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I grew up, although not very far up, in northern New Jersey. This was sufficient to blight my subsequent life. I first picked up a camera when I was very young, but an adult informed me that I was not supposed to drive nails with it. "See those two people undressing over there?" he said. "They are married, but not to each other. Point the glass thing at them and push this button." I followed his advice, and have made an excellent living in photography ever since.

Country: US


Single Photos


Fancy Dress

Black and White

Roses and Flowers



Cave Stuff


Portraits (Female)

Portraits (Male)


Street Shots ca. 1982


Ninth Century Church, Inismor, Aran Is.

Cottage by Castlebar Road, Co. Galway

Castle near Kinvarra, Co. Clare

Village Street, Il Borro, Chianti Region

Pumpkin display-- a postcard?

Lady in 17th Century Gown

Lady in medieval dress with drop spindle, 1977

Grave of Tacy Ann Espenship (nee Coulston), Norristown, PA ca. 1980

Horse Show, Cricket Hill Farm 2002 (Photoshop Filters Applied)

Hybrid Tea Rose "Mojave", Lancaster PA, ca. 1972

Accordian Player, Aran Is.

Boy at Cong Abbey, Co. Mayo

Airfield and Sea, Aran Is.

Kilmacduagh Round Tower, Co. Clare (?)

27 E Marshall St, Norristown PA, 1982 (Since demolished)

Modern Shrub Rose "Bonica" in my garden, ca. 1998

Office Door, Doylestown, PA 2001

Judging Elgart

Karen in 16th Century Clothes, 1982

Storefronts, Galway City, Ireland 2001

Castle on Lough Corrib, Co. Mayo

Killala Round Tower, Co. Mayo

Westport and Croag Padraig, 2001

Victorian Street, London

Old Rose "Climbing Cecile Brunner"

Species rose "R. glauca"

Old Truck, Bucks Co. PA

My Wife With "Rhonda", 1990


Kylemore Abbey, Co. Mayo

Birdnest on Stone

My Mother and I, 1951

Old Storefront, Philadelphia PA

Night Scene, Philadelphia PA 2003

Door to Emilie's, Pottstown, PA 2002

Auchenbach's Front Door, Pottstown, PA 2002

Old Church, Cong, Co. Mayo 2002

Girl With Umbrella, ca. 1974

Tricycle, Lancaster, PA ca. 1974

Dried Flowers, Mercer Folk Fest, 1995

Drive Train, Baldwin Locomotive 1995

Road to Salvation, Lancaster, PA ca. 1973

Broom, Mercer Museum, 1995

Carr's Garage, Lancaster, PA ca. 1973

Warthog "Big Pig" at Philadelphia Zoo

Our Lady of the Harvest, New Hope, PA 2002

Psychic Boutique, Philadelphia, PA 2003

Child at Morris Arboretum, 1990

Busker, Galway City, 2002

K-2 Restaurant, Galway City, 2002

Victorian House 1, Pottstown, PA 2003

Victorian House 2, Pottstown, PA 2003

The Goose Family, New Hope, PA 2003

Drive Train, Baldwin 2-8-0 #40

Isabel No. 2

Medieval Street, Rothenburg, 2000

Interior of the Sebalduskirche, Nuremberg, 2000

Tavern, Galway City, 2002

Blacksmith at Hopewell Furnace, ca. 1995

Lichen on Rock, Green Lane Park, 2003

House on Layfield Rd., 2003

White House, Quakertown, PA 2003

"The Old King's Head", London, 2003

"Big Ben", London, 2003

View from Hohen-Salzburg, 2000

Houses of Parliament, 2003

Margaret Mead's House, Hallowe'en 2003

Lily's Gourmet Takeout, Doylestown, PA 2003

Fungus, Mill Grove Park, 1995

Vineyards, Chianti Classico Region, 1998

Through the Arch, Lore Ciuffena, 1998

Medieval Fountain, Coltibuono, 1998

Interior of the Wieskirche, 2000

Ceiling of the Wieskirche, 2002

Original Roman Candies, New Orleans, 2003

"Michelob Man", Philadelphia, 1985

On the Street, Norristown, PA, 1974

Rudy Share's Kitchen Equipment, ca. 1980

View of the Altstadt, Burghausen

From the Old Bridge, Regensburg

Interior, Burg Prunn

Alcove and Fresco, Burghausen

Through the Portcullis, Schloss Harburg

Bystanders at the Wall, Burghausen

Mailbox, Noerdlingen

Gates of Heck!

