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I want to thank everyone for the most kind comments and heart felt critiques; I do appreciate them very much. The kind comments make me happy; they make me think that I am a better photographer than I really am. The heart felt critiques challenge me to do better.

Creative, distinctive, and passionate is what I envision for my images. In 2000, I pick up the camera one day and started shooting. I decided to make time to do what I always wanted to do.

When I am shooting, all the troubles of the world goes away; I am truly living in the moment and sometimes wish the moment will last forever. I am thankful for all the wonderful people that had helped me these last few years. I am still learning and having a great time in this journey.

This photo of Tehanu and her words inspires my present journey. It took me years before I had enough courage to start my photographic portfolio; now I wish that I had started much earlier in life. Give no mercy to your fears, life is short, dream the impossible, and do what you love.