henri louis poirier [hlp]

studied in cinematography....work in the "milieu" but moved on to documentary for television....worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show called "the journal" . Traveled for a decade has a sound man and cameraman shooting documentaries for television ....still working for the same old corporation doing studio work as a on air-tech for Newsworld in the Ottawa Broadcast Center. Moving from film to video was a great fun...back in the early 80's from the RCA tk76 ,the hitachi sk97 cameras and sony bvu- 50 and 110 3/4" recorders, then came the sony700....lighting was a challenge with the first generation of eng cameras but an all new challenge when the chip cameras arrived....and then moving to studio work; at a time when live coverage was coming on line, re-inventing studio working techniques on ever diminishing budgets...but that's about work...and thinking about all that makes me feel to old...so that's enough...now i am having fun with my 4 mep A-80 camera...a wonderful camera ...re-discovering the joy of photography again...cheers