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As at 17 Jan 07: Photography is a subjective art & I believe that it is 70% creativity, 30% skills. It's a form of communincation & interaction.
I am still learning, trying to be creative & realistic at the same time. Possible?
This 2 years plus in PN, I have known many foreign & local friends who have helped me improve & progress in photography. A Big THANK YOU!
I value & appreciate all comments.

Here I would also like to express my thanks to the Principal of "The Colllege of Traditional Acupunture" in UK, [The CTA] Paul Hougham, of using many of my photos for their newsletters & website, giving the proper aknowldegement to me, as the photographer, & increasing my portfolio exposure. His appreciation of my photography works is most heartening to me.

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  • Greens & Petals
    Travel: Tunisia
    Travel 07:YunNan,China
    Snip Snap of S'pore
    Insects & Reptiles
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    Unmanipulated Shots
    Travel 2004: Chengtu & JiuZaiGou, China
    Sunset..Sunrise..A new day...
    Latest Image
    My Travel Footsteps...
    Snips Snaps Of Singapore
    Travel 2005: Silk Road ,China (Gansu & Xinjiang)
    Vision of Colours
    Abstract Art
    Still Life
    Travel 2006: Vietnam
    Travel 2006/08 Malaysia: Cameron Highlands, Malacca
    Travel 2007 :Tunisia
    Insects & Reptiles
    "The Song Title Club"
    Travel 2007 : YunNan, Szechuan-China
    Cultures & Festivals
    Travel 2008 :Taipei,Taiwan
    Street Impressions


    Thousand Lights
    Sparkling Night
    Half Sun rising by the Beach
    Full sunrise
    Cloudy Reservoir
    Peeping Sky
    Golden Sunset
    A Resting Tortise
    Friends & Me
    Spiral Point of View
    Away from Fiery Sunset
    Steps to Growth
    Piggyback? Tortise! (funshot)
    Centre of Attraction
    Singapore Container Port - Negative Perspective
    ( VIEW LARGE )

    Away from GOLDEN SUNRISE

    Clouding Esplanade

    Icy Twins
    Gameworld ???
    Graceful Tibetian Dancer
    Grand Finale
    Enchanted Forest
    (View large)

    Changing Face (Masks?)
    Sunrisring Airport
    River Crossing....
    Entrance to Solitude
    Mystic Lake
    Teething Smile
    Picture Puzzle
    Vertical Living
    (Public Housing)

    Eruption Mirage...
    Setting Sun
    (1/2)View Large

    Fly Over Setting Sun (2/2)
    View Large

    Misty Calm...
    Palette of Seasons
    Awaiting Spring!
    Beneath the Bridge
    Stained "Forest"
    "The World Beneath ...."
    City Sunset (Tokyo)
    Love FLARES
    Sunrise Boarding!
    [<] [>]
    Fenced Passion
    PG (Parental Guidance) version
    [RA version, pls click]
    Fenced Passion
    RA(restricted art)Version
    [PG (prental guidance) version, pls click]
    (View Larger)

    Will you Marry me?

    Hmm...what's those smells???
    Nature's Palette(Pls view LARGE)
    (Pls view large)

    SPIN Encounter!
    One Sparkling Night...
    Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

    Just another Sunset
    "Bulls' Horns"
    "JiaYuGuan" Pass
    (Silk Road, China)
    Pls view LARGE

    "Mingsha" Hill (Roaring Sand Hill)
    (Dunhuang, Gansu Silkroad China)
    Please View Large

    Lake Kanas (Xinjiang)
    Pls view LARGE

    (Five Coloured City)
    Xinjiang, China

    (Xinjiang, China)

    A Hanky for you?
    (Xinjiang, China)
    Revise Version

    "Smoke" gets in MY eyes !
    Garland of Colours !
    Sunset Blues
    (Best View Large)

    Peranakan House
    (Best view Large)

    Shy Chubby :-)
    Just A Beetroot :-)(instead of Turnip)
    Healthy Bites!
    Sunset Gold
    Moments before
    Sunset Blues
    Sand Dunes(MingSha Hill)
    Another image of "Mingsha" Hill
    "I am INNOCENT!"
    Lake Kanas,Xinjiang
    (Another view)

    Mid-Morning Glory
    (Best viewed large)

    JiaYuGuan(Great Wall of China)
    Pls view LARGE

    MaiJiShan (Wheatstack Mountain) Grottos
    Riding into the ruins of Gaochang
    (on a donkey cart)
    Best View Large

