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..."Seewald's images communicate in a quiet, lyrical way. Speaking to the photographer, one feels that this is an individual so in love with his art, so in love with the world, that he'll work for as long as he's able to see, as long as his legs and arms will carry him." -Photographers Forum Magazine-_ _ _ _Here is a statement from an advanced photographer concerning Seewald's three day photo classes: "...The night after the first day of Seewald's class I was unable to sleep well, conceptualizing in my mind what had been learned, reapplying it to photos I had brought to class that day ... I have not been so excited about my photography in years. Michael's instruction would help ANY photographer improve their work, and allowed me to take "nice" photos I had, and turn them into dynamic pieces of art. ..." Dan McGeorge, Lakeside, California/ Class of 3.'05. _ _ _ _Workshops held in San Diego, Yosemite, Carmel and Napa California: http://www.seewald.com


Italy- Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo and Sicily


N. Italy / Venice

Japan Portfolio Images 2000

USA - Western

USA - Hawaii

China / Tibet






E. Europe : Lithuania ; Poland ; Russia; Hungary; Austria


Costa Rica







Vietnam 2011

iPhone 4

Croatia 2012

Cuba 2013

Argentina (sponsored series #62)


"Passing storm, Chianti, Italy"

"Chateaudouble, Provence, France"

"Massai Mara Lodge"

"Milano, Italy" 1989 Cropped tighter per Harlow Staley's first suggestion/critique.

Days End, Burano

Boat, Patmos, Greece

Pots, Katmandu, Nepal

Machu Picchu

Lucca, Italy


Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel, California.


Maket day flower arrangement, Germany

Reflections, Berlin

Leipzig Train Station

Streaming Light from Haleakala Volcano


Guard Dog

'Little Venice', Mykonos Greece

Pita Bread for sale, Arab Quarter, Jerusalem

the gathering

Baker of Asilah, Morocco

Murano of Venice, sans tourists.

Antiques and Mirrors, Venice Italy

Floating Cloud, Venice, Italy

Detail of Baker of Asilah, Morocco

Musician in Bamboo Forest, China

'The Three Graces', Xian, China

Movement, Koi, Japan

Near Candas, Galicia, N. Spain

Barn Interior, Candas, Galicia, N. Spain

Luarca, Asturias, N. Spain

Worker, Sichuan Provence, Tibetan foothillls.

Koi Abstract number 91,597,567

Textures, patterns, muted colors and soft light, a possible recipe for success, regardless of subject matter.

Down on his luck, Huang Long Xie, China

Man smoking, Gao Miao Village, China

Waterfall detail, Jiu Zhai Gou National Park, Sichuan Provence

Covered Market, Istanbul, Turkey '96

Joseph with Jesus Statue in front of a painting of the slaying of the babies of Bethlehem.

The Three Graces, Masi Mara, Kenya

Boat, ShangLi, Sichuan Provence

Old Waimea Pier

Sequoia National Park, California USA

Cefalu, Sicily

Canal Reflections, Venice

Old couple, near LiJiang, Yunnan Province, China

Duck Man, LiJiang, Yunnan Provence, China

Headless Photog in Venice

One of my best sellers from my first French series. Joined in on an art festival and worked here for...

Friend working Shangri-la, Yunnan Provence

Lago de Varese, N. Italy

Stretch Limo w/ Window

Krakow, Poland

Steps, Old City Center, Vilnius, Lithuania

Ofaerufoss, Iceland

Boy, hand and brother

Seewald does Dorothea Lange. Family outside Luang Prabang, Laos

Yosemite valley after a storm, during one of the workshops I give there. Better bigger, shot medium...

Young monk at temple window, Luang Prabang, Laos

French restaurant at night, Vientiane, Laos

Old and young monk, temple, Luang Prabang, Laos

Blue Bottle, Venice Italy

Man writing letter, Li Jiang, Yunnan Provence, China

YuanYang, Yunnan Province, China

'Ghost of Florence' or 'Can you find the eight people?'

Dad's transition to heaven this week complete, TUL

Tea House Interior, Kenroku-en Garden, Kanazawa

Il Messaggero Stand, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Backlit farm and horse, Abruzzo

Cofffe Bar Mystery Server, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Red ivy, Abruzzo, Italy

Wind and Water

Poland 1991 - twisted farmhouses from train at 90mph

Mr Three Faces of Li Jiang, China

Young Generator Motor Repairman, Hanoi

Art Gallery Gettting 'Artsier', Hanoi

Little boy in doorway, N. Vietnam

Across from my hotel door

Mahjong Players, Dali, Yunnan Provence, China 2011


Enlarge to see it: Floating Heads and Beer

ChickenMan, China, '87

Motovun, Croatia 2012

Old Door Lepoglava

Restaurant Cisterna, Rovinj, Croatia

Rowboat, Pula, Croatia

Train Station, Bilbao, Spain, '94

Horsetail Falls, Yosemite, Feb. 2013

Split Artist, Pula, north of Split, Croatia

Temple Staircase

I always knew she was two faced, just couldn't prove it until...

The Menagerie, Havana, Cuba

Mr. Flathead Fishes Between His Buddies, Port of Havana

Aliens Invade Port of Havana, Go Fishing

Prado 264, Havana, Cuba

Card game, Havana, Cuba

Art Deco, Havana, Cuba

Art Foot, Havana

Tractor Scape, Abruzzo, Italy 2009

Barber on Break, Rovinj, Croatia

Pianoman, Shanghai, China

El Mana, Sante Fe, Argentina

Yellow Red Blue, Burano, Italy

Double Selfies and Gondolier, Venice, Italy 2015

Boat Ropes, Lesina, Puglia, Italy 2015

Find See'waldo'. Taken at a winery near Montepulcino, Tuscany, Italy.

Abstract / Boat house repair shop door, Burano, Venice, Italy

Twilight in Murano, Venice, Italy

Balinese puppets, David Alan Studio

Wispy water, Kauai, Hawaii

gallery invitation