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I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, and bought my first “real” camera, a Canon Tlb, while I was in college. Several photography classes over the years have helped keep the motivation going and have given me guidance. I was also fortunate to get into a John Sexton workshop around 1995. However, the darkroom had to go and now I work in the digital darkroom. I do keep on telling myself that I’m going to put that 4x5 back to use again one day, though. I enjoy the No Words forum here as well as the exchange of knowledge and bickering in the other fora okay, call it “forums”. Thanks for stopping by. Adrian

Country: US


Underwater Photos



Ray in sand, San Salvador 1982

Queen Angel Fish; Cozumel, Mexico, 1980

French Angel Fish; Grand Cayman, 1977

Gray Angel Fish; Cozumel, Mexico, 1977

Bahama shark

Lake Michigan from scenic view

Chicago beach

Chicago beach

Chicago beach

Lake Michigan beach in Chicago

Lake Michigan beach in Chicago