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Although I take almost all kind of photographs, I prefer to call myself as a landscape photographer.

To me, the main interest in photography is black & white fine art photography, especially landscapes.

My landscapes contains mainly natural scenes, but it is not uncommon that there are more or less man made elements within - old buildings, ruins, etc.

I prefer to use large and medium format cameras. Both allows easy use of different films for different range of subject contrasts. Large format has it's edge on zone system, allowing individual developing on each negative. However I have found that medium format camera with couple of film backs is flexible enough.

Sometimes I carry 35mm camera with short tele and couple other lenses. 35mm camera is usually loaded with color slide film for quick nature shots. Almost always I have small range finder camera in my pocket for quick street snapshots.

My photography is constantly changing bit. The more I learn, the more I realize how less I know.

Country: FI


Single Photos

Landscapes in colour

Black and white scenery


Still lifes and other 'studio' stuff



White roots

Going down soon...

Nettle leaves after the rain

Still life

River and morning mist

Tree and river

Suomenlinna fortress island, coastline

Easy life


Before sunrise



Field at morning sun



Closed old bridge

Autumn is near

Old country road at morning sun

Morning mist

Barn, autumn

In The Light Of Sunset

Birch And River

Sun reflections, river

Autumn leaves

Park, café house. Snowless november day.

Sunrise behind clouds

Bridge, early morning

Squirrel #1

Field, Telephone poles

Winter, February

Slow worm

Raseborg Castle Ruins

"Cohiba" #2

Flood flow

Frozen driftwood in the river

First snow, frozen creek



Window to the past


Lake, autumn

Brightness of the late spring

Horsehead stone and cascade

Leaf, water droplets

Rising rain clouds and Suomenlinna seafortress

Crystal and Gold, Stil life

Metrioptera roeseli on grass

Cafe and Cigar

Morning mist at sunrise

Lonely tree

Reflection on Granite

Old Crane

Window, Old Church

Lookout cupola of WW2 bunker

Old School Building

Tower at Olympic Stadion, Helsinki.

The Lutheran Cathedral

The Cathedral

Smith&Wesson m17

Old country road

Flooding river

Sunset and frozen sea

Water founds it's way

Long stairway

tar-burning pit


Tree and melting ice

Squirrel #2

Squirrel #3

Smoke pipe, old factory

Stones and cliff

Forest full of anemones

Small river at calm summer evening

The Old Dam

Black rapids (Mustakoski)

Vegas Robaina Classicos

Trees and river at early spring

Karhunjuomalampi -Lakelet

Dry dock and rising rain clouds

In the light

Old Fence

Sun plays with leaves


Anemones everywhere

File Factory

Rose after rain

Ghost house


Shoot The Moon

Buildings at Suomenlinna seafortress

Tree trunks, Vantaa river. Early winter.

Fire in the sky

Tuscany, evening


Fly agaric

Gateway to the otherside


River scenery

Northern Light

Vaalimaanjoki river, heavy rain

Black Sun

Summer Forest

Fallen heroes


Himeji-jo and thunder clouds


Tottori sand dunes

Professional photographer ;)

Forest Floor, Kinkaku-ji park

Lake Yunoko

Hiroshima A-Bomb dome

Sumo Wrestlers

Rabbit surfing on the net

Kegon Falls

Forest, Ryoan-ji park

Stairs to The Sea

Bamboo Forest

Smoke Break

Owl and Moon


Himeji-jo, March

Hikone-jo Castle

Mount Fuji, Dusk

Tired of Waiting

Graveyard Guard

Street Musician and Children

The Face Of Luna

Fishing Huts at Djupvik

Kawaguchiko and Fuji

Meoto Iwa

Mount Fuji

Passing The Stones

Morning Mist, River

Sunrise, Morning Mist. Vaalimaanjoki

Boulder, Dusk

Suomenlinna, Sunset

Helsinki Opera House and Moon

Five stored pagoda, Nara, Japan. 2006

Mount Fuji, Panorama

Upper Part Of The Kegon Falls

Rainbow Bridge, Dusk

Mt. Fuji, Hakone

Rainbow Bridge, Dusk

Ice Fall - Kegon no taki

Rainbow Bridge, Night

The Stare

Rabbid Hiding Under Bush


Baby Bunny

Young Wild Rabbit

Rabbit, Spring

Blackbird And Worm

Iines, European Shorthair Cat

Church and Cannon

Mt. Fuji From Motohakone

Cityscape Reflections

Rocks, Foaming Water. Enoshima.

Breaking Surf, Enoshima

Oaks, Late Evening

Bare Trees, Fiskars

Kuhakoski Rapids


Mount Fuji, Winter

Boulders, Sunset

Pier And Boat, Early Morning

Olavinlinna Castle


Sunrise and Mist. Lake Saimaa

Morning Mist and Reflections