Window, Wolfram's Eschenbach


Mary Lou in Tuscany, 1998

Angels' Trumpet, 2004

Easter Lilies in my Garden

Wild Black-Eyed Susans, 2004

Balloons Over Pottstown

Bagpiper, Scottish Festival, 2004

Panorama, Green Lane Park, 2004

Breakdancer, Philadelphia 1986

Barn Ruin, Rte 663

Young Bagpiper, 2004

Serious Redhead

Medieval Lady in Wimple

Lily of the Valley, 2005

Tulip on Fire, 2005

Siberian Iris, 2005

Rose "Golden Wings", 2005

Dianthus in Sepia

Rose "Golden Wings" Toned

Church Near Siena, 1998

Snowy Egret, 2005

Torpid Bumblebee, 2005

Musicians at medieval wedding, 2006

Medieval folks at a wedding.

Pastry Shop, Doylestown, PA 2006

Rose in Sepia, 2006

Iris in Sepia

Calla Lily, 2006 #1

Podiatrist's Building, Pottstown, PA 2006

Flowstone and Drop Rocks, Crystal Cave, 2006

Large Stalagmite, Crystal Cave, 2006

Colored Formations, Crystal Cave, 2006

Cave Bacon, Crystal Cave, 2006

Dome Ceiling, Crystal Cave, 2006

Travertine 'Slugs', Crystal Cave, 2006

Stalactites, Crystal Cave, 2006

Cave Colors, Crystal Cave, 2006

Flowstone and Stalactites by Chimney, Crystal Cave, 2006

Cave Ceiling, Crystal Cave, 2006

Flowstone and Stalactites, Crystal Cave,2006

Travertine, Crystal Cave, 2006

Flowstone and Travertine

Flowstone and Travertine

Sunflower and Bee, 2006

Man With Harmonica, Lancaster, PA 1972

Korean War Memorial, 2006

Like, Yuk-O!

Autumn in Montgomery Co. Pa

Morning Glory, 2005

Holy Well, Inismor, Aran Is.

Morning Glory, 2005

House in Quakertown, Spring II

House In Quakertown, Spring

My Friend Anca

Garage, Ruined Farm, PA

Old Loft, Ruined Farm, PA

Shack, Ruined Farm, PA

Green Lane Pano, 2007

My Wife at Art Show

Dead Gannet, Duncansby Head, 2007

Ring of Brodgar, 2007

Stone and Sea, Badbea 2007

My Wife, Edited!

Standing Stone, Stenness, 2007

Stones and Heather, Caithness

Wall and Heather, Badbea

Standing Stones, 'Long Meg' 2007

Sheep, Caithness 2007

Standing Stones, 'Long Meg' II

Blonde in Black, 1998

Standing Stones and Sea, Orkney 2007

Heron and Snake, 2007

Dying Black-Eyed Susan, 2007

Death in Flowers

Jedburgh Abbey, 2007

'The Grapes', Hexham 2007

Clock Tower, Rothenburg 1998

Ram on Hill, Ireland

Cattails, New Hanover 2008

Cleveland From My In-Laws Balcony

Clematis in my Garden, 2008

Tree in Spring, New Hanover PA

Ruined Farm, New Hanover 2008

Organ Grinder, Chestnut Hill, 2008

Wall and Door, Abandoned Farm, 2008

Fritz Cemetery, Black and White

Fritz Cemetery, Color Version

Glowing Garden, 2008

Mule and Cart, New Orleans (Before the Fall)

