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I have spent some time working in India, and I brought back a few pics I would like advice and comments on. Please let me know what you think about my work. It is very much about the feelings I have for that country ! I hope you will enjoy... More will be coming up as I am finally back in India...


Colourful India

Noir & Blanc

Single Photos



"Ganga Man"

"Beggar and Roses"

"Delhi Junction"


"Rajasthani Sardarji"


"Prayer-time for the children"


"Man & Camel"




"Street Kid"


"Monk Child"

"Howrah Bridge"

"Work in Progress"

"A big smile"

"Tea-time at the Monastry"

"Siva in the Soul"

"Morning portrait"

"Homme et pigeon"

"La petite france"


"Communists protest"

"Street Worker"

"Muslims protest"

"Man & chicks"

"Bollywood Train Station"

"Lahore Restaurant"

"Calcutta Street Child"




"Monsoon Traffic"

"Bus catching at the peak-hour"