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My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Holiday that my mother bought me to take to Churchill Manitoba, where I had a summer high school job in 1954. Talk about point and shoot, there were no controls at all. I got interested in photography and eventually bought a 35mm rangefinder so that I could take colour slides of my wife and children. I got into two projector slide shows. I enjoyed photography so much that I started a hobby business doing weddings and portraits. That led me to Medium format. Now I’m 100% digital and I like to photograph living things, flowers, butterflies, birds and people. I have three children and six grandchildren who are growing up too fast.


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St Lucian Grandmother




20120516-DG A NC Brown Graham Rose Brested Grosbeak

20120801-DG A NC Brown Graham Spicebush Swallowtal

NC AA Brown Graham Racoons in Cottonwood Tree

OC AA Brown Graham Web