Columbine, Morris Arboretum 2008

Clematis and Leaves, 2008

Hydrangea Flower, 2006


Australians in Scotland

Mysterious Standing Stone

Ruined Farm 2007 #3

The Little Gang

Door, Early Autumn

Yohn's Grocery, Pottstown, PA

Green Lane Pano, 2008

Green Lane Pano, 2008 #3

Watering the Flowers

Harper, Quebec City, 2005

Reenactor Making Cakes, 2004

Reenactor at Pottsgrove Manor, 2004

Emilie's Salon, Pottstown PA 2008

Panorama of Scotland

Sir Walter Scott's House, Abbotsford

Ceiling of St. Mungo's, Glasgow

Spinning Room, Daniel Boone Homestead, 2009

Cat in Doorway, Daniel Boone Homestead, 2007

Flowers and Grate, Doylestown, PA

My Best Goat Picture

Old Barn Door, Bucks Co., PA, 2009

Room, Burg Prunn

Eastern Redbud in Spring

Miniature Red Roses

Mini Rose and Hopper, 2009

Nanny Goat Siesta


Blue Eyes I

Somewhat Blonde

Artist in Training

Very Blonde

Lunchtime Portrait I

Dahlietta in Bloom


Restaurant Hostess I



Blue Eyes III



Genuine Redhead II

On the Cusp


Young and Lovely

White Shirt

Tattooed Man

Hanging Out

Hoop Lady's BF

Young and Lovely II

Blue Eyes III


Blue Eyes II

Another Endangered Species

Goat Portrait

Dead Cicada, 2009

Kylemore Abbey, Edited

Mother and Daughter II

Old Barn, Autumn 2009

Wagon Wheel, Dublin PA

Ivy on Decaying Barn, Autumn 2009

Olde and Newe

Cattail in Marsh, 2008

Ivy on Garage Wall, 2009

Precocious Child, Doylestown, PA 2009

Restaurant Hostess II

Flowers on Wall, Morris Arboretum

Super Nanny

Dining Table, Daniel Boone Homestead

Bed Chamber, Daniel Boone Homestead

Bed and Chair, Daniel Boone Homestead

The Black Dahlia (Or Something Like It)

The Kids Are All Right

Headless Model of Doylestown

Mother and Daughter III

Curb Your Dog

The Little Doll

Phillies Fan, 2010

A Little Shy

Box Office Bombshell

Recent Graduate, Doylestown, PA

Shapely Blonde, Doylestown, PA

Classy Lady, Doylestown, PA

Budding Photographer

Old Botanical

Father and Daughter I

Violet in Black and White

Flawless Skin

Hat and Guitar, 2010

Class and Style

Map of Life

Rose "New Dawn" in B/W

Redhead With Scarf

Girl in Headband

Bethanne the Hoop Lady

Golden Blonde

Mother and Daughter III

Laughing Blonde II

Redhead With Sense of Humor

Last of the Redheads

Amused Bookseller

Smiles and Cell Phones

Ripped Blonde

Too Much Sun?

A Bit Pensive

Cutie in Semi-Rags

Reenactor in Persian Dress

Pleased Medieval Person


Who Me?

Self-Portrait From the Fourteenth Century

Old Tower (Pseudo-HDR)

Bathroom, Pottstown PA

Mayoress of Pottstown

You Lookin' At Me?

Butterfly on Coneflower

Street Art I, Reykjavik

Street Art II, Reykjavik

Street Art III, Reykjavik

Boat on Dry Land, Iceland

Livestock Tie, Iceland

Ewer and Bedstead, Iceland

Rock Wall and Flowers, Thingvellir

Machinist's Tools, Iceland

Rock Wall and Flowers (Color Version)

