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Hi everybody, My pictures are just for fun! So don't take it all too serious. For the greater part it is just rubbish. byebye, Ada


Single Photos

Flower Power




Still Life


Old Houses










Digital Manipulations

Infra Red


Grandmother's Purse

Old Purse, Old Money

Two Musicians

Little Saints

Sans Colorante

Bright Light In Maarheeze



My Little Dream Spider

The Sheep-fold

Lilac Beauties

At His Friend's Birthday Party



Small Pier

Take in the Act

Beloved Place

Small House in the Hystoric City Centre of Utrecht

Hurry up, Pastor!

For a Cold and Dark December

For The Man Who Loves Swans

House along the Canal

Caught in Ice


Brussels Proud in Eindhoven

After Schooltime

A Small Stream

Flore's Umpteenth Portrait

Simple Winter Tableau

First Carnaval's Parade with his Grandchild.

Granddaddy is doing his Best

Japanese Maple Twig

Lost Memory

Lost Love

Moment for a Monument

Tribute to all the Painters

Bart Loves Karen - Karen Loves Bart

Kisses in April

And his name was 'Gijs'

Blue One's

Way Out

Silence before the Storm


American War Cemetery Margraten-Holland

Don't Cover up the Facts - American War Cemetery Margarten - Holland

House with the Bells

Where the Baroness spend her Days in Solitude:)

-Trade Entrance- or -Where the Baroness Sneaks Away-

- The Inner -

At the Edge of a Cornfield - dedicated to our dear friend Nova

Honey Honey

O?.... Chips!

Man versus Nature

What's on TV tonight.....

The Coopers - Once They Lived and Worked Here

Too Much Between Us

View on a Bridge

Hockey Girl - Brutal in the field/ Timide along the line -

- Waiting For Dracula -

- Framed -

Patterns of the Sea

Brugge - Stepped gables Everywhere

- Quick Hands -

The scene is laid in Bruges

- dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return -

- the hand that rocks, the cradle rules the world -

- 1958 -

- Brugges; A Sign of the Times -

- Bruges is always Blossoming -

- The Roof -

+ The Priest and his devoted Housekeeper + ;)

- Veere Anno 1597 -

- Purple Daydream -

- I Wanna Skate Too -

- Just a Day on the Ice -

- With a view onto Bruges -

- I Never Promised You a Rose Garden -

- Just a Detail -

- Catwalk -

House With the Trees II

- Violet -

- Hidden Moonlight -

- A sunny introduction to Kasteel Heeswijck -

Castle Heeswijck II

- Castle Heeswijck III -

- Heeswijck Castle II - version in natural colours

- Wipe the Smile off his Face -

- The Arches of Heeswijck -

- Surprising Details or an Unsavoury Kiss -

- The Flight of the Heron -

- Roodkapje or Little Red Riding Hood -

- Interior of an Amazing Bookshop -

- The Attendents -

- Through Thick and Thin -

- The Dutch Way -

- To Pass the Time -

- A Winter Scenery -

- A Sunny Sunday along the Waterfront

- Just a Girl -

- Lost Cloud -

- Framed Intimacies -

- The Farm -

- Castle's Gate -

- Full Moon -

- Landscape in Blue -

- Vague Impressions -

- Desire -


- Slightly Blue -

- Half Moon -

- A Winter Day -

- The Willowtree -

Simon Hoffstatter

- Purples -

- Gezegend ben je! -

- Kasteel Heeswijck -

- Framed -

- Mum's Helping Hand -