saana as a hair model

The hairpro herself...

Saija BW

Natalie doing her stint as a hair model.

Allar shot outside of the saloon... This is what I'm really after - to show that these are real on locations shots with real people, showing the skills of the stylists and hair dressers. The background is the oh so ugly administrative center of Espoo, Finland in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Emma's turn to do some hair modeling...

The very energetic Saana

Saike in Colorful Glamour


Emma in "nude" makeup

Oh so glamorous Saike!

Alina tuned to glamour...

Saana smaller...

Hans in heavy contrast...

Sofia with rock'n roll hair...

Sari's turn to do some serious hair modeling...

First in the HairPros II series

Hairpros II series...

The lips steal the show...

Yes, men get their hair cut, too .-)

Another shot of mysterious Taina

Va bene

Anna embraces the world!

A bit more cheerful image...

Saike with a hint of mystery in the smile...

Teresa De Rita-Cavlek





Hommage to Robert Mapplethorpe

Paris sights times two

Emmi among the leaves


The Pose

Aaro, Summer 2005 in Mynterla, Lohja, Finland

Paula Tapionmäki in Studio


Paula in white jacket

Timo Lassy (sax)

Susanna Wahl (vocals)

Nina Herala on Catwalk Funky Lady & Ferrer 13 Years Festivities

Elina Nurmi

Mirella Koulias

Elena on a catwalk

Oksana - closeup

it's that hypno look again!

Oh that smile

Emmi leaning...

Studio stuff with Miss Globe Finland 2006

Emma strikes a pose with Hikey BG

Hey dude, why don't you stop staring at my legs, and give me a hand :-)

Satu in color


Fallen Angel


The last winter days - pls view larger!

Kristina leaning...

Easter photo

Helsinki by Night

Ice Princess of the Ice Man...

Anna, summer of 2006

Hmm, let's see...

Urban flora

Tranquil Alina

A rose is a rose is a rose...

BW Alina

Glam Alina

Male portrait

Kristina III

Marita Klaavu

Marita II

Sad Marita

Hanging out...

Warm summer evening

Nina under the trees

Innovating new posing postures...

Purple rain

Over the horizon

Popfashion 2006, dress design by Jukka Rintala

oh yeah?

ta dah

boogie woogie

Josefina; Popfashion 2006

Tanja Sundell in Studio

Tanja in Helsinki sunset

Shirt in the street

Venla escallates

Beginning of a chain reaction

Stinging in the rain

Available light

No entry

Suvi Miinala

Fur and hair


Laura in a portfolio shot

Laura glamorous

A bit chilly moment

Laura at the Church stairs

Delicate Laura

Reta Syla

Reta BW

Reta laughs

Getting a bit chilly...

Sarita in studio

Dynamic Sarita

Rock Martina

Athlete or beauty queen?

Martina smiles

Alina w. dark hair

With Laura in a museum

Laura poses

Another fab Laura

I'm getting up...

Essi chilly

Essi leaning

Essi fenced in

Energetic Essi

Summer's not yet here

Catwalking on a sidewalk

The indigo man

Repost to salute the summer

Walking the catwalk

Summer night 2006

Marita the Poser II


Tiina II

Statue Noora

Juulia poses

green wall, red earrings

Dark alleys

Closeup of Juulia

Information society

Linnea hits the stage

Linnea leaning

Black on black

Linnea and wallpaper

Linnea hits the stage again

Medine the spider woman

Medine a'la Kubrik


Beach scene in December

Big ugly fat ****


Laura in BW

concrete fashion



Marita K

Venla waits for the elevator


Nina II

Päivi S.


Marita in a beach scene

Marita K in Technicolor

vibrant Marita

Marita on the beach

rain hits the lake

Nina S III

Marimekko summer fashion show 2007

Heidi P

Heidi as a hairmodel

Anis I

Anis II

Anis III

Anis VI

Heidi Portrait

deux amies

Postcard of Paris

Hair portfolio building for Seija & Helmut

My old school

Anis 2009

Anis II




Tara II

Nea II

Elsi Suolanen

Fashion shapes



Riina Seise portrait

Riina Seise BW

Riina on the beach

Amphibious Riina (pls view larger)

Minna Nikola

Minna full framed

Minna cold

Lizard Minna

Minna the Amphibian

Linnea in the mirror



Wetlook L






Sofia wetlook