Local Character I

Biker Dude

Gothic Revival, Abbottsford

Soft Rose I

Soft Rose II

Just Walking By

Bumble (or Humble) Bee II

Faded Glory

Blonde on the Block

Student in Cafe

Melancholia Autumnalis I

Melancholia Autumnalis II

Local Color

Melancholia Autumnalis III

Melancholia Autumnalis IV

The Last One

Self-Portrait With Blonde

Wild Daisies, 2010

Autumn by the Manatawny

Timothy Grass and Fall Foliage

November Design

Local Character IV

Eric Bazilian

Local Character V

Pensive Reenactor

Joanna the Harper I

Who Me II

Renaissance Kid

Joanna the Harper II

Reenactor With Tablet Loom

My Wife in Silly Hat







The Two Doors


Ironwork, Juan Carlos Restaurant

Downtown Decoration




Inside the Tulip

Apple Blossom Time

Redhead Downtown

Shattered Rose, 2011

Pigs In Slop

Seed Pod, 2007

Codger, Pottstown, PA 2011

Lauren Lady II

Lauren Lady I

Down but not Out

Death and Autumn

The Hallowe'en Closet (Homage to Sarah Moon)

Fill 'er Up

Biblical Prophet?

I Shouldn't Have Done This

The Entity House

Crafter, Kutztown Fair, 2011

Local Character VII

Standpipe, Pottstown, PA 2012


Noir Film Still

Local Character VIII

Local Character IX

Splash of Red

Leah II

Together in Pink

Local Character X

Local Character XI

Local Character XII

Railroad Buff

Take My Picture


Pastry Chef

Local Historian

On the Bench

Local Character XV

Local Character XIV

Smile and Bling


Flower Seller, West Side Market












The Reader, Pottstown, PA 2012





Cavalier Attitude


Brother and Sister on the Stoop

Cute Girl With Glasses


Couple on a Bench

Local Character X

Not as Angry as it Looks

Local Character XV

Jim Enders--Pop Artist

Tombs, City Cemetery #3, New Orleans, 2003

Tomb, City Cemetery #3, New Orleans 2003

Shoot If You Must

Pretty Lady Ain't Got No Friend

Local Character XVI

Shopkeeper, Doylestown, PA 2012

Mr Weitzenkorn

Blonde With Glasses

Take My Picture

Spring At Fonthill II, 2010

Spring at Fonthill, 2010

Shed, Fonthill, 2010

Triptych, Pottstown 2012

Mullein, Ruined Farm, PA 2010

Anti-Digital Man

Victorian Ironwork I

Shed Door, 'Jane Austen' House

Wall, 'Jane Austen' House


Lady with Scarf

Down the Block

Man With Cigarette

Reworked Man With Cigarette

"Hey, Mr. Photographer!"

The Eyes Are Young

Man with floppy hat

My Spouse in the Underground

Child in Arms, Kutztown Fair, 2013

Gunsmith, Kutztown Fair, 2013

Christmas Crafter, Kutztown Fair, 2013

Vendor With Bonnet, Kutztown Fair, 2013

Crafter, Kutztown Fair, 2013

Leah, Kutztown Fair, 2013

Vendor With Ink, Kutztown Fair, 2013


Guitar Teacher, Kutztown Fair 2013

Arianna at Kutztown Fair

Bug in Flight With Daisy

Old Daisy and New

Railing, Pottstown, PA 2013

Sitting Alone, Pottstown, PA 2013

Walking Along, 2013

Letter Slot, Pottstown, PA 2013

Love Her Face

Flower Stem

Old Trunk "Picador"

Old Wall in Sunlight

Gone Fishing

Letter Slot II, Pottstown PA

Milkman Cafe I

Milkman Cafe II

Positively Pasta

Leah's Sunflower

The Last Daisy

Lady With Attitude

Great Blue Heron

Guy With Piercing

Leaf in Dish, 2013

Sitting on the Steps

Man With Cap, 2014

Bumblebee on Hyacinth

Where He Stands

Child With Cheek, 2014

Dad and Son, Pottstown, PA 2014

A Touch of Grace











South Street Shoe Stand ca. 1982






Hommage to Joel Meyerowitz, 2014

Cat in Motion