    Elements of Life!
    Crossing the Desert...
    HeMu Village
    White Tiger
    Proboscis Monkey
    At Loggerhead (Rhinocerous)
    "Now?" "Not in the mood."(A pair of White Tigers)
    Abandon Game!
    Hamadryas Baboon
    The teeny Weeny one!
    Only a steam basket!
    A Plain dragonfly.
    Bridge in the Park (IR)
    The Park
    Some Spices of Life!
    "Rock Dunes"(Five-Coloured City)
    Tender Moment
    Lapping (White Tiger)
    Mother & Child (Baboons)
    Carriage Ride.
    Cotton eared Marmoset (Common Marmoset)
    Just another Dragonfly
    A Tiny Moth
    Water Puppet (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    Planting Rice
    Make some 'cense' into life
    Have a Puff!
    Looking into Peace & Enlightenment!(Cao Daism)
    Hats Culture
    Towards attainment!
    Today's News, Tomorrow's Past...Life on & on...
    Coil of Hopes...
    In Knots
    Licking Good!
    Saturated Memory.
    Borneo Dancer 1
    Borneo Dancer 2
    Gold Dragonfly
    The Un-useables(Inaccessible)
    Witness (Secret Admirer)
    Celestial Cense...
    Art Portrayal ( Vietnam )
    "Boh" Tea Plantation
    'Boh' Tea Plantation 2
    One Tiny Caterpillar
    Window's Colours
    In Thoughts
    Miniature Art: Worker's Quarters (around 1830s)
    Miniature Art: The Opium Smoker
    The Embroider
    Balancing (Another Dragonfly)-Best Viewed Large
    Lettuce Farm
    Industrial Giraffes
    Day Abreaking!
    Ms Dragonfly
    "JaiYuGuan" (Part of Great Wall)-Silk Road,China
    The Window
    The Fly
    Mother & Child II
    Masks of Emotions!
    'Burning' Clouds
    Autumn Colours
    Just Zebra
    Washing Up
    Earning A Living
    A Hot Day...
    Morning Exchange
    Fight (White Tiger)
    A Long Ride...
    The Old Railway
    Busy Planting Rice
    Living On the Boat
    Matmata Valley (Best Viewed Large)
    Moon Trail
    Nature's Art
    View From the Ribat-The rooftop workers
    Inside the Medina - The Tunisian Kid
    Inside the Medina - The Tunisian Woman
    Sunrise over the Clouds
    View from the Ribat: Cityview of Sousse
    Inside the Medina:The Copper Plates Master
    Inside the Medina: Solitary
    Joys of Youth & Freedom
    Inside the Medina-Carpet Shop
    Rest at 74 - Tunisian
    "What's the Hurry?"
    Rays of Morning Light!
    Window (in Blue)
    Matmata Valley
    Window (B/W)
    Basketful of Wheat
    Minature Art-A Busy Street Scene
    Inside the Medina: The Elderly
    The Black Dragonfly
    Tunisian Desert Driver
    Nature's Colours
    Troglodyte Settlements (Matmata)
    Troglodyte 1
    Troglodyte 2
    Troglodyte 3
    In Deep thought...
    Wooden Chest
    Mediterranean Architecture
    Shoes, Madame?
    Troglodyte Kitchen
    Just a Simple Boat
    Mides (Tunisia)
    "Paint the Seconds" (by Chevelle)
    "I made THIS possible"
    Cling on...
    "In the Air Tonight" (by Phil Collins)
    Windows of Green
    Wall Art
    Desiree's Convocation
    Windows uncountable
    Singing for the Lonely (by Robbie Williams)
    Salt Lake of Chott El Jerid,Tunisia
    The Art of "Rolling Light"
    Beautiful in my Eyes ( sing by Joshua Kadison)
    'Fishing' Boys
    Canyon in Mides
    Love is Blindness(Sing by U2)
    CoaDaism-The Devotee
    CoaDaism-The Devottes 2
    "Boating" Fun
    The Embroider
    Fearless (Sing by Pink Floyd)
    Great!(The Cheerful Tunisian Driver)
    Edible Colours!
    The Pretender ( sing by Foo Fighters)
    Sand & Sky
    I'm With You (Performed by Avril Lavigne)
    Blue Dragonfly
    Matmata Valley, Tunisia
    "Star Wars" Site-Tunisia
    Tibetian Stupas
    MeiLi Snowy Mountain (At Sunrise) (taken at 4000m + above sea level)
    The Golden Peak-MeiLi Snowy Mountain(sunrise)
    Passing Moment!
    Colours of Autumn (Xingdu Bridge)
    MeiLi Snow Mountain ( clear sky)
