David Reiter [Photoblue]

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Just a crusty old curmudgeon playing the blues and taking pics around the world for many years. I got a ratty Leica 3c in high school and shot / processed / printed film until a 3mp Toshiba dragged me into the digital age. After a year to be sure I could live with digital, I said ‘bye to my emulsion-based stuff...and I never looked back. I try to tell a story with each picture and hope others enjoy mine as much as I do theirs.


Divorced from Reality


Standing Ovation

Open - Keep Out!

Coulda, shoulda....didn’t


Not a care in the world

Keep your eye on the sack

In the zone

All that's left

Down the Up Staircase


I see the light

Astoria, Oregon

If you have to ask...

Now I remember you!

Rose (by another name)

Stayed too long

What a gas!

Check’s in the mail....

Mission statement

Always harping on it

Abridged version

Just couldn't wait!

Well trained

Jump for joy!

Arriving on track 2

I saw that!

Italian style

Generation gap