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Diehards IV, Denver - 10th May 2004


This one's going straight to our wall
Ok... so all you grown ups are really saying is that "smart money" is a few dollars in a market index fund at my age?
Mr.Bogle, Raj, and Taylor
Sherrie seemed to have waited her whole life for this shot
Tim Dempsey, yours truly with Anoushka, and Raj
Family shot: Mousumi, little Anoushka, and yours truly.
Mr.Bogle signed my copy of "Bogle on Mutual Funds" with these words of wisdom: "Press on regardless"
Rick with Adrian and Beverly.
Mr.Bogle talking about his gift to diehards - a compiltion of five of his speeches
Great food and great weather.
Lunchtime in beautiful downtown Denver
Bill Bernstein and Jack Bogle
"Money is precious, cost is huge, and in the long run it's all about compound interest - what else does anybody need to know? Some stocks, some bonds, don't pay any attention to the bubble that don't peak, and forget it for the rest of your life."
"We might be over-mathematizing all this... There are some things in life that common sense tells us but statistics cannot prove"
"You guys are a bunch of freaks. You have no idea how unusual you are. You invest much better than those people over there [pointing to a hall where about a thousand CFAs were gathered], and they are the cream of the crop"
"One should start with the total stock market; and for most people, it should end there"
Steve Dunn, Jack Bogle, Bill Bernstein, and Rick Ferri
Taylor making his point to Carl
Steve Dunn and Mr.Bogle
"This (mutual fund) business is the only business in the world where you get what you don't pay for"
Rick Ferri signing my copy of "All about Index Funds"
Book signing: Rick Ferri
"You must be our youngest diehard"
Mr.Bogle signs a copy of his speeches for Carl of
Chief Guest: JOhn C. Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group mutual fund behemoth, also known as the "Father of Index Funds".
Stuart gets his copy of Mr.Bogle's speeches signed
Endless queue of diehard fans. Jack Bogle signs a book for Paul while Stuart and other diehards wait their turn.
Bill Bernstein signs Beverly's copy of "The Birth of Plenty"
... and we loved it!
... musicians too ...
We had dancers to greet us there...
Diehards IV was organized in beautiful downtown Denver