    Backyard Story
    Remake The World ( Singer: Jimmy CLiff)
    Autumn Path
    Enroute to Yading...(The Lake reflection)
    Panda Bear (Playfulness)
    Panda Bear - Musing
    Need a Light?
    Painting a Landscape
    Looking on as Life Pass by...
    "Yummy... Bun delicious"
    The Distant Boatman
    Esplanade at Night
    Light Flow
    Panda Bear-Snoozing
    SongZhanLin Monastery
    Under Lock & Key
    Hello! Kitty
    Wheel of Fortune
    The Lama
    Homework Time!
    Window Dressing
    Mona House
    Enroute to Yading..(The Snowy Trail)
    Street Hawkers
    A Crooked World
    Tibetian Girl
    Autumn Canopy
    White Birch Forest
    Enroute to Yading...(The Lake from atop)
    My Friends & Harvard
    Prayer Flags admist Meili Snow Mountain
    Flying Prayer Flags ( close-up)
    "Show you something..."
    SongZhanLing Monastery
    The "Golden" Monastery
    Angel(by Massive Attack) for STC Club
    Urban City
    Old City of LiJiang
    Kid from DanBa
    Enroute to Yading-The Snow Lodge
    Shadowed Art
    Shadows of the Birch.
    The Gift Shop (of Chinese Art)
    The Fishing Boat
    Green Green slopes of Tea
    One Love
    Sky 'Afire'
    NaPa Hai
    Overlooking at BAIMA SNOW MOUNTAIN,China
    Omega Bend of Yantze River
    Yading-Chanadorje (Vajrapani, 5958 m)
    The 'Long Wiskered' Grasshopper
    New Soul (Performed by Yael Naim)
    The Peeping Lizard
    'Shadow' vs 'Real' Photographers
    SongZhanLing Monastery Architecture
    The Tibetian Family
    Autumn Woods
    Monastery Walls
    DanBa Village (Jiaju Residential House)
    Monastery by the Hills
    The Siblings
    DaoCheng (China
    SongZhangLing Monastery(close overview)
    Can't you share some with me ?!
    TaGong Manastery
    Marina Bay at Night
    The Merlion
    Family Outing
    Anderson Bridge
    Two Sides of a River
    Thaipusum (The Pilgrim)
    Thaipusum (The Pilgrim 2)
    Thaipusum (The Pilgrim 3)
    Town of Malacca
    Wolong Panda
    WoLong Pandas
    The Grandfather
    The Golden Age
    The 'Highland' Boy
    Red Grassland
    The Wild Autumn Woods
    Foothills of LuoRong Ranch
    ANother view of Yading-Chanadorje (Vajrapani, 5958 m)
    Towards "Shangri-La"
    Golden Splendour
    View from 4292m above sea Level
    Candle Rocks
    Queen's Head
    Ginger Rocks
    Waiting for Sunset...
    Goodbye, Sunset
    Yehliu Geopark - View of Mushroom Rocks
    Reaching Up....
    Path to "Enlightenment"
    MeiLi Snow Mountains
    Boy at Thaipusum Festival
    Hindu Temple
    Forms + Shapes
    Singapore Flyer ( Up close)
    Singapore flyer (hanging in the air)
    Singapore Flyer ( reflection)
    Curves + Lines
    Taking a Rest
    Can we Live without Mobile Phones???
    Danshui Fisherman's Wharf
    Collyer Quay
    Content happiness
    MeiLi Snow Mountains
    The Calligrapher
    The Wood Carver
    The Seal Engraver
    Young Fruit Sellers
    Violet Floral
    "Food Street"
    Climbing up...
    Colours, Light & Shadows
    Ready...Get Set....
    DongBa Writings
    DongBa Writing
    Moon over MeiLi Snow Mountains.
    Elderlies Gathering
    SongZhanLing Monastery
    Going Home...
    The Young Lama
    The Tibet Girl with her Dog
    Taking a Break
    "Fried Milk" Seller
    The Noodle Seller
    Rag-and-Bone Man
    The Corn/Maize Seller
    The Tibetian Kid
    The 3 Photographers
    Baby Giant Pandas-Milk Time
    Accidental Entry
    Reflected Quarry
    The old Quarry
    Welcome to Visit :-)
    The Photographer @ Karri Forest
    Karri Forest Valley
    Nature's Wilderness
    "Cotton Ball" (Hakea laurina (Pin-cushion Hakea)
    Sunset over Mandurah Jetty
    Log of Round
    Nature's 'fingers'
    The 'make-up' Artist
    Torndirrup National Park
    Light & Shadows
    Guiding Light