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Everything start when I was 14 when i was already in love of photography magazine, more specially the fashion photography issues. Was it for the pictures or the beautiful girls? Both I guess :) I think that fashion photography is the reason why wanted to be a photographer at the age of 14. However I had to wait my 16th birthday to begin my photography studies at school with my fashion objective . During my second year, the teacher asked a theme called " Special Event". While all my friends planed to showed up with weddings or baptisms, I ask the teacher if I could photograph a child birth. The weird point was that it was really spontaneous for me, I never thought about that before. Like a neonlight lighting on in my mind. The teacher answered me with a smile and a "you can still try" with a kind of mockery in the voice. The fact is 7 days later I showed up with stunning documentary pictures featuring a caesarian birth like never seen before. No mockery anymore, the teacher left the classes and were to show the pictures to his colleagues everybody was kind of impressed, and me?? Well, I guess I felt very proud of myself. When I ended the school the fashion industry was still very attractive to me, I visited few model agencies in Paris, but I quickly found out that It was not for me, I was to shy and not yet experimented and then really not self-confident for this very competitive field. Since i ve been graduated from the school I was already bringing my camera to the numerous music shows I was attending and the result I got was really good to me, I carry on this for 5 years, launched a music picture library called datapix-agency.com, I was selling pictures to german, french, british and Brasilian magazines and fans. But not enough to make a living of it. so I did temp work for a long time. During those years I was shooting bands I developed a personal style and felt more and more interest in portrait photography with an edge, capture emotions. in 2003 I answered to a classified add, a big company was seeking for photographers with digital camera. Because of music photography I quickly understood the point of digital technology so I got the job. I was taking shots of 2nd luxury cars 2 days a week. in 2005 I was in charge of Belgium and Luxemburg . I stopped music photography because of a lack of time and it costed me too much. Beginning 2005 I got really bored by my job as car photographer because it was not artistic at all and didn't get any recognition or challenge of it. I felt It was time for me to move on and launch my own project. That's when I though back to my school work and really wanted to get something out of it with my actual knowledge and specialities. That how I come to propose portrait of baby and pregnancy. I remember when I got the ideas, I build a website for it with my school pictures then few days later, call it destiny or not, I met a 4 years not seen friend who was engage and a father to be of a little Noah due 2 days later. I asked him if I could take pictures of his pregnant wife, and I made the pictures of their baby the following week. That how I got my first shoots to launch my flyers campaign, websites, etc… After 5 years of activity I found a new add on to my passion, underwater photography, After a long time thinking about it, and waiting for my custom material, I finally did the first test in july 2009 that was very promising. In October 1st, I already shot two fashion campaigns. Stronger after those beginnings i keep going and open a new studio In New York City. A really ambitious project as I have to build the notoriety of Harry Fayt Studio from the beginning. With this new city to conquer, I begins to work on kid fashion projects beside the familial and underwater photography. New York is a great city full of great artists and new opportunities and that the most exciting experience an artist